21 January, 2010

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 2

"Sampson, Harley, Domino and Miles, I want you four to sneak over and hide underneath Nophur when you see the signal jump up and block his descent from that seat. Fin, Delilah,Tygana and Dylan you four will be under Misha and same thing for you, when you see the signal jump up and block Misha. Billy...you have the most dangerous assignment. After the first two teams take their places I need you to jump onto the platform and dance...to distract both Misha and Nophur, while your doing that Baby and I will work on releasing Dante and Praline to get them away from the machine." Doctor Mew explained. "Can do!" All cats whispered in unison. Doctor Mew tipped his head towards team one and two to send them on their way.
"RAWWWRRR" Dante cried "I hope my floof breaks your wretched machine Misha!" Master Misha just laughed to himself as the de-floofing blade began to lower towards Dantes grand belly floof. "NOOOO!" cried all the blogosphere. Ginger Jasper and Katie we're laying in their prisons complaining to each other at how helpless the felt, when Ginger Jasper spotted a little bit of movement. "Katie" she whispered "do you see what I see?!" "What...the floof getting stripped right off Dante, I would rather not" whispered Katie right back. "NO!" said Ginger Jasper "look down there...I see...Fin...Dylan...Tygana they are headed for Mishas seat" Katie jumped up..."say what!?" She looked down to spy the four cats padding over to their space under Mishas seat, Fin looked up and gave them a wink. "I don't know what they are up to Katie but we have to help them!" Katie and Ginger Jasper began to spread the word.

The de-floofing blade lowered itself onto Dantes belly and a horrific laugh ripped from Misha and Nophurs throats it began to slowly make its way up Dantes belly, allowing the floof to fly.
Doctor Mew and Baby flinched.
Doctor Mew gave the nod to Billy as well and Billy went flying up the side of the platform and began to dance, when the caged cats noticed him they began to sing for him!
"WHAT IS THIS!? NOPHUR!!!! HOW IS THIS CAT LOOSE!!!!" Screamed Misha. "I...I...I don't...." stammered our Nophur. Billy continued to dance with a huge smile on his face knowing his friends were behind him. When team one and two saw Billy begin to dance the took their places blocking off the exits of Misha and Nophur....Nophur tried to make an escape but just met many claws and teeth and he scrambled back up to his seat.
Doctor Mew and Baby ran up to Dante and Praline, Baby taking Praline and Dr. Mew taking Dante they flipped the main breaker leaving them in the dark with the exception of a few emergency lights, but stopping the de-floofing machine halfway up Dante's belly.

"Dante how close is the blade to you if i unstrap you can you get out?" asked Doctor Mew. "Yes, I think I can it will be close but I can do it!" Doctor Mew unstrapped Dante and Baby released Praline.
At the same time they heard a loud crash and a tumbling across the floor, Doctor Mew ran to the breaker to return light to the room.
They found themselves looking at Ginger Jasper and Katie sprawled across the floor...."we came to help..." they said. They got up and stood with Dr. Mew, Baby, Dante and Praline.
"Well, Master Misha I see you have yet to stop your mad ways." said Dr. Mew "Mew....I should have known, I thought you were gone...dead...missing...." Misha hissed. Misha began to slowly descend from the controller chair just to meet with the claws of many, Misha looked down "I see....your trying to have the upperhand here Mew." "Oh no I know I have the upper hand Misha, how do I open all these cages?" asked Doctor Mew. "Like I'll ever tell you Mew!" Misha screamed, at that the four cats assigned to Misha plus Ginger Jasper and Katie started after Misha in the chair. "Ok ok....the green button on the right panel." Misha screamed, the cats calmed down and went back to their places. Doctor Mew hit the green button and heard a loud explosion "HUH!??" Mew and all the cats looked up to see Master Misha flying away in the controller chair "MUAHAHAHAH Thank you MEW! How could I ever repay you!" Misha cackled." MISHHHAAA!!!" Dr. Mew screamed as his gaze fell upon Nophur. Nophur caught his gaze and tried to make himself as small as possible....all the freed cats surrounded him. Doctor Mew ascended the ladder and grabbed Nophur by the scruff...."you will show me the CORRECT button to free these helpless cats!" growled Dr. Mew. All he got in response was a whimper and a finger pointed to the left lower panel. They walked over and Nophur hit the button and with a loud noise every cage in the vertical tunnel opened...."Good" said Doctor Mew. They stuffed Nophur into the portable and called upon all the cats. "You are all free! Run home quickly, Misha got away so until I find him....run and stay safe!" said Doctor Mew. All the cats began to scramble out of their holding cells, finding those they love and running off together, one cat had trouble getting out and called out for help. "Help I need help getting out I just can't do this right..." Ginger Jasper went over to see who it was and lend a helping paw, it was Barney trying to not only get out of his cell...but trying to pull a present out with him as well. Ginger Jasper helped Barney get out of the cell and safely retrieve his gift, "Thanks.....it was just a little something for Gracie...I got caught on their way to her house" Barney blushed, "Well you better hurry up and go find her and remember to stay safe" GJ told Barney and Barney ran off to find Gracie.

Baby came over and put her arm around Dr. Mew they walked arm in arm with Nophur in the portable, dropping him off in an inescapable safe room for later interrogation. "Mew you were great" baby said " No Baby, you were great" They embraced and ended in a kiss, Baby walked away to clean up "I'll see you in a few hours Mew" she said. Dr. Mew stood with his back to Nophur...."what do you know about Misha?" Nophurs eyes went wide "I...I was only recruited when he got earth...for obvious reasons I would think." Doctor Mew scoffed at the answer "why Nophur because your heartless?" Nophurs eyes watered..."he....he....he promised me a fur coat. You see I have no.." " I KNOW WHAT YOU DONT HAVE NOPHUR! But that is no reason to take what is not yours! Would you feel good wearing some helpless cats fur that had no choice in giving it to you or not!? WOULD YOU!" screamed Doctor Mew. "You don't know what its like! Your well furred! The cold nights, the sensitive skin" said Nophur "none of you would understand."

Doctor Mew walked out.


Anonymous said...

What a PAwesome ending to the story! Our moj is working on ours too! But, we don't think it's going to be nearly as good as yours is! KUDOS!

Daisy said...

I knew Billy's dancing would help save many cats one day!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Ok, seriously how on earth can we compete with this - it is AWESOME!! Seriously as I read it I got chills - it is so good!

Although one tiny note - Barney loves Gracie - Virgil loves Danielle. But they are both ok with the mixup - they love the story so much and Barney is super honored to be in it!!

One Cats Nip said...

Woops! Sorry i was looking through so many blogs to find out stuff about the different cats that were in it I got a mix up. I fixed it though! ^_^

Jacqueline said...

What an entertaining story=you are very talented with a great imagination!!

Danielle said...

You did a FURRY COOL story, Tygana! We love it a bunch. You could write a series of thriller books. :)

loki said...

Very cool! Great Imagination!


Fin said...

Wow what a claw biter! You should totally win! Do I need to start a petition?

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

You should publish! Yes, get an agent and get this in book form. Great story!!

I wanted to let you know how nice it was to have you come over and help me celebrate my first birthday. I am sorry that it took me so long to visit back but the mom hasn't been very nice about working for me. I hope you had a great time.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

This is brilliant!! heehee at Nophur!! Well done!!

Catline Crew said...

That was a great story.


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