21 January, 2010

Guess What Thursday

So last weeks inspirations were Glogirly and Katie and Amy and the house of cats!

We got a lot of good guesses!!

First of all I would like to clear up the first picture isn't needlework, I had actually taken a picture of my computer monitor because I don't have any sheet music here...I left it all back in FL. LOLS when I first saw that I was like...really and went and looked and it sure enough looked like that!

Well back to business this weeks winner is!!!

Derby said...

Key of A flat if a major key, key of F if minor key AND cotton balls.

Now.....it wasn't actually either of these keys...i left off a few in the picture it's really D flat major.
But Derby was the only one to guess it was a key signature and the second picture is cotton balls(Virgil)!
So now this weeks 'Guess What Thursday!'

Inspiration: Derby, the Sassy Cat


Meowmepurr's Mumma said...

That looks like a sideways Green Bay Packers logo!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh, I know that well - it is definitely a Packers logo - our mortal enemys (ok,maybe not mortal - we are in the Chicago burbs- they are our biggest rival). And if you want to get really technical it is turned 90 degrees counter clockwise because that is the side of the G (wow is our mom a nerd or what!). We don't really mind them much - our uncle likes them so they are really ok.

Anonymous said...

We seem to always be late getting here to guess. It's a Green Bay Packers helmet

Hoshi said...

is that penguin?!?!?!?!

Cat of Nine Tales said...

It looks the the Packers logo on a football, yes?
~Lisa Co9T

The Island Cats said...

It's the Green Bay Packers logo...

Derby said...

I didn't realize I won the guessing contest. It got lost in your long story!


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