01 December, 2009

Moms Went On A Trips!

Sorry moms has been so lazies! But we does have a few things to tells you abouts! First I'll starts with my moms!
Dads took Moms on a special trips just for hers, a day trip of courses so I didn't mind. Dads took her to Yankee Candles in Mass. Apparently they do this big holidays things and like I saids...the moms loves christmas! It was Moms first times at something like this and she liked it! Here's some pikhs from their drive and some of the holiday things they has. Lookings back moms says she wishes she got more pictures at the shop, but she was just so distracteds by everythings
So of courses Moms had me on the brains while she was there and what did she get at Yankee Candles? She got 12 small candles and a things to put them ins cause Dad saids you can't leave Yankee Candles without getting a candles, they couldnt decide on a smells so they got like a grab bag of 18 small ones, a lip balm and a christmas ornament...for yours truly.
It even got personalizeds with my names and all!
Also, on the homefronts another cat has been spotted! My moms is worried about it cause its cold, she saw it on our porch and when shes cames to approaches it ran! Of course, I wasn't around then I might have given it an unwelcomes growl...I'm not sure thoses...anyways Mom says it was a bee-ootiful long haired gray cat but its coat was scraggly and it looked thins so she left foods out for it but didn't see it comes back...so she's been keeping an eyes out for it and scanning all the places she knows for ads about lost kitties. Who knows it may belongs to someone and is just scared of new people and a new place.
Also, my nemesis big white and grey was getting a big big headed as I am spending more and more indoor time because it's too cold, he though he had the neighborhoods so I though I neededs to poke my heads outside. Since then Mom has found him waiting for me in my spot out front! Sleeping by the front door...what his plans are I do not knows!
On the delicious sides of things, I'm a turkey-a-holic, I chase Moms around to get somes and beg and beg when her or Dad is eating it..so I do get bites and pieces of it in fact on Turkey Day she gave me quite a bit because well its was Turkey Day...but now I have temptations turkey flavor..mm NOM NOM when I sees the bag I run right over! Hope everyones is doings well!


Anonymous said...

Yankee Candle!!! Mom LOES candles! She sells PartyLite but loves all kinds of candles! And your ornament is pawesome!!! We hope the long haired kittie is ok in the colds.

The Creek Cats said...

Our mom loves Yankee Candles! She's actually burning Christmas Wreath, Shortbread Cookie and Mistletoe right now!
Looks like your mom had a great time!!

Oh, we got your cute Christmas card in the mail!! We'll be sending ours our next week!

Ginger Jasper said...

Looks as though your mum had a lovely time. My mum likes those candles too. I love that santa that she got you. its lovely.. I hope that kitty gets found soon.. HUgs GJ xx

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Hi Tygana!!!!!!! That looks like a cool trip your Mom had :o
We also like the ornament of you ;)
Mom says she likes Yankee candles too :)
WE also like your toes! Georgia is polydactyl too(front & back)
Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

I like those pictures! Why didn' they take YOU?? I think you woulda had fun with all those pretty Christmas things... :)


The Island Cats said...

It's a good thing our mom doesn't live near that Yankee Candle place because she'd be there all the time and she'd buy every candle she could!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Sounds like a real fun trip!


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