25 January, 2010

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 6

Fin was smiling at Doctor Mew, " I heard you saying there's only two things here for Misha....this and PAWDIS. Now theres only PAWDIS." Doctor Mew started vacantly at Fin, then slowly a smile began to curl at the corners of his lips, " Fin good job. We should probably get going! Who knows where Misha is" Mew exclaimed and they took off running.
The PAWDIS was waiting for them in Babys backyard, they hopped over the fence, looked at the PAWDIS and all began to check the perimeter, except Baby.....she stood staring vacantly at the PAWDIS....what happens after this, she thought to herself she found her mind going to Mew she had spent so long with him so many adventures, would they continue like that or would he leave her? She shook her head at herself your not in love with him Baby...she told herself.....or was she?
"Baby, Baby, Baby!" Mew exclaimed, Baby shook herself back to reality. "Do you have a screwdriver? I want to disable the PAWDIS in case we miss Misha" Mew said. "Yeah...let me go get it." Baby made her way into the house to retrieve the screwdriver. Mew began to brief the rest of the cats on their plan to capture Misha. They all set to work creating the cell right in Baby's backyard to hold Misha and disguised it as a large tree.
"Here" Baby tossed the screwdriver to Mew and he began working to disable the PAWDIS. Baby found herself walking back into the house, pouring her favorite temptations into her best glass bowl and plopping onto the couch, thinking of Mew. Gasp...she was startled by a shadow in her front windows and got up to look...."hmmm" nothing she could see. Baby went back to take a seat.
"Alright, everythings ready" Mew sat beside Baby...."are you ok?" Mew pulled Baby into a loving embrace "I'll be right back" Mew disappeared towards the bathroom.

Misha began to pull into town, his heart began to ache with thoughts of the lovely calico, he tried to look around for cats to catnap but could not bring himself to it. He stuck his face out the car window sniffing the air...for what he wasnt sure, until he smelled it. Her...he began to follow the scent.

Baby dropped her head "I must know your name" a voice whispered. Baby jumped up, eyes wide, shocked looking for the source of the sound, she turned bout to spy a shadow in the archway leading into the living room "Tygana this isnt funny" Baby stammered. Out of the shadows stepped Misha, Babys eyes widened and tears began to fill her golden eyes. "I must know your name..." Misha whispered "your the most amaz." Misha was interuppted, he looked over and locked gazes with Ginger Jasper. "RAWWWRRR" Ginger Jasper roared and all the cats went in for the tackle. "MEWWWW" Baby screamed. Mew ran into the living room and his eyes caught the tussle on the floor, he reached into his pockets for da bird and tossed it at Mishas hands the da bird handcuffed Misha and they began to pull him outside. Once outside they tossed Misha into the cell, Baby ran out and pulled Mew aside "what are you going to do with him Mew?!" Baby asked "I don't know yet Baby, but Misha is mad he needs help. For now we will keep him here and keep an eye on him." Mew told Baby, she ran inside brought to tears...what was it that Misha was saying to her...what was really wrong with him...did she really love Mew, why does Nophur look at her the way he does?

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