28 March, 2010

Carnival of the Cats # 315!

Wow! Carnival of the Cats 315....can you smell it?
The funnel cakes, the fried dough, the sausage and pizza.
I'm getting a great tummy ache just thinking about it.

Todays Carnival is featuring some great felines!!!
Let's start this party!

Over at petcarez today we got 8 fascinating cats ready for you to devour their stories....much like my mom devours some stories. All 8 cats have two things in common...one being they are all gorgeous felines, but of course what felines arent gorgeous *purr* but all theses cats also happen to have a serious thing for leather bindings!
Head on over to check it out

Professor Nikita Cat has some really great news! Nikita accepted an awesome new position, one were all quite familiar with and almost couldn't live without! With this new job I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Nikita Cat!
Head on over to find out the great news and congratulate Nikita!

Nikita Cat also wants to make sure that all us cats make sure we're known! Also Nikita wants to remind our silly beans to fill out their 2010 census...I mean we all know how forgetful and sometimes lazy they get.
So head on over and be sure to remind your beans!

Whoa...what is that in the sink? Is it a bird? A gopher? A hamster? Maybe a dog?....maybe it's Myst? Whos to know until you head over and check it out!!

Wow Mouse is really staying true to his namesake, staying in places where it's harder for people to see you. What a stinker. Head on over to mouses place to check out his latest "hidden" locations.

Those darn flashy beats never give any of us cats a break. This time a flashy beast woke Amber from a comfy place! So she's trying out a new mean face to tell the flashy....thing....to go away! Let us know how that face works out Amber so we can all try it ourselves.
Head over to check out ambers face.

Meowza sure has one fantastical blog and Nikita made sure to let him know! Check out the great surprise Meowza got!

Fresh or nasty?! Head on over to Samantha and Clemetines and sound off on what you think it is!

Meowzas mom sure is thankful for one great thing in her life! Can you guess what that is??

Cat dreams? Think its all naps, catnip and food? Think again and check out what Maddie dreams of!

Fun and games and....emery boards?! Boy I bet that would feel icky on my claws! See what fun Auduce, Grace and Ruse.

Neck scritches! Oh man hwo freaking exciting! Who's getting those neck sritches...well your gonna have to click to find out!

Phew! What a carnival! Also Carnival of the cats just celebrated their birthday! YAY COTC!! On the 22nd CotC turned 6!!!

Also don't forget to check out next weeks carnival hosted by: Mind of Mog

hey everybody Tyganas mom here...sorry about the text only carnival. I still wanted to do the carnival, something upbeat and nice to do. But have to do it from my iPhone. I promise my next carnival will look much more festive!

22 March, 2010

Posting from FL

Hey everyone. Tyganas mom here posting from FL. I have a few things I would like to share with you all but in a later post. For now I would like you all to leave submissions for this weekends carnival of the cats either in my comments or sent to Tyganas email at onecatsnip@gmail.com.

I haven't been able to read everyones blogs or comment with everything going on but I would still love to do cotc. It will give me a nice escape so let's make this a great one thank you

18 March, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

Last weeks 'Guess What Thursday' was so much fun!
So Mom and I decided the format change would be permanent at least for a while!

As most of you figured out last weeks Guess What...or should I say Guess Who was

the wonderful...

Great Job Everyone!!

Now for this week..

The winner of last weeks guess is a couple of good looking orange and whities that are always having a real good time out in the fields by their house. Humans say you can be rolling in the dough when you have a lot of their favorite green papers well these two are rolling in the dirt!!

....who is it?!

17 March, 2010

Happy St. Catricks

Mom got a really good surprise today. She was coming home from getting some last minute things to get ready to fly down to her native FL.
She spotted a bag between the screen door and the door.
She came in and opened it.
She recieved the St.Catricks McSkeezik shirt she won on The Cat's Meow
It really made her day and that of course made me happy.

She tried it on and it fit really good
Thank you Skeezik and Skeezik's Mom for the warning about the ringers running small...that would have been a sad day to have it not fit.
So Mom immediately threw it in the wash (she has this weird thing about wearing clothes before they are washed) so she can wear it for the rest of the day!
She also said the shirt is coming with her to the FL so she can wear it on non-st patricks day days.
Mom...your a weirdo

16 March, 2010

Le Sigh

Hi everyone Tygana here....

I know I've been complaining about the work or lack thereof the staff has been doing for me lately but I've come to tell you.....this is not the last of the lack of posting on my blog.

I told you Mom and Dad were looking for a new car...they got that so that part is done.

But Mommy.....she's going to be leaving me for TWO whole weeks! I know it's upsetting but Mommy explained the whole thing to me so I guess I can give her this...I know if it was her I would do it too.

So the Mom and I are asking the blogsphere for help. We could really use your purrs!

My the Moms mom (my grandma) is a stage 4 breast cancer patient and things have really turned south for her. The Mom is gonna go down and see what she can do to help and spend some time with her the Mom (theres no cats down there at any of the families houses mom has assured me...but she did mention 2 puppies)

So I apologize for my lack of updates and future lack of updates. Mom said she would call me and try to update while shes away but they will probably be pictureless because well......we're gonna be 1300 miles apart. She's leaving on thursday and promised to do her best to try and keep up with the blogs, comment and possibly make a few posts for me

Till the 31st!


11 March, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

Last weeks guess what got a pretty good range of answers!!

I'm decided to mix things up a bit this week and instead of naming last weeks victor I'm going to go ahead and give you the guess what, from that guess what your going to guess who last weeks winner was.

So this week the Guess What Is....

Last weeks winner is a lovely ladycat who loves to play games....even word games. Though her brother is always ruining her good fun.

Who is it?

08 March, 2010

What Is Up With The Staff Lately

Hai everybody! So sorry I didn't post all weekend and then it took late into today to get something up! After that party I was real tired so I took a nap and in that time the Moms got real busies.....I tell her over and over how impawtent my blog is and how it should come first everytime, but then Mom would be all I'm sorry Tygana....I'll be right back and we'll try to get to you blog ok.

Well here it is a whole weekend later and I got this....pictureless....post. wow

So I'm hoping tomorrow our regular service schedule will continue.
Mom and Dad have been looking for a new (used) car and thats been taking up so much time then Mom has an interview today...and omc..the list is endless.

So here's all paws crosses for some awesome posts and cool pictures for the rest of the week!

05 March, 2010

What A Party!

Man after yesterdays celebration I am so tired! Mom and I would like to thank all our furriends for coming the party would have been nothing without all of you!

So after partying like it was 1999 last night

I really need a rest

04 March, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom/Happy Gotcha Day Tygana!

*** PSA: Guess What Thursday will resume next Thursday because of todays events***

Alright, it's late and Mom is asleep so I'd like to go ahead and start decorating for her party! I gotta admit I want to make it good cause Mom has been good lately.
If you want to help me decorate come on over.

*starts decorating*

Tygana: Alright let's see...first we need....a cake! Yes...a good one Mom will love.Tygana: Yes, thats a good one...now let's see we also need food! I want to get some stuff I know Mom likes!

*rummages through the fridge*

Clam pizza...yes that will do

BBQ chicken...yep thats another Mom loves pizza

Lumpia, Mom said she hasnt had many occasions without this stuff

New england clam chowder she talks about this a lot too....hmm seems like a pretty good buffet for the humans.
Tygana:Now what else....drinks! let's see Mom really likes this stuff!
Tygana: Alright...I think I got the humans covered pretty good now for my kittie friends...Moms been good but she can't have all the fun!

*door opens*

0_0.........*covers screen with furry body*

Mom: Tygana....what are you doing up so late?
Tygana: Nothing Mom go to bed!
Mom: No, you go to bed I got some stuff I need to take care of......here move.

*sits down in the computer chair*

Tygana: No Mom No pleaseeeeeeeee
Mom: Come on Tygana move out the way please and go upstairs...


Mom: Tygana...were you preparing a party for me?!
Tygana:....*sigh* yes Mom, I just wanted to help celebrate for you today
Mom: Oh Tygana your so sweet! Come here and let's get in some chin scritches before you take your furry butt upstairs please and gimmie some kisses!
Tygana: Oh ok...well Happy Birthday anyway Mom though you ruined my surprise.

*goes upstairs*

Mom: hehehehe I hope Tygana enjoys this....hey what are all these kitties doing here? I recognize you guys....your from the blogosphere...well you wana help me decorate? We're gonna need a cake, food, treats some fresh water and some niptinis...sound good?

Mom: Yeah, that looks yummy looks like we got that taken care of now....decorations.....

*looks around*

Mom: Hmmm looks like Tygana took care of that, but we still need this.

Mom: Alright let's take a break we'll all nap till later Good job everyone!


Tygana: Mommmmm....come on down please and shut your eyes.

*comes down the stairs*

Everyone: Surprise!

Mom: Well thank you everyone but Tygana....

*points to sign*

Tygana: 0_0

Everyone: Surprise Tygana!!!

Tygana: Wow! Thank you so much!
Mom: My words exactly Thank you!

Tygana: well then it looks like everyone is taken care of I was worried about our kittie guests.
Mom: No worries Tygana, we make a great team
Tygana: Your right Mom now let's enjoy this party with all our great furiends!!!
Mom: Yeah! Let's our friends are really great!


03 March, 2010


My Mom's just got her early purrthday present from my dads....check it out!!

Dad's thought Mom and I would love to be able to see our friends on our wall. He was right.

Gosh, I hope I can be in next years!! That would be so awesome!
She's also getting a stand mixer from her brother she's so excited!
I'm so happy for moms!

PeeEss: The moms and I are doing our daily visits and just cannot get the blog for the furry bambinos to load! I want to attend the party and we can't get there?! Is anyone else having this problem?

02 March, 2010

Cat-O-Lympics Mile Long Machine Kleen Award Ceremony!

Hi everyone Tygana here, as you all know the Cat-O-Lympics has pretty much completely wound to a close, well here we still have one more thing to do...the award ceremony.

The judges had a very time deciding how to place our competitors because all the entries were just that good! But the choices had to be made.

My mom and I have had such a good time hosting the Mile Long Machine Kleen and would like to thank Fin for creating such a fun event!

Now....on to the awards!!!

After much debate mom and I thought everyone should get a little something since the judging was soooo close!
So these are the participation rewards..one for everyone! Concatulations on great entries everyone

Now what you have all been waiting for! We have a category for single competition and team competition!

First up....the teams!

The honorary trophy for best Mile Long Machine Kleen for teams goes tooo......

The Bronze medal for team competition goes too......

The Silver medal for team competition goes too......

and the Gold medal for team competition goes too.....

Concatulations teams!!

Now for the single cat competitors!

The Honorary trophy for the single cat category goes too.....

The Bronze medal goes tooo.....

The Silver medal goes too....

The Gold medal goes too....

I would like to congratulate all our competitors and thank our judges!!!

Till next time...this is Tygana signing off!


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