11 January, 2011

Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Our resolution: To get a minimum of one post a month up LOL better yet.....once a week!

How are all of you doing!?

Pepper and I have been doing pretty well, we swept this Christmas with some great swag!!

So since we have so much to tell you we're going to do it over multiple posts Get Ready!!

First off, us of course!

We totally scored with this huge box of temptations! It makes my mouth water just looking at it!

We also got this wonderful new table and box! (well Mom says she got the table, but I mean...it's totally ours just look at it.)

It comes with a really great view of the outside so with the chest freezer moved over theres plenty of vantage points of our outdoor territory for Pepper and I to share.

LOOK! Whats that over there!!!

Tygana: Oh it's just a sign of our biggest gift!!

Kindly from our Moms brother (Pepper: That makes him our Uncle right?)

Pepper: Wow that box is HUGE! It's half Moms height!
Tygana: Looks really heavy too.
Pepper: HAHHAA Mom can't pick it up! She's dragging it in!
Tygana: MOM! Don't drop it!!

*stay tuned tomorrow for the exciting conclusion!*


Katnip Lounge said...

OMC! The box of temptations looks scrumptious!

Say, we got our Paw it Forward package, Thank You VERY much! Some og the balls in the package are now our very favorites...we never had a sparkle ball before and we LOVE them! Mommy screams with joy to year the jingle balls at 2 AM so we play with them a LOT.

We did a commentathon for our "Paw it" and raised $50 for Chrystal at Daily Dose of Dogs.

Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

Cat said...

Welcome back boys, it's nice to see you! Glad to hear you had a good Chrismas we wish you a very Happy New Year too :-) Definitely popping back to see what your surprise is.

Eric and Flynn said...

Wow! That box of Temptations is HUGE! We can't wait to see what is in the box from your Uncle.
Welcome back and Happy New Year.

ABBY said...

Hi guys so glad to see you back!
We are glad your holidays were so good and that all is well with both of you.


Cara n Crew said...

Hi guys! Sounds like you had a pawsome Christmouse! We are very excited to see what the big box is :) Happy New Year!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

The Island Cats said...

Hi guys! Good to see you!! We can't wait to see what's in that big box!!

Happy New Year!!

Danielle said...

Happy New year to you too!

Dude. That is my size of Temptations box! That'll keep you two well treated for a while. :)

And of course, the table is definately for you. Sounds like you are enjoying it!

Martina Jolie said...

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