30 June, 2010


Hey everyone Tyganas mom here....so I gotta say I am not strong. Not in the least bit. In fact I'm a sucker for a cute face

Wonder why?

Well here's the story....

So Sunday the 27th Alex and I get up and get ready to go help his Mom move.
Well since I told her I couldn't take her cat I figured she found a home since she was planning on moving that day and not staying at all at her old place in the mean time. Which is a good hour away.

So we get there and start bringing things out packing up a few last minute things and then we walk into the bedroom and the floor I see a puddle of black.

My goodness the cat was still there! Super sweet on top of that he jumped up and started in on the loving. I swear it was like a conspiracy against me. He let me pick him up and hold him and we walked around and kept him out of the way of the big stuff.

I started thinking again of what it would be like to bring this big baby home and I decide I wont make a decision just yet.

I ask his Mom whats going to happen to big old Pepper in there and turns out the plan was to bring Pepper to a shelter in NH to be fostered but she wasn't going to meet her Mom to make the Pepper drop off for another 3 days. I noticed Peppers litter box was disassembled and I know Pepper is indoor/outdoor, so I can only assume that Pepper was to live outside for 3 days until she could come back to bring him to NH.

So I decided. Pepper would come home with me.

It took some time to wrangle him up he knew something was up, watching his entire house get packed up, but I got him and brought him home.

So far there has been only two middle of the night fights more like whapping fests between Tygana and Pepper but a good amount of hissing.

I've been keeping Tygana inside because one night he wouldnt come in on his own...I guess he smelled strange cat so I had to go get him and bring him in. Until he is used to the smell of Pepper then I've decided to keep him in the house. So far now Pepper is living upstairs in the bedroom most of the day and Tygana lives downstairs and in the evening they come together.

Last night they shared a window sill that has two windows each cat got their own window and they fell asleep there. I can see the tug-o-war over who's going to be the alpha for a few days Tygana acts real big and strong then for a few days Pepper does it.

Meet Pepper!
Pepper is a two year old male Tuxie. He's really big! He's tall, long and big my goodness but I guess Tygana is just really small....he actually is quite small.

Here's Tygana yesterday.

So with all that admitted..

I think I'm having just as hard a time as the two cats getting used to having two cats. When I go upstairs to spend some time with Pepper...I start feeling like I'm cheating on Tygana. I've become so used to being able to focus everything on one cat and give it all to one cat that sharing it among two cats feels a little weird sometimes. So when ya'll went from one cats home to multi cat homes how did you spread the love and the not feel weird about it....is there some technique or is it just something you get used to? Alex has had multiple cats before and he's not having the same problem he says when hes loving on Pepper he still know he loves Tygana and spends time with him so he has no problem and vice versa. But when I'm with one I feel like I should be with the other too. Looks like I still have a lot to learn of course.

So what I would like from you my fellow bloggers is of you going from single cat to multi cat homes and how you the beans dealt with it. Thanks.

Also in honor of Pepper coming here, Tyganas cuteness and the month of July. Every week this month we will be hosting a giveaway here at OneCatsNip. (does onecatsnip still work? LOL twocatsnip sounds silly) Keep an eye out for details later today!


JC said...

You have done a wonderful thing !!!

It takes time for the cats to adjust and time to realize that you can love all your cats.

He must be so confused. Maybe they will become friends.

Furkidsmom said...

Welcome home Pepper! We're really happy to meet you!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Kea said...

Oh, yes, you HAVE done a wonderful thing. I'm so glad you took Pepper, didn't let him go to the shelter.

It will just take time--they're already doing well if they shared window space.

As for going from one cat to more...I'm not the best person to answer, because I adopted Chumley (now passed on) in April 2001, then Annie in August. I didn't have a clue about cats, grew up with dogs and horses.

Now I have three and they all need their attention, Nicki especially, and will get their noses out of joint when I spend time with another--especially Nicki. LOL. You just do the best you can! Make sure Tygana still knows he's first in your heart and it'll be okay.

ABBY said...

Bless you for taking Pepper (who looks as sweet as can be).

It does indeed take time for cats to adapt. Don't be surprised with the sudden fussiness that will break out. give them some space of their own and time. They will work it out(I think that they are better off at doing that than we are!)

Cats dont seem to have the same reaction we do to things. I am sure you are sharing time with each cat and that's all that matters to them.

You'd be surprised, but I bet Pepper is more thankful than you realize for what you've done.

Danielle said...

Danielle's Human here: Concatulations on your new kitteh! I'm sure you made the right choice.

Well, over time you will get used to having two cats. When the cats start adjusting to each other, it will not be as difficult on your conscience. For now, just spend equal time with both of them. It will work out, don't worry!

TK and Squashies said...

Awww welcome home Pepper! (And welcome to the CB too.)
I know exactly how you feel about the cats. You will get used to having two.
I so hope they become friends soon.
You have a very kind heart, Pepper is very lucky to have found you.

meowmeowmans said...

Welcome, Pepper! Don't worry, they will get used to each other in time.

The Monkeys said...

Hello Pepper! You certainly are a cutie and we think your new home is going to be fabulous once you get used to it.

I think you're doing everything right and hopefully soon Tygana will accept Pepper. My only advice to you would be to not feel so guilty when you're with Pepper and vice versa. In my experience, cats seem to sense the guilt feeling and if you don't feel bad, either will Tygana...that's just my opinion.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Pepper! It is nice to meet you! YOu are very cute!

So, as far as going to a two cat home, well, it was never an issue to me because I was actually glad that Floyd was going to have another cat to play with - and after that it wasn't a big deal. I did feel like I had to be sure to show everyone I loved them but I think that is normal.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Welcome Pepper!!! Give your new mom a big headbutt for having such a big, big heart!

Mom, you're not cheating. Just love each of them a little every time you pass them and you'll be surprised how even the attention can be. With 7 critters roaming the Casa I always worry someone isn't getting enough, so I usually take a turn through the house once a day making sure I've gotten everybody. My two shy girls, Bitty and Annie, seem to wait for this.

Cat said...

Hi Tygana and Pepper, thanks for visiting me. Your mum has a really big heart for bringing Pepper home!! You guys will become good friend in no time, don't worry.

When I had Casper and then got Ben, I did whatever I could to ensure Casper was the alpha cat, it only seemed fair. When I came into the room and they are both there, they both get lots of strokes and attention, but I went to Casper first. When they got treats, again Casper got his first. I don't know if this helps you, but they are best buds now. And when Archie came along, same thing, he became third in the order. They all get along really well!


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