11 February, 2010


Our great friend Fin at Housecat Confidential came up with a great idea to have our very own Cat-O-Lympics in the blogosphere in honor of the winter games.

So here at OneCatsNip we are hosting the

Mile Long Machine Kleening!

  • anyone with a blog can enter the contest
  • you will create a post on your blog for your entry and link it in the comments the day of the contest


How exactly do you compete in the Mile Long Machine Kleening?
Simple. You will need to enlist the help of one of your resident beans of course. Though this shouldn't be tough to get them to help you with. You need the bean to take pictures of you doing what you do best. Keeping Kleen. Also, if you want to compete we're going to be putting a Mr.Linky up for you to link your entries if your not in the Mr.Linky there's no way for the us to know you are competing. The Linky will be put up the day of the openining ceremonies.

Should I submit one photo or many photos?
You can put as many photos on your post as you like, as long as when you look at the pictures you get the feeling of a mile long or very good and thorough kleening job. That's what the judges will be looking for your pictures need to convey that mile long machine kleening.

Can my pictures be accompanied by text?
Of course they can be! But remember if you do add text don't allow the text to do all the story telling for you, the pictures are all the star of the show.

How is the judging done?
All contestants will be judged in 3 categories.
  1. How well each contestants photos convey the "Mile long" machine kleening. (60 pt max)
  2. Technique and order of "parts" cleaning (30 pt max)
  3. Commentary, the text accompanying your photos (10 pt max)
When is the competition starting and when is the last day to enter?
The day after the opening ceremonies the Mile Long Machine Kleening is going to open up. You have from Tuesday the 16th at 12:01AM US eastern time until Thursday the 25th at midnight US eastern time to sumbit your entries.

Who are the judges?
The Judges have yet to be chosen. If your interested in being a judge and not a contestant you can e-mail me at onecatsnip@gmail.com. We're looking for a maximum of 5 judges so first come first serve just to be fair.

Can Doggies Compete?
Yep our doggie friends can compete too! I don't know how many dogs will be planning on entering, if there's only a few they will be competing with the cats if there's a good number of dogs competing we'll have them compete amongst themselves. Then we will have a cat winner and a dog winner

For the Contest Where Do We Send Our Pictures To You Or Post Them Ourselves?
Your going to be posting the pictures on your own blog yourself then putting the URL to your post in the Mr.Linky. The Mr.Linky will be up on the 16th.

Did I miss a question you have? Leave it in the comments and I'll insert an answer.

Example: (w/o text)

Mom and I are very excited to be hosting this competition good luck everyone!


loki said...

This is a fantastic idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, this seems like lotsa fun and with 4 of us, she's gotta get one of us kleening!

Jacqueline said...

Those photos look like winners to us!...Good job, Tygana...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

CCL Wendy said...

Very cool idea, Tygana! But boy, it would keep me busy all day to take pictures of my three cleaning themselves!

Fin said...

This looks awesome!! I'll be sure to mention it in the opening ceremonies!!

Alasandra said...

We will try to get our unreliable Mommy to help us with this. ~AFSS

PS: Can doggies enter?

The Island Cats said...

Well, this is something that we are really good at...or at least we think so...

Zoolatry said...

A question from Maggy & Zoey at Zoolatry...
Do we send our "post picture" to you for posting on your blog... or
do we post on our own blog?
Or both?
As usual, it is us who are confuse-
ed, sorry!
You can email to let us know, zoolatry at gmail dot com.

Cory said...

Cool! Although clearly you are headed for a gold medal in this event!

Furkidsmom said...

We're excited! Cleaning is something we're furry good at!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Marg said...

Oh this is a great idea. Our bean needs to get busy with the camera. Happy Valentine's day.

Milo and Alfie said...

This sounds a pawsome event.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Sounds like great fun!!

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Oh WOW!!! Cleaning is what we do best!! Great Event Tygana!! We are getting ready for this event!!
Your TX furiends,

The Crew said...

I'll be entering the competition!!

Your friend


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