25 January, 2010

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter

*since this and part 6 are posting on the same day don't forget to read part 6 before the finale!

Misha sat alone in his cell for 7 days and 6 nights, on the 7th night he heard the sounds of leaves crunching, closer and closer to his cell it got. Misha thought he could smell the intoxicating scent of Baby, he could feel his cheeks flush, his blood begin to boil, his eyes widen in anticipation of filling with her beauty, he braced himself.

Domino walked up to Mishas cell, Mishas dreams flooded away from him..he backed away from Domino and she walked up to him and gave him a whap.....the world went black for Misha.

"Did you find her?", "Yeah we did....do you think it will help any?"..."I'm not sure...but it couldn't hurt to try." Misha could just hear conversation going on nearby as the world begun to come into focus, the room he was in was round, small, empty besides one white plastic chair. He continued to survey his surrounding noticing he was not alone....but behind the glass of the room he was in he spotted them....Mew,Ginger Jasper, Fin, Domino, Daisy, King....so many of them in there and he could just barely hear them talking...he kept scanning the room and found Baby standing alone behind the glass looking at him, her eyes filling with tears....was she sad...he wouldn't know.

"Now...sure...you...right...one..?" he could just barely hear Mew speaking to all the cats in the room, Daisy approached him, "Yes...sure...did...investigation.." Misha could barely make it out so he closed his eyes to concentrate on their conversation. "Tama-chan" Daisy said.

Misha's heart felt like it stopped beating, he felt clammy all over and was slammed into his memories.
He could imagine Tama-chan and himself sharing a delcious platter of fancy feast, the two of them soaking in the rays of the glorious sun, the fun dates they went on, then he could imagine the day he lost her...feeling the heart break and emptiness all over again. Misha was dressed to the nines getting ready to meet his lady love Tama-chan at the fanciest restaurant he could think of, he was about to walk in the door when he noticed Tama-chan down the street in a embrace, with one of the floofiest cats he had ever seen....Mishas heart dropped and he just ran off, never to see Tama again. He could feel his eyes flooding with tears, the weakness in evey muscle of his body, his anger at the floofy stranger. Misha felt defeated, he sit slumped over in his chair.

"Misha, Baby is going to come in to see you now...behave" announced Mew. Misha didn't lift his head or answer, Baby walked through the door and sat in the white chair across from Misha. "Are you ok?" she asked...Misha didn't respond. "I guess it's ok if you don't want to talk...I just wanted to prepare you myself. For what Misha thought....are they going to burn me, exile me, maybe shave me for the rest of my life. "We want to help you get better...we've all been working together too research your past, I found something myself that struck me and I think it could have been a turning point for you" Misha could barely hear someone else walking in, he didn't bother to look up, he already felt dead. "That same sparkle, we have it....I think thats why you came to me...my name is Baby...by the way." He saw her paws move away and heard the door close, but he could still hear someone, something breathing. He saw a couple lovely and dainty ruddy colored paws on the ground now...meaning someone else was sitting in front of him.

"Misha" the stranger said, something about the voice was hauntingly familiar, Misha could feel his heart feeling as if it were ripping apart inside his chest, something about this voice made his insides quiver.
"Misha, where have you been...I've been looking for you for forever." the stranger said tears stinging her eyes.
Now he knew that voice. Misha lifted his head to meet the gaze of the stranger.
"Misha" she said "Tama" he said. He looked into her eyes, Baby was right...the attraction he felt for her, was him remembering Tama..they had the same depth, the same sparkle and love for their life in their eyes.

"Why did you leave me?" Tama asked. So Misha explained the night he saw her with the floofy stranger. Tama laughed "I wish you would have stayed, maybe then I could have explained this earlier." Misha looked questioningly at Tama, admiring her perfect Ruddy face, she explained that the floofy stranger was actually a co-worker of hers, she was just getting off a modeling gig. Of course Misha remembered Tama occassionally did some modeling she was stunning of course. "Well I was gathering my belongings and it was getting dark already, he wanted to make sure I got to my date with you safe so he walked me to the restaurant then I gave him a hug thank you and said good bye...I went into the restaurant and waited for you for hours....you never showed up. You remember Jonesie....well he does ads for home improvement and gardening things now...that was Jonesie you saw me with. He just wanted to be sure I would be safe."

This made Misha feel horrible, how after everything Tama and him have been through could he have questioned her fidelity. He looked into her lovely eyes. "I'm sorry" he said. Tama grabbed Misha up into a loving embrace, Misha turned to all the cats watching through the glass and gave them his deepest apologizes. "We set up a nice place for you and Tama to stay in for a while, I know this isn't flattering but we would like to keep an eye on you for a while and we could really use the help with cleanup." Mew told Misha., "Of course, I would love to help" Misha said, they all walked out together to show Misha and Tama their new home together. Nophur met them at the house, Misha expalined to Nophur how sorry he was for getting him involved. "It's ok I met some really great people because of it, and learned how strong I am" Nophur and Misha exchanged smiles and went on their ways.

Thank you for this contest those of your at Rumblebum it was sooper fun!
For everyone who read it I hope you enjoyed! ^_^


Karen Jo said...

That was great. I really liked the ending.

The Monkeys said...

Great ending! Now it all makes sense!

Jacqueline said...

What a wonderful story="and they all lived happily ever after" in the end!!...We liked how kindness and understanding show Misha the way to redemption...We're just so glad we don't have to worry about our furs anymore!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Danielle said...

Pawsome!! You and your human did a GRR-8 story! We luv it! It must have taken a long while to complete.

Catline Crew said...

That was a great story. We love it.

Grrreta said...

Great story! It was fun that you included s many familiar characters.

Fin said...

::Claps Paws:: Great job!

loki said...

I'm sorry for not leaving a comment earlier. Nanny was out of town this weekend! Amazing story! We love it!

Big hugs,

Loki and Nanny

Glogirly and Katie said...

Great story and a wonderful ever-after ending!!!

(Glogirly's cat)

Eric and Flynn said...

That was a great ending to the story.

flicka47 said...

Great Job! I love how you made so many of the elements of the story come together!

Purrfect ending too!


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