12 January, 2011

What WAS Than Gift?

Drumroll please.

Our most exciting gift!

Ladies and Gentlemen...we present to you. Litter Robot.

What a wonderful little invention, we even took to it rather quickly!

Mom at first set it up in place of Peppers regular box and left mine for us to use at will.

I mean we each had our "own" box but could often be found using each others box.

It took Pepper no time at all to investigate but he didn't feed that monster. I on the other stayed back a while as I assessed it's behavior.

I found Mom in the bathroom one day feeding the monster some stuff from out of our box.....weird woman.

After a few weeks we were using the LR pretty regularly so Mom took out the old box, we now use it exclusively and love how clean it stays! As you can see we are still on Worlds Best Cat Litter. We did not get the expanded globe design, just the regular one.

I fit in it just dandy I go inside and do my business head and everything in. Pepper on the other hand does stick his head out while in use. The bottom interior is like a very thick and strong rubber type material , we do scratch at the litter and such to cover it up but in Mom investigations of the machine we have not ruined the integrity of the lining or even left any type of significant scratches.

These are the waste ports, when the LR turns the dirty litter gets thrown out of these holes into the bottom compartment, see the smeary looking stuff? Thats what happens if your a bit late changing the bag. Shame on you Mommy! Though it wipes up really easily if you catch it in time.

This is what Mommy calls her favorite feature. This is the drawer into which all our waste is tossed, it's quite large! The LR doesn't use any special bags though they do sell their own bags with the cute little logo on it and you get three of those when you receive your new LR. Ours is now being equipped with regular old 13 gallon trash bags, LR suggests 10 gallon for the lower price point but Mom didn't see any at the store. (so instead she picked up about 75 bags for $3)
The bags are held in place with those little holes you stick the bag in like the clorox swiffer type mops use. So far in roughly a month of having the LR Mom has changed our bag twice, because someone.......not to name names because I'm a gentlecat......(pepper) was having some poopy issues. She's keeping track of how much litter we are using and how often she has to change it and plans on keeping you all in the know in case one of your little ones would like one as well.

This is the control panel. You can manually have the LR do a cycle, you can have it turn waste port up for easy filling access (Mom just chooses to do it from the cat entry hole though) you can have the LR dump out the remaining litter for a full refill. It does come with this plastic over the panel Mom chose to leave it on and LR suggests to leave it on as well in case of accidents so that your control board does not get fried by kitty pee. (if something terrible should happen like that you can buy a new board for $49)

It's so awesome! We love and so does Mom!


Cat said...

That is so cool!!!

The Island Cats said...

That looks like a cool thing, but we don't like covered boxes...so we probably wouldn't like that too much.

Cara n Crew said...

that is really cool! Nice overview of it too.

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

meowmeowmans said...

That is cool! Thanks for the great review!

ABBY said...

Wow now that is a neat-o portapottie for kitties.


The Creek Cats said...

Very cool! We've never seen one of these before!


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