04 December, 2009

My Very First

Oh I'm so exciteds my very first award! I want to thank Epic the Cat from Epic's Journal for this lovely award! I do try really hard at my blog but between the naps and reigning in the humans especially arounds this holidays seasons it can be quite roughs. So thank you again Epic for honoring me with this kreativ blogger awards!
Now every goods awards does come with guidelines on what you are to does upon receiving the honors. So withouts further a-does..pstt thats how the beans say it rights? The Guidelines!
  1. Copy and paste the Kreativ Blogger picture onto your blog. Done
  2. Thank the person who gave you the award and post a link to their blog. Done
  3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know. Will Do...Now Done
  4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award. Will Do.....Now Done
  5. Links to those 7 other bloggers. Will Do.....Now Done
  6. Notify your 7 bloggers. Will Do
Now to fulfill my catly duties!

As a cat I am an enigma, there's many things about me you all do not know. As a mancat I like to remain slightly mysterious and suave...what can I say...the ladycats love it. So for the 7!

1. I have 2 personalities, outside I am a fearless mancat adventurer. Nothing can stand between me and whatever is I feel like doing. Inside, I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat.

2. I'm always sleeping somewhere new, by that I don't mean throughout the day, I mean I find one spot I like and I only really lay there....for weeks then I will find a new spot and do it again and the cycle continues.

3. I'm originally from New Hampshire

4. I don't play with the christmas decorations, I don't mind them if they stay still, but if they move....RUNNNN

5. I once made potty in a cardboard box right in front of my Mom and Dad. Mom didn't realize it at first, but Dad said I was pottying because of the serious look on my face.

6. I let my mom carry me to bed everynight, what can I say I'm Mommas mancat!

7. I beg during dinner.....when the humans are done, I will jump up on the table and sniff their plates to see if there is anything yummy for me to eat.

So in the holiday spirit he's a freebie.

My name is Tygana and I am a mancat though many think I'm a lady cat, though around the house Tygana is not used too often...I have a plethora of nicknames some of which include:

Tiger Cat
White Muzzle
Big Paws
Big Paws McGraws
Whit muzz muzz

plus many more

So now I get to choose 7 bloggers to also recieve this lovely award! Though I think all the blogs I read are lovely and should get it!

1. Freya from a cat called Freya!
2. Joplin and Hendrix of DIY Catcare!
3. Herman from Hermans Hideaway!
4. Samantha from Life From a Cats Perspective!
5. Parker from Perfectly Parker!
6. Maggy and Zoey from Zoolatry!
7. Dante from All About Lacocoon Dante!

These are in no particular order, but I love all these blogs they are fun to read and you can tell these cats really try to put something into it.

Till Next Time!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Congrats on the award - I can't believe this is only your first one! I would have given you one but I don't get them often - I think a lot of bloggers have realized that I am terrible about posting (although I also got this from Epic and it is my goal to be better starting with this one). Another first is that your card was the first one I got and opened this year - a lot of firsts for you this week!

That is a very cute picture of you sleeping on your cat tree - you must have great balance to be up there and nap without falling - we are all very impressed!!

Ginger Jasper said...

Congratulations on your award.. I got this too and hope mum tries to do mine as good.. Hugs Gj xx

JC said...

Congrats on your Award ....

Fin said...

I like to rotate my beds too. Don't like to be tied down.

CCL Wendy said...

Hi Tygana! I saw your comment about wanting to be a LOL-Cat, and I'd be happy to work with you. The way I do it is by copying pictures from your blog to caption. I'll let you know when they are ready and posted. I'll probably wait until Monday now because then more people will see them. The weekends are slow in the CB.

I just have one question for you. Do you have two different-coloured eyes? I noticed one looks gold, but I can't quite tell the colour of the other one.

To answer, you can email me at:


Laura said...

Tygana! We are soooooo thankful for giving us an award! And its out first ever, wow! Hendrix is all dressed up in his tux to accept, and we are wondering what we have to do? I'm guessing the same as the instructions on your wall? Again thank you SOOOOOOO much we are all very excited!

Karen Jo said...

Oh, wow! Thank you so much for my very first award, Tygana. It's going to be tough coming up with seven things you don't know about me, cause my Mom blabs everything.


Epic the Cat said...

That's a very interesting list, Tygana, you certainly deserve the award!

I also try to get some human food whenever my humans eat, but they never let me have any. So I just lay on the table and watch them eat.

Parker said...

Tygana, thank you so much! I am honored and I think it's great you were given this award because you deserve it!


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