01 July, 2010

July Giveaway #1

2 Day's till the Fourth of July! So as I said to celebrate Pepper coming home with Tygana and I and to celebrate July all month long!

(Independence Day for Americans)
(Canada Day for Canadians)
(Tynwald Day for the UK)


We're celebrating with giveaways! So tell all your friends!

The Mom was inspired by all our lovely and handsome fellow catbloggers who are quite into fashion!

Our first one is this lovely pink, brown and cream sweater with lovely pink button accents and
thick collar for the fashion conscious.

This sweater should be able to fit small cats and dogs. It fits Tygana well and he's 11lbs with a smaller stature.

This would make for a wonderful fashion friday post! So be sure to enter!

To qualify for the giveaway you must have a blog and leave a comment on this post.
On the 7th all names will go into a random generator and a winner will be chosen!

Here's Tygana modeling the sweater. He's not much for clothes so he's a bit unhappy but no worries it was immediately removed.

*the sweater is hand crocheted by Mom and she would like feedback on it from the winners on things like length, leg space etc.


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Oh how CUTE!!! Your mummy is brilliant!!

TK and Squashies said...

Oh Tygana you look very nice in the sweater. Your mommy does good work!

Angus Mhor said...

Wow! Your mom is very talented! those are not exactly manly-man sorts of colors, but Leeloo would look gorgeous in it...count me in!

Danielle said...

Wowie! That is one cool sweater! Did it take a long time to make?

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow that is a great sweater - for cats who wear them. Now, we don't so dont' enter us - but that doesn't mean we don't think it is great - you did a great job. We just really hate clothes and don't want to encourage our mom to put them on us!

Harry Spotter said...

We love the sweater. What a great model. Fiona said that those colors would be complimentary to her skin tones. What a fun give away! Have a great weekend.

Whitey said...

That iz a rly pretty sweater!

Thank goodness our Momma gave up on trying to get us to wear clothes! Gracie modeled a little bit when she was a teeny tiny girl but now she is not happy about clothes! She even has one outfit Momma has not ever put on her!

The Whiskeratti said...

Those are luffly! and such good models, too.

Au and Target said...

We saw you at Pierro's and thought we'd drop by. Cute blog. We're with you on the clothes subject; fur is always best. But hey, you got treats as a modeling fee, right?

Your Daily Cute said...

What a cute sweater!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading about Little Meow today. I hope we can find her the best home! I'll keep everyone updated for sure. Go Meow!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

I don't think anyone here would wear the sweater so let someone else win... just wanted to pop in and say it's quite cute!! :-)

Huffle Mawson said...

Oooh how exciting! That would really suit my black furs, I think. I could look really pretty.

Daisy said...

What a pretty sweater! I would like to enter, but if I win, I would like Fiona to get the sweater. I have LOADS of outfits, and Fiona is just starting her collection.

I just read about Pepper joining your family, congratulations!

AttieCattie said...

um... Tygana looks a little bit crabilated in the sweater. but i thinks it's wunnerful and it would look FABULOUS on me, so please enter me in the drawing, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a cute sweater. My ragdoll Marley would look cute in that.
Good luck with your contest.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

That sweater looks, very nice and warm!


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