22 November, 2009

Testing The Waters

So I told moms to bring some of thems new toys to my cousins when she went to visits today. They all went gagas! I'm so happy I could bring them some joy! But of courses moms forgots the flashy box soo...no pikhs! I reallys wanted to see their reactions!
Some of you have asked if moms was gonna sell her toys, she was very excited someones would be interesteds like that, so she said ok she just needs to sets it all ups then she wills let you knows when it's all ready. If anyone has some suggestions on colors or anythings they would likes to see feel frees to drop me an e-mails at onecatsnip@gmail.com and I'll be sures to lets moms know.


Karen Jo said...

I am happy that your cousins liked your Mom's toys so much. I am thrilled that she will be selling them.

Ginger Jasper said...

Glad your mum will be selling her toys.. Let us know when its up and running.. Ginger sounds nice MOL.. HUgs GJ x


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