05 December, 2009

Fiona at Harry Spotter

Hey Everyone! I know everyone in the blogosphere is so great about helping out fellow catizens. So just in case you didn't know I want to let you know about Fiona over at Harry Spotter she has 2 lesions in her gums causing her a lot of pain.
The breeder Harry's mom got Fiona from will not take responsibility even if it did happen on her watch. Harry's mom is feeling the financial crunch like many of us and Fionas treatment which will include visits, blood work, teeth cleaning, and extracting two teeth and possible biopsy of one of the lesions total cost being around $1,000.00.
Which would be hard for any of us. So if you have any extra change or anything lying around it would be great if you can help Harry's mom with Fionas treatment! She has a ChipIn widget set up on the site all ready for you great people to help donate too! Thank you so much for your kindness!! You can head on over to Harry's blog by this link or the one above! http://harryspotterinthewindycity.blogspot.com/

1 comment:

Harry Spotter said...

My mom really appreciates your spreading the word about Fiona. Our fur friends and been so gracious and kind to us that we are humbled- truly humbled.

Thank you,
Terry, Spot and Fiona~


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