23 January, 2010

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 4

Mew, Ginger Jasper and Baby retreated from the cell leaving the one piece suit behind to give Nophur something to think about. "Your quite the mancat killer Baby" Doctor Mew said with a seductive tone to his voice "looks like almost none of us stand a chance" he kicked his legs up onto his desk. "Don't be silly Mew" Baby said teasingly, Ginger Jasper just let out a long sigh. They waited....for hours it seemed like they waited the time on the clock clicking by, Baby cleaning off her paws, Mew watching out the window and Ginger Jasper just napping on the vintage couch, the sun began to set...they still waited. Soon they were all waking to the sunrise, "We must have fallen asleep!" Ginger Jasper exclaimed "Nophur! We must check on him!" Mew yelled and began to sprint to the cells.

When they arrived at the cells they couldn't see much it was dim in the tiny room but in a tunnel of light they saw what seemed to be a tortie...no...not a tortie...or is it. "I've decided" the stranger in the cell proclaimed, the stranger slowly began to turn around....Mew was looking into the face of Nophur. "I will help as much as I can to capture Misha"

Misha shook himself out of his dreamily state, thinking of the gorgeous stranger could come later. For now, he decided to kidnap a few cats of the floofiest variety and go to another planet to wreck his havoc there. But when he landed on earth he busted his own capsule, "I must find the pawdis that belongs to Mew...then I can get to another planet and he cannot follow!" Misha broke out into maniacal laughter.

"Tell us...what about the second controller chair? Is it used as an escape? Does it go to the same place!?" Mew asked excitedly. "Yes, both controller chairs can be used for an escape as the locations of either I do not know, but if we go back I may be able to break into the programming and find locations for both chairs" Nophur said. "What are we waiting for! Let's get going!" Baby exclaimed. The four began to exit the building together but before they left Ginger Jasper pulled Nophur aside " I'm glad you decided to help us and that you like your outfit it suits you well" Nophur gave Ginger Jasper a tender smile, gave him a little hug and they walked out following Baby and Mew. Upon reaching the previous lair of the dastardly evil mastermind Misha Mew stopped the group..."we need to check the perimeter...be sure nothing and noone is around to stop or harm us. I'll take Baby, Ginger Jasper you take Nophur and we will meet back here, if you come back and we're not here within 5 minutes...RUN!" The whole group nodded their heads in understanding at that they separated to check the perimeter.

Misha collected the belongings he would need for the journey back to the city of which he fled. He left the confines of the alleyway in search of some faster transportation than the feet he currently used, looking up and down the street he came upon a huge pile of floof, he batted the floof around uncovering a car, Misha smiled slowly to himself as he began to climb in. Much to his luck the keys where tossed haphazardly into the passengers seat, he put them in the ignition and gave it a little twist, the engine stuttered and never came to life. Frustrated Misha popped the hood and ran to give the engine a once over......just as he thought it was clogged with floof! He began to remove all the floof muttering to himself about the inconvenience but how well his plan had actually worked. Once the engine was cleared out Misha tried to start the car up again and with a loud sputter the engine roared to life, Misha took off for the highway heading back to the city keeping his eyes out for those who are very fluffy and pretty.


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Just catching up! Wow! Those are GREAT!!

Jacqueline said...

You are keeping us on the edge of our seats=it is just soooooo scary to worry about losing all our furs...Thank goodness for the kitty heroes in your story!...purrs...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Kristen K. said...


There's my kitteh!


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