05 December, 2009

Where's The Cat

Can anyone find the cat in this picture? You can click to biggify
It's just started showing up around out place, Moms worried about it it's very skiddish, it's skinny and it just doesn't look as lovely as it should. She's trying to feed it to get it closer but it's still very wary of her. Any suggestions?


Noir the Texas Tabby said...

I see the kitty! Tommy says just keep putting out food--the kitty will warm up--and also if you have old kitty bed--your visitor might like that too! Good luck!


cclark0412 said...

You might try to put some wet food out - that won over my kitty that was feral.

Good luck!
(Cory) Austin, Nico & JayJay

Chaotix said...

Try some wet food with alittle pumpkin in it? I've read that some cats love the pumpkin flavor.


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