23 January, 2013


Hi everyone!

I know it has been far too long since ya'll have heard from us. As you may know or not know we're in FL now! 

There is still some sting with me from Tyganas passing, he is here with me in FL and seeing his pictures is always a great reminder. Pepper came to live in FL with me as well, the ride down was fantastic Pepper did really well in the car, and good with the dogs as well once we arrived at our destination.

But.....the pull of the outdoors was way too much for Pepper and he got out on a few occasions, he would always immediately come back when he was called. Except once.....I went and looked all over for him that night and the following days and couldn't find him, I posted posters in my neighborhood and checked with ever local vet and shelter and nobody has seen him. It has been months now......

So I guess he is off on the great adventure of his life....I like to imagine him living as a beach bum in a giant litter box that he loves, or the sole companion of a person who really needed some loving in their life. I'm hoping one day he comes back with great stories to tell me.

Until then....


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