26 October, 2009

Cat Tree

Sorry for the lack of product updates lately. I was waiting for a package to come into the mail and today I got it!!!
$50 + free shipping on eBay! So excited, cat trees in the pet stores are always sooo expensive so I have yet to get one. I saw this one and had to have it!
So the package arrived double boxed with all parts and pieces bagged.

So, as you can see in the pictures the tree does come 8 pieces and it's 41 inches tall it's covered in a floofy and soft material instead of the typical carpet material. I thought it looked so cozy for the winter! The tree comes with instructions and if you take the time and look at them and note the numbers you can get the tree together within minutes.
The top perch of the tree is really neat it comes with this hanging ball that when givin a little tap, like say from your favorite cat friend it gives a little chirp like a bird!

My overall thought of the cat tree is 6 paws up! It was a great value for the size and the parts included, it has the enclosed cat house 4 sisal scratching poles and donut shaped platform for the cat to hang out on and a perch with a back rest!
I just got the tree up this afternoon so Tygana hasn't gotten to really check it out, he's usually wary of new things at first and has to come back and check on them for a while for the first few hours. So as soon as he starts to get into checking out and using the tree he can update you all on his thoughts on the tree!


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow that is a huge tree for the price - and it looks like it is really sturdy - which is always my concern with cat trees. It looks like a big paws up to us too!

Chuchu said...

Thats lovely! and 50 bucks for that huge tree is mighty cheap! =D


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