27 October, 2009

Cat Beds Part 1

My first cat bed purchase was a kitty corner from that wally store for about $15. I was so excited about it with the soft looking entrance to a private snoozing spot and a low perch on the top also covered in that soft soft fabric.

Upon first look of this cat bed, I thought it would be a really good choice, then I introduced my cat to it....
The inside is not lined with any kind of fabric it has a plasticy type feel to it, the bed is pretty much weightless and the perch on top is not big enough for him to sit or lay on, not to mention because it is made of this plasticy type material with just plastic piping's on the sides as the supports the top perch has some give on it. So I put the bed on the landing at the top of the stairs in the corner, Tygana came over and gave it a few sniffs and rubbed his face on the opening to the snoozing cave. He put his front paws in and came right back out he was not the biggest fan of the fabric. I tried to put him on the perch on the top and he stood there for a second and you could see how it wasn't equally supporting his weight and there wasn't much room so he immediately jumped off and has never gone up there to this day. (don't mind the nip on the top)

I left the corner in the corner on the landing for a while and it didn't get much use from Tygana at all, he is very much into his privacy at times and this bed just didn't give him that private feeling because the back side are made of mesh.

Occasionally I would find Tygana sleeping in the closet when we had the doors somewhat closed so I took the corner and put it into the closet. Now he occasionally uses it when he wants to get away from us. The doors to the closet are usually always mostly closed so it's nice and dark and private in there and he will use the little snoozing cubby then.
So, overall because the size of the top perch which seems to be kitten sized and kitten weight approved most likely, the mesh backing, the weight (which because of the weight this 100% needs to be in a corner) and the overall plasticy feel (which I hear some cats like to pee on plastic, so if your cat is one to wee wee on the plastics and plastic type fabrics I wouldn't recommend this) for the price Tygana and I give the kitty corner 3 paws out of 6.

Tygana: how ams I supposeds to makes the biscuits in this things?!


The Island Cats said...

We gotta a cube like that and our mom puts a soft blanket inside for us to sleep on...we don't use it much, but every once in a while, we venture in. You're right, that top part doesn't look like it would support some big mancats like us!

Wally & Ernie

The Creek Cats said...

Our mom saw this and considered buying it before we got our big cat tree. Some of our cats like that material, like the cubes, and some don't. Thanks for the review!!!

Fin said...

I think the material would give my floof static electricity. Nice to meet you, and thanks for visiting! Come by anytime.

Ginger Jasper said...

I liked the way you had nip in there to lure you in mol.. Loks quite a nice hidy hole to me.. Hugs GJ xx

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

Tommy's seen this and thought about it for us. But if you gotta put it together--well--we would NEVER have a chance to find out if we like it or not! :)

Thanks for the insight!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

We have a cube like that and a tent like that - the younger kitties love to play in the cube (it has a tunnel and second cube attached) and they do like the tent but the older ones only like the tent. I think it just depends on the kitty sometimes.


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