24 January, 2010

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 5

The two teams met back at the specified locations within two minutes of each other both reporting a safe perimeter, they continued inside. Ginger Jasper and Nophur were both filled with dread when they entered the decaying building remembering what took place here, Nophur though was also filled with regret. "Follow me" he said leading the team up the platform where the controls for the awful de-floofing machine lie. Nophur began to clack on the keyboard and on the monitor flashed by many pictures of the cats who had previously been de-floofed they all cringed at the sight of it "nothing nothing nothing nothing" Nophur fiercely whispered to himself." Nothing in this program about the chairs"...he began to look around the room when he noticed a small red light glowing beneath the chair that had been previously his, he began to walk towards the chair slowly, the rest of the group noticed and followed. He ducked beneath the chair looking up..."Oh My Cat!" Nophur exclaimed. "What what is it" Mew asked making his way next to Nophur to see what he was looking at, they both stared up wide eyed at what they saw. "WHAT WHAT IS IT!!!" shouted Baby "a map...." Mew drawled out "showing the locations at which both chairs currently are!!!" he screamed excitedly. He began to pace back and forth excitedly, tail whipping every which way, "does this mean?" Ginger Jasper asked "Yes, it means we know where Misha is."
"But Mew...it has been a few days do you think Misha would have stayed put?" Baby asked "No, he would not have stayed put it's too risky" Nophur answered instead "I think we need to put all the cats on alert keep an eye out for Misha, this is the only de-floofing machine and he doesn't have to time to build another, this place is his only choice he has nowhere else to go." Nophur insisted. Mew stood listening in his head he kept hearing Nophur say 'nowhere else to go', 'nowhere else to go', 'nowhere else to go' "PAWDIS!" Mew exclaimed "what does pawdis have to do with anything?" Baby asked.
"As I see it Nophur is correct, Misha has no choice but to come back here either for the de-floofing machine or because I am here....if I am here PAWDIS is here, Misha isn't dumb he was on Nip Lords too, he would know how to use it, he may try and run!" Mew yelled out in agony he was one person how would he keep watch over both things Misha may return for.
He began to sniff he could smell an awful, ashy and acrid smell he looked behind him to see the building was on fire and Ginger Jasper was pulling him out to safety.

Misha was getting closer to town, the closer he got the more he began to sweat. The thoughts of that gorgeous feline that spent her time with Mew "Mew" he scoffed..."what does Mew have" Misha began to down the temptations he picked up a few towns back like he would never taste their sweet flavor again. As he chewed on the tender bits of his favorite temptations all Misha could see was the flashes of the beautiful calico he had once laid his eyes on. Misha needed to pull over. "Pull yourself together Misha!" he yelled to himself.


Karen Jo said...

Oh, man, I've been missing it. This is really good. Sometime when I have more time I'm going to have to go back and read the earlier installments.

Fin said...

This is so exciting!


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