10 July, 2010


Hey everyone quick update!

Pepper and Tygana are so far just tolerating each other. Pepper decided that Tyganas litter box is where it's at and begun to ignore his box upstairs. So I brought his box downstairs and he still doesnt want to use it and much prefers Tyganas.
In an act of rebellion I'm assuming Tygana peed by Peppers food. Which is unsavory but it was done and he continues to use his box.
Though I have begun to notice even though the two cats are not being buddies they sure are being copycats.
Pepper has taken to three of Tyganas favorite spots; one behind Alex's computer on a pile of old couch cushions topped with a crochet blanket, on top of a cardboard computer box and in the window sill, but he probably just really likes the windows. He picked up at least one Tygana sleeping position as well.
Tygana has in turn copied Pepper, we were sitting around tonight to find Tygana by the front door....sleeping on his back.
This has never been done by Tygana before but is done daily by Pepper! Also Pepper loves to play and we try to play with him often sometimes he just does it on his own and when things are calm Tygana will go lay down with the same toy Pepper had earlier and play with it in his own way. He even lays down and holds it sometimes which is something I've seen Pepper do (seriously one night he held my shoe) but not Tygana before the most he would do is use it as a pillow.

So blogosphere...do you have a lot of copycatting going on at home as well?

Also, tune in tomorrow for our next giveaway!

P.S. Sorry I havent been visiting much lately. I'm planning on getting around to everyone this coming week so please have mercy on me.


Furkidsmom said...

At least they are tolerating each other. We think Pepper and Tygana will become friends before long.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Jacqueline said...

We think they will be friends soon enough; how cute they are "copy cating" each other!...That happened here as well; when Sukki came to live with us, she was 1 year 4 months and Calle/Halle were 2 years 8 months=they all took on some of each other's traits, with Sukki "teaching" C/H more than the other way around!...Sukki came into our home and fit in quickly (she was right at home with C/H more "put out" about it), but it took a little while for them to be friends...They still chase and "fight" with each other all the time (they make a lot of noise sometimes, but never hurt each other-they are "playing" in their own way) and they are always together...In my experience, girls take longer to get along than boys...Best of luck...Happy weekend and kisses x3 beautiful boys...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Hansel said...

Hansel copies tesla constantly, but she wouldn't be caught DEAD copying hansel.

ABBY said...

It sounds like they are finding ways to form a bond with each other. I think they will be good friends in no time.


Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad they are tolerating each other. Hopefully in time they will become friends. We copy each other in nap spots. If one of us finds a new place, the other has to start sleeping there too.

Noll's Nip said...

We do some copy-catting here too...usually over special spots and food bowls or sun puddles ;)


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