31 December, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!!!

Hey everyone I want to wish you all a Happy New Years Eve and warn 2010 that the cats are coming!

I said my final goodbyes to my Chrissymouse tree...mom says it only has days left before it starts its year long hibernation.

I scratched my post to make it nice and clean for the new year!

Now I'm hopping excited to bring in 2010..the year of the cats....but really...when is it not the year of the cats. but really 2010 is the year of the Tiger!

Have a safe and fun New Years Eve everyone!

30 December, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

27 December, 2009

Phew...Once It's All Said And Done!

Hi everyone! Chrissymouse has been pretty great! Got a few great toys and some temptations!! In fact, I've gotten so into the temptations Mom tried giving me some treats I used to eat...and I just sniffed them. Me wants my temptations! Dad got Mom a new camera to take some really good pictures of me. She says I'm a great model! Mom got Dad some storage stuff for his favorite toys and a shirt. Then Mom and Dad went to see my cousins on christmas eve and got some really good pikhs of them I would like to share with you all, unlike me they are not scared of the tree. I hear Fluffy really got into the swing of things especially for dinner...he was always right there making sure not to miss a single moment!

Jones was outside enjoying the snow!
Little ol' Gino was downstairs playing, he's not into big crowds...much like myself.Mom says she has plenty more cat pikhs to share with you but she wants to make em last! So keep an eye out! Hope you all had a very meowy Chrissymouse I did!

24 December, 2009

Merry Chrissymouse Eve Everyone!!

I know everyone has lots to do on chrissymouse eve....people to see, moments to share so I was hoping on sharing a moment with you...but alas my pictures have been lost by my Mom! Ugh...I still love her though. So with all my texts...I wish you all a Merry Chrissymouse Eve!!

22 December, 2009

21 December, 2009

Snow Snow Everywhere, Not A Grass In Sight

Hey efurryone! Tygana here reporting from the cold cold cold northeast. I thought I would show you all some pictures of my property...it's been stolen by this cold white stuff, I tried to take it back but I just couldnt bring myself to fight the stuff!
So this is my walkway to my porch saturday night it was still snowing....
I woke up sunday morning to this....my porch has been devoured!

Anyone want to help me try to reclaim my porch? For some reason though my Mom likes this stuffs.....something about not having it all growing up it's her second snow...blah blah blah...all I know is if I can't go outside and enjoy sunshine I'm not happy.

19 December, 2009

One Week Till Chrissymouse

Hey everyone! One week till Chrisstmouse so I wanted to show off my Chrrisymouse cards to everyone!So I told Mom I would take a little break from my all important task of protecting my property to show everyone what I got!Mom had this neat empty spot right next to the TV! So I said...fill it mai cards! I'm pretty sure these are all I'm gonna get this holiday season but theres always next year to look forward too! Mom and Dad even got one card for themselves...hahahhaha one. I'm so cool.

18 December, 2009

Fantastical Furriday

So mom was watching my video over and over again and thought.....why didnt I post this for!
Hosted by Fin from Housecat Confidential! So mom would like to correct herself and also dedicate yesterdays viewing as part of Hunt Week! My prey? Computer birds!
Here's another shot of me enjoying my favorite new activity!So I got a comment from Amy and the House of Cats asking what video it was I was watching because those kitties would like to enjoy it themselves too! Katie from Glogirly and Katie asked if this same contraption can get bunnies and squirrels! Sparkle from Sparkle the designer cat asked if I finally caught one. Finally, Wendy mother of the 3-D's asked if my mom found this fun new thing for me. Well I have answers for you all!

I'll start with Wendy. Yep! My mommy found this for me isn't it just sooo cool!
Sparkle....sadly I have yet to catch one of the devious birds they slip away so fast..they are so cunning I've tried going to the other side to find....I can't even see them anymore...
Katie I found out today you can get bunnies and squirrels in fact my mom played a couple of those today! Gotta catch em all!
Finally Amy and the house of cats! Mom says we were actually on something call a yooo tooobe. She just searches things like birds chirping, wild birds singing etc etc. Heres the link to the video in my video!
I hope your cat family enjoys it as much as I do.

Ugh, mom does want me to give you all a warning. Kitty moms....if your overprotective of your computers....be cautious letting us cats use them to watch the birdies....I stare at moms computer all day when shes on it and when she isnt. I look at her and look at the computer sometimes I go away, I tell her I'll get over this it's just new and exciting thats all. But for today I had to show her the computer is mine!
Good thing she doesn't mind coming second to my first. Hehehe

17 December, 2009

Answer Em' Thursday

So yesterday I asked everyone what they thought I was doing in the picture. I got some great responses and here's the answer!

16 December, 2009

14 December, 2009

Secret Paws 2009

I got to participate in Secret Paws this year and I must admit it was a lot of fun! I received my secret paw in the mail and must admit it was very very exciting!
Mom came home from the store with a white package in her hand and called me over to tell me I had a package! She put it on my tree for me to check out and I knew something good was in there and just couldnt stop sniffing it!!
So Mom took the mailing wrap off for me, and in it was another box! I pretty purple box! Mom says there was one fetching cat on that box!
So though I have 6 toes but lack the all elusive opposable thumb Mom opened the box for me and showed me my gifts! How exciting!!!!I got a stocking full of toys! Temptation, some felix treats I believe those are UK issue and these thrive prawns! Oh and this pretty collar! There was even something in the box for Mom and she was so excited to see it it was so unexpected! It's a lovely cat keychain that she now sports with her favorite keychain she got from her Dad.

Mom caught me napping with some of my toys and got evidence with the flashy box!Now I've got so much more to add to my stash!

Oh gosh and the temptations...don't mind the drool in the pikh...I don't really drool I'm a sophisticated cat....
I haven't got to try the felix treats yet, I have lots of temptations and mom is reluctant to let me eat them all since it's my only bag...I'm working on her though.

Sorry for the lack of pikhs of everything Mom and her camera are slow so they miss a lot of good moments! But I want to thank my Secret Paw...if you havent found out who it is it was Ginger Jasper!!! Thank you so much Ginger and your whole family too!! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

12 December, 2009

Tyganas Holiday Tip #1

Oh hey guys....you caught me while I was working on my kneading technique.
Speaking of kneading I wanted to share a Holiday tip with everyone!
Most people go for sugary sweets this holiday season but I must admit my mom has a soft spot for savory and sometimes salty type foods. With that in mind and the new budget Mom and Dad are trying to stick too, Mom was looking over foods they by and what may be able to be nixed. She spotted the bagels but she loves the bagels! But roughly $4 for a bag of 6, is killer. So Mom found a recipe thats just yummies. She likes to put sea salt and a sprinkling of onion powder on her bagels before she makes them but I thought I would steal it from her table and share it with all of you! Maybe you can make some bagels for a holiday get together!

First off you're gonna need a bowl, you humans are good at fetching things!
Then 4 cups of flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt, a pack of yeast, a tablespoon of oil any kind will do really, and 1 1/4 cups of warm water. Just toss it all in the bowl, mix and try not to make a mess!
If your dough is still too dry then add water a tablespoon at a time until your dough comes together. Then bring it out on the counter and knead, knead, knead till its smooth if it sticks too much to the counter theres no shame in adding a little flour to your hands to unstick it a bit I see Mom do this quite a bit!Then cut your dough into 6 to 8 pieces and roll into a log that roughly protrudes an inch from each side of your hands when they are flat and together like your showing off a lovely ring! Wrap the dough around your fingers and roll where the two ends come together!
Do that for all the pieces!
Now Mom is really partial to parchment paper so she usually uses that right about now but if you don't have it available just butter up a sheet pan!
Mom lightly dusts the bottoms of her bagels with some flour then puts them on the sheet pan and in a warm place to rise for 20 minutes.
Then you have a pot of water boiling with a tablespoon each of sugar and salt in it and you boil all the bagels! Mom does her ones at a time for about 30 seconds on each side and places them back onto the sheet pan when they are all boiled she sprinkles on the sea salt and onion powder or leaves them plain or anything else you want.
Now you're gonna want that big heaty thing Mom calls the oven at about 425 degrees.....wow thats hot! Here is where it can differ from person to person. Moms oven is old and doesnt hold its temps very well so hers take about 8 minutes on one side before she flips them for an additional 6 minutes, some people could take 10 minutes on one and 8 on the other just keep an eye and wait too see a light golden tan before you flip. Then just take them out and let them cool! You can make them as big or small as you want and will be a nice break from all those holiday sweets!
Moms favorite part is they are a fraction of the price to make then to buy and take so little time!
Hope you enjoy them!

10 December, 2009

Wendy's LOL Spot

There's many of us including yours truly who are on the lol spot today! You should check it out and get your required dose of laughs!

Wendy's LOL Spot

08 December, 2009

A Second Opinion

Hey everybody out in the CB. Many of you remember be blogging about this cat that comes by it's pretty skinny so I've been working on feeding it. It will now let me sit at the back door and watch it eat but will not let me outside with it. So since I was closer I got some better pictures today, there's something about this cats eyes that are off, both of them. I think it may have cataracts but I read that cataracts are much rarer in cats than in dogs. So I thought I would post a picture to get a second opinion from all of you. Just biggify the picture to see it better!

07 December, 2009

LOLS and Neighbors

Note: Tyganas a LOLCat! Tygana would like to thank Wendy for using her lovely talents on him! Check it out at http://wendyslolspot.blogspot.com

Hi Efurryone! Tygana here, well you all know sometimes I like to share my blog with some of the cats in my life that don't have the chance to blog. So in that spirit I want you all to meet Ms.Boo. Ms.Boo is my neighbor and if you all remember I shared some of my paw it forward package with her. I've been purraying for Ms.Boo for a long time she has a virus that has yet to be fixed so shes on meds everyday but she doesn't let it ruin her holiday spirit!
Meet Ms.Boo she is my floofalicious neighbor!
If I so say so myself she has a lovely face!All us kitties can relate to this....so desperately wanting to be out...well even though shes not supposed to Ms.Boo got her wish she opened the screen door on her own and snuck outside!Isn't she cute?!Inspecting the tree!!!So from Ms.Boo to all of you in the cat blogosphere
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

05 December, 2009

Fiona at Harry Spotter

Hey Everyone! I know everyone in the blogosphere is so great about helping out fellow catizens. So just in case you didn't know I want to let you know about Fiona over at Harry Spotter she has 2 lesions in her gums causing her a lot of pain.
The breeder Harry's mom got Fiona from will not take responsibility even if it did happen on her watch. Harry's mom is feeling the financial crunch like many of us and Fionas treatment which will include visits, blood work, teeth cleaning, and extracting two teeth and possible biopsy of one of the lesions total cost being around $1,000.00.
Which would be hard for any of us. So if you have any extra change or anything lying around it would be great if you can help Harry's mom with Fionas treatment! She has a ChipIn widget set up on the site all ready for you great people to help donate too! Thank you so much for your kindness!! You can head on over to Harry's blog by this link or the one above! http://harryspotterinthewindycity.blogspot.com/

Where's The Cat

Can anyone find the cat in this picture? You can click to biggify
It's just started showing up around out place, Moms worried about it it's very skiddish, it's skinny and it just doesn't look as lovely as it should. She's trying to feed it to get it closer but it's still very wary of her. Any suggestions?

04 December, 2009

My Very First

Oh I'm so exciteds my very first award! I want to thank Epic the Cat from Epic's Journal for this lovely award! I do try really hard at my blog but between the naps and reigning in the humans especially arounds this holidays seasons it can be quite roughs. So thank you again Epic for honoring me with this kreativ blogger awards!
Now every goods awards does come with guidelines on what you are to does upon receiving the honors. So withouts further a-does..pstt thats how the beans say it rights? The Guidelines!
  1. Copy and paste the Kreativ Blogger picture onto your blog. Done
  2. Thank the person who gave you the award and post a link to their blog. Done
  3. Write 7 things about yourself we do not know. Will Do...Now Done
  4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award. Will Do.....Now Done
  5. Links to those 7 other bloggers. Will Do.....Now Done
  6. Notify your 7 bloggers. Will Do
Now to fulfill my catly duties!

As a cat I am an enigma, there's many things about me you all do not know. As a mancat I like to remain slightly mysterious and suave...what can I say...the ladycats love it. So for the 7!

1. I have 2 personalities, outside I am a fearless mancat adventurer. Nothing can stand between me and whatever is I feel like doing. Inside, I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat.

2. I'm always sleeping somewhere new, by that I don't mean throughout the day, I mean I find one spot I like and I only really lay there....for weeks then I will find a new spot and do it again and the cycle continues.

3. I'm originally from New Hampshire

4. I don't play with the christmas decorations, I don't mind them if they stay still, but if they move....RUNNNN

5. I once made potty in a cardboard box right in front of my Mom and Dad. Mom didn't realize it at first, but Dad said I was pottying because of the serious look on my face.

6. I let my mom carry me to bed everynight, what can I say I'm Mommas mancat!

7. I beg during dinner.....when the humans are done, I will jump up on the table and sniff their plates to see if there is anything yummy for me to eat.

So in the holiday spirit he's a freebie.

My name is Tygana and I am a mancat though many think I'm a lady cat, though around the house Tygana is not used too often...I have a plethora of nicknames some of which include:

Tiger Cat
White Muzzle
Big Paws
Big Paws McGraws
Whit muzz muzz

plus many more

So now I get to choose 7 bloggers to also recieve this lovely award! Though I think all the blogs I read are lovely and should get it!

1. Freya from a cat called Freya!
2. Joplin and Hendrix of DIY Catcare!
3. Herman from Hermans Hideaway!
4. Samantha from Life From a Cats Perspective!
5. Parker from Perfectly Parker!
6. Maggy and Zoey from Zoolatry!
7. Dante from All About Lacocoon Dante!

These are in no particular order, but I love all these blogs they are fun to read and you can tell these cats really try to put something into it.

Till Next Time!


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