08 November, 2009

Lovin My Sun-Day

Hello everyones, todays was such a niceness days I decided to spends the whole days outside. It wasn'ts too cold and just perfectly warm if you founds a spots in the suns! My moms has been working hards all day putting things togethers for a contest she wants to hosts for all us cat bloggers, whens she wills be readys? Not sures, but hopefullys soons she's been workings real hard I'm so exciteds! Tomorrows is also my deadlines for her for some blog feedbacks, when it gets to my desk I'll looks it over and speaks with her abouts improvements to the blogs. Thanks you for all your wonderfuls helps!


Chuchu said...

Awww I heart nice warm days =D

Look forward to seeing what contest you'll be hosting ^^

Karen Jo said...

Sunshine warm enough to go outside! That's really nice this time of year.

Daisy said...

Sunny days are the greatest!

Ginger Jasper said...

You look so happy to be out in the sun.. JUst lovely.. Hugs GJ xx


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