13 October, 2009

One Cats Litter...

One cats choice litter is another cats bane. Yet some cats like my beloved Tygana are pretty tolerant of almost any litter, which just leaves us....the humans. The never ending search for the perfect cat litter...odor control, absorbency, cats acceptance and for some even the way you can dispose of the litter is important. Well before getting my cat I searched and searched far and wide all over this great interwebs to find the choicest cat litter for my soon to be. I came across a few choices that seemed good but weren't readily available to me or budget friendly. So I first choose to just go along with the old standby clay-litter, odor control is a big variable in my home because the catbox is on the first floor of a two-floor townhouse (no basement) in the half bath that also houses the laundry, so needless to say it's a highly used room and cat odor just wouldn't be pleasant. So I went to my local Wally and found this fresh step multi cat strength w/ odor eliminating carbon.

Odor eliminating...how exciting for me! The cat whose name is Tygana, so we shall now refer to him as Tygana, is an older cat so he did come with the litter he normally used, which was the silica crystals. So I put those in the box and mixed in some of the clay litter. I just continued this mixture of the silica and clay litter since the clay litter had some of the silica in it anyways. So with a once a day cleaning since the cat is an indoor/outdoor cat the odors would stay at bay for maybe roughly a week before I could begin to smell it and would therefore change out the entire box for some fresh new litter. Now since I do live in a condo trekking out to the big garbage daily is a nuisance so off to the net I went. I found a great deal on a Litter Locker 2 (review to be coming soon) and ordered it. Little did I know that with this order the answer to my prayers would be coming also. So I received my package via UPS and found a trial size bag of a cat litter I have never seen before. It was pellet litter so I didn't really give it a second thought at first and just set it aside and continued with my clay/silica litter mixture. One night I go in to do a complete change of my litter box to find I'm a little short on litter to fill the box to my cats preference, so off I go to search the house and come face to face with the bag.
So, with a bit of reluctance I tossed a little bit into the cat box. Day 3 goes by no smell.....day 4.......day 5.....day 6.....day 7...you get the picture. I was amazed. So the next time I put in some more...same result. I was hooked. The cat liked the litter, I liked the odor control and best of all it is flush able in small amounts of course or you can use it for compost. I was so excited I looked for it at my local Wally and pet store...but of course it was not there. So I found it on the internet 40lbs that is roughly a one year supply of cat litter for $16! Though, yes I did have to pay for shipping which brought it to about $30 but to me thats still not bad it's like $2.50/ month for cat litter. So the feline fresh cat litter comes in both pellet and clumping forms, I have only used the pelleted form and have just one word for it amazing! When your cat tinkles on the pellets they disintegrate into like a sand which you can flush right down your potty and the little cat gifts are easy to just scoop out and put into your favorite cat gift receptacle, minimal litter loss to the cat gifts, but your cat can still bury.

Feline fresh is a pine cat litter and in case you want to know here's the ingredient list...american grown pine, no chemicals no additives, no fillers. So not only is it a great way to keep your home cat odor free but you can help support American industries as well. So Tygana and I give feline fresh pelleted litter 6 claws up. (Tyganas a hemingway) Feline fresh is made by planetwise products and even have a rebate right now for their feline fresh litter http://www.planetwiseproducts.com/breeder_coupon_2009.pdf so you can try it free but remember to read the fine print the rebate only covers purchases up to $5.99 which should cover a 7 lb bag of the pelleted stuff or a 6lb bag of the clumping stuff until December 31, 2009! So give it a try it will definitely be worth your time!


Cory said...

Hi there! Looking forward to meeting the kitties who use the litter!!!

Laura said...

I'm so happy to see that this is a great product. I recently found a 40lb bag for only $7 at home depot and I was doubting its efficacy since I've always used the clay and silica as well. But now I'm switching right over!

Mrs. Mecomber said...

WOW! I am so glad I caught this through the "related posts" plugin. I had never heard of this. I am spending a small fortune on litter because I can't stand the smell, and change it very often. I use Fresh Step-- the same as in your photo-- and I like that it clumps, but it's still rather odiferous.. lol. I'll have to look for this stuff you mention.


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