13 October, 2009

Tygana, the resident cat

I ish heres, the cat of the hourz I hears you all wanted to meets so I thought to self....self...you can make an appearance for your adorings public. I ams a well seasoned cat 11 years old and as beautiful as a kitteh I'm as my human calls me....mackerel tabby with a white muzzle and 'm' on his forehead with extra toes...lovely. ....what?....what was thats? What is that you ask? How did I come to be....well....that my publix is quite the story, if your ready you can go aheads and take your seats and I shall regales you with my tale.
I'm originally from New Hampshires, I was born to my mommeh and any number of brothers and sisters, this first home was not a good or welcoming home for cats and that's all I shall says about that time of my life. I was taken in by a friendly lady with quite a few other cats so she looked to see if she could find me a more personable home where I could get all the love and attentions I deserved. I ended up with this nice lady with a young son and resided with them in NH for some time, we then made our way and moved to CT I had a few homes in CT but really got comfortable in the condos I'm in now. That young son I spoke of earlier, well when he got older he brought this nice young girl over who wasn't fond of cats because she had no experience with them.......I could smell it on her, she would make a great human, so I went on my way to win her over and of course being the suave cat I am.....I won. She is now my dedicated human slaving away day in and out to make sure I am at my happiest, cleanest and healthiest! As you may have concluded I am living in my condo with that once young boy and my loving human girl and life couldn't be better! I'm indoor/outdoor and I love my time outsides, though I do have a few bit and pieces I run into outside...I'll get into that with you at a later date. But overall that's me, until we meet again..I'm overdue for a cats nap...Good days Until we meet agains.


The Crew said...

Hello Tygana, welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us some time.

At 12 years of age, I too, am a senior catizen 'cept I'm not allowed out. My Mom is paranoid about that.


Derby said...

Hi Tygana and welcome to the Cat Blogoshpere. Hope we get to see lots of you and your stories.

iVintage87 said...

Thank you Derby!

Danielle said...

Hi Tygana! Pleased to meet you! Welcome to the cat blogosphere. Thanks for stopping by my blog. See you soon!



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