30 April, 2010

Back In The Saddle Again

So I'm back and I can honestly say I never want a "vacation" like that again.

First off you all know the reason why I went.
It was really hard.

But also in my week there I had to fit in a few other things. Besides attending some rosarys for my Mom.
My aunt and one of my cousins from Australia came it was my second time with my Aunt and my first time meeting my cousin. I wish it could have been under better circumstances but even so she's really fantastic and I loved meeting her and hanging out with her.

My sister and my three nieces also came into town, my 6 year old niece helped dress me.
Also of course there was my Dad, my older brother and my little brother.

So between services for my brother, playing with my nieces and little brother, hanging out with my cousin and learning some neato things about Australia...I have come back so tired. I even got sick in my last day there.

I found I can't spend more than a few hours at my Mom's house, somehow my brother had it in him to spend the night there...I just could not bring myself to do it so I spent my whole trip at my Dads.

I keep waiting to see my Mom....shes always told me since I was a small girl that when she passes she would haunt me....mostly so I wouldn't pawn her jewelry which I don't know why she ever thought I would do that because I wouldn't. But for some reason I'm expecting her to follow through with that old promise.

I would like to send out my deepest thank yous to everyone in the cat blogging community for all your loving purrs! Thank you so much!
Also thank you for the lovely card Zoolatry

29 April, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

YAY! It was Monty Graycat!

Now this weeks guess is!

The parents of these many kitties and one woofie have been busy lately with TNR activities...and including the woofie theres about 8 resident furries!!!! but no worries theres plenty of water around

22 April, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

So noone got it!!
Come on blogosphere!

So this week we are going to continue with it. But I will give you more clues!

May be a fan of Monty pyhton.
He's a lovely Gray fellow.
He's not the only Cat in the house
He loves to Ponder life.
He doesn't particularly act Out.
He can have a Loud meow...but then can't we all?

Good luck again everyone!
It should be easier this time!

20 April, 2010

April 20th, 2010

Hi cat bloggers this is Tyganas Mom. I know you all purred and purrayed your very best, but the cancer was just too strong.

I got a call at 11:33pm eastern time Saturday April 17th from my Moms husband telling me that my Mom had passed.

The next day I asked him what happened. Turns out that night Mom began to have trouble breathing and was breathing very heavy and couldn't get any words out and her blood pressure would not register. So he called the hospice nurse and she came over right away, Moms blood pressure still wouldn't register, she was still breathing very hard and I think she signed a DNR without telling me about it but I do remember hearing discussions about it before....but then the breathing just stopped.

I really hate that she was awake.

So now as you all read this I am on my way back to my hometown for my Moms services then to put her to rest. Also, to be with my remaining family.

It just really feels like this whole thing should not have happened...she never even made it to her 50th birthday before that evil beast took her down.

So now here I am.....23....with no Mom to call home to.

In an attempt to feel closer to her I have started a new hobby.

When my Mom was younger she was an avid crocheter. I mean she could make tons of beautiful things every day she was good and fast. When I was down there I got a dress that she herself had crocheted and it's lovely. For some reason she stopped when I was younger.

So I went to the store and got some thread and a learn to crochet kit.

I am now working on my first blanket.

Does it make me feel closer to her? ....a bit. It's like something we can share even though it's a little too late. But I do like doing it and found lots of cute patterns of things I would love to try and make.

I still feel weird when I go through the contacts list on my phone and see her name there......


But knowing if I call I won't get anyone but her husband, and I really have no desire or anything to really say to him other than the last couple days going over some of the funeral arrangements.

When I was down there about two weeks ago my Mom gave me a lot of stuff...when my Dad was driving me to the airport he told me to be careful because he thinks Mom knows the time is going to be coming soon or there is no way she would part with her things.

If she was going to just go with the liver drain or whether she was going to get it removed without telling us we weren't sure.....I believed him but I didn't really take it heart.

She didn't remove the liver drain...but it still happened.


It took my Mom at an early age, I never met my Grandfather because he died of cancer before I was born and now it has a hold of my Dad. (I'm hoping with every fiber of my being that after treatment Dad's will be essentially cured)

So until later cat blogosphere. I will be back and my ' Guess What Thursday' post is already ready to post so that will still go as planned. But as far as any other posting goes it might be a week...it might be two. I'll still lurk around and read things here and there, but I can't make any promises to comment or post. Hopefully you all will still be here when this is over to share in Tygana's adventures.

16 April, 2010

Friday Standoff

I hope she's not thinking about going onto my porch.....she better not be.

15 April, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

Last weeks guess was......

THE CREEK CATS AND DIXIE DOG!!! Go on over and pay them a visit!

Now for this week....

Some cats love milk, water......earl grey tea......hey who said that?
But this kitty has just come back to us after a bit of a vacation caused by some cord chewing by a certain furbling. Anyone know who?

13 April, 2010

12 April, 2010

Mancat Monday

I've been getting on Moms case, she's not a studious as she was previously when it comes to my blog. I'm trying.

As for mancat monday here ya go!

It's good and sunny again! YAY!

08 April, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

WOW! So many fantastic guessers out there!!! The answer is...

Eric and Flynn!!!

Great Job Everyone

This Weeks Guess What Thursday is actually a group of winners. They sure get a crik I mean kick out of being active and silly cats....and maybe dogs too.

Can anyone guess who they may be?

07 April, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Words....just words...srsly Mom I need to hire you as a photographer again...but more like a wildlife photographer.

In the works this week??

As many of you know and possibly remember Mom and I joined in on a Clean and Green contest over at Alasandra the cats and a dog. well since Mom is back she's putting the Clean and Green to work and possibly by the end of the week will upload the photos and let you know how it all worked out!

Anything else?

Not really so far...I know I need to put her to work

06 April, 2010


Catching up time yay!
Time to get back into the swing of the blog and I would like to start off with some great awards I got from my fantastic friends!

Danielle of The Life of a Spoiled Cat awarded me with this lovely Sunshine award


Share this award with twelve others who are inspiring and who bring sunshine to you and others.
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I'd like to bestow this award to:

Calle, Halli, Sukki and Jacqueline of Jacquelines Cat House

Annie, Nicky, Derry, Chumley and Mom of Kea's Fur Family

Attie and her Mom of Attie Cattie

The Creek Cats and their Mom of The Creek Cats

Abby and her Mom of Manx Mews

Ginger Jasper and the Pughs of Ginger Jasper

Herman and Karen Jo of Herman's Hideway

Luna and human of CatSynth

Gracie and Mom of Goodness Gracie

Clifford, Ellie, Tamir, Allie, Sniffie, Cubby and Mom of Friends Furrever

The whole fur and furless gang over at Jan's Funny Farm

Everyone at LoveMeow

Meowmeowmans of Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

All of you and many others have really helped to bring some sunshine to not only me but my Mom as well. Thank you so much

The uber fabulous Katie of Glogirly also awarded me with this gorgeous Beautiful Blogger award

Here's how it works:
I tell you 7 things about me and then pass it on to 7 of my beautiful blogging friends.

Here's my 7 things:

1. I really like being outside, just feeling the sun heat up my skin during a catnap is one of my top 10 feelings in the world.

2. Unlike most cats I like variety with my diet...sometimes I'll stop eating a food as much until it gets changed then I will go back to it later.

3. I like to watch t.v.

4. I'm very cautious about new friends but I never forget my old friends.

5. I rub my face in my cat grass more than I eat it.

6. I adore my snuggie.

7. I have learned the hallway staircase is the best place to meow

Now for the 7 to pass it on too!

Inigo and Rumbles of Rumblebum

Eric and Flynn of Eric and Flynns Adventures

The Purr Gang over at Lilacs and Cats

The Kool Kittie Krew at Scooter

The Creek Cats of The Creek Cats

The gang at Cat of Nine Tails

Spot and Fiona of Spot and Fiona

Once more I would really love to thank everyone for all your wishes and prayers for not only me but my mom and grandma as well. It really means a lot to me and Mom.

05 April, 2010

Trip to FL

Hey Everyone

Tygana's Mom here.

I hope you all had a wonderful easter weekend! I'm hoping to get back into my blogging state of mind this week because I really do miss it.

As for my trip back home, well here's the story. (caution it's pretty long!)

I left for home on the 18th I arrived around 11pm. My brother picked me up at the airport, we had dinner and called over to the hospital to see if my Mom was awake or not, she wasn't so we just went straight to her house for the night. Woke up early the next day and went straight to the hospital. Mom had a tube coming out of her right side draining her bile into a bag.

She's had stage 4 breast cancer since 1996 and was in remission until about 2008 or at least that's when she realized it was back. So her cancer metastasized and has spread to her spine, liver and lungs as far as I know, one of the tumors in her liver is blocking her bile duct and not allowing her liver to fully function which is the reason for the bile drainage tube. She noticed a few weeks ago that she was getting quite jaundiced. Hospice came by her room to make a few arrangements for when she was to be going home she got a hospital bed, bedside commode and walker. My brother and I went back to the house to wait for the delivery and set things up.

Mom came home.

She tried the walker but it was too heavy for her to lift so we don't use it. Now her doctor at her hospital that she has been going to since she first got diagnosed is far from her original oncologist, he's actually the 4th oncologist she's had and she was only with him for about a month. He enrolled her in hospice and took her off her hormone therapy and told her chemotherapy would just not be an option for her at this point.

I had been searching the internet far and wide for any type of answer or treatment that has yet to be discussed that may be possible for her and I found this treatment called cyberknife, which is an outpatient highly accurate high dose of radiation type of "surgery" that can help with tumors. So we asked about it and got a referral to the closest cyberknife center, which also happens to be the University of Southern Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute which also happens to be a cancer research center. So a few days into my trip we all load into the car and make our way over to the Mitchell cancer institute to have our consultation/second opinion.

The doctor asks how shes been doing, what her experiences have been like etc etc, he also explains that with stage 4 cancer sometimes you reach a point where treatment will hurt you more than help you. But for my mom he's not sure yet because her hospital only sent her old records and none of the new ones....*head bonk*
So we requested them to be sent over and he said we would get a call probably by the end of the week.

During this week of waiting...my Mom starts planning her funeral.....the urn, the slideshow of her life, the music, the dress, whether she wants the viewing and mass in one day or spread over two days.....that was actually really hard to deal with.

We didn't hear back from the doctor at the end of the week...instead we heard from him monday. He said the previous hormone therapy she was talking her body was responding too so she has a choice to either try the hormone therapy again or there's some chemo she hasn't tried yet and she can opt to do that instead, he also offered to let us go back to one of her previous oncologists that we all liked that had moved to a different office. YAY

Mom said she didn't want to do hormone therapy again so after some talking we decided we would give chemotherapy one last try, at least that way you go out knowing you tried everything you could instead of just giving up.

So now I'm waiting to make the appointment for her this monday when the oncologists office opens, hopefully for friday.

I came back with a ton of pictures and her wedding dress to my Dad.

The only thing that worries me is that she said if there's nothing they can do to help her that she wants the bile drain taken out....without a fully functioning liver...we can all only imagine her time will be short. Sometimes it seems shes become so completely set on dying because so many people have told her that shes going to die that she may go ahead without talking to or asking me and my brother and getting the tube taken out.

Either way I know this will all end one day but I don't think I'm ready...my brother is 28, I'm 23 and my mom is only 49. It just seems way to early. To top my cake off, my Dad just got diagnosed with prostate cancer and one of the treatments for prostate cancer is called watchful waiting because usually prostate cancer is very non aggressive very slow growing but dad is only 62 and he asked them about that...they said if he did that at the rate his is growing...they would give him 6 months to 1 year....how LAME.

When it rains it pours...

I thought I would just share a few pictures of my mom over the years. (she's the one on the right in all the pictures)

First two are pre-cancer the third was while her cancer was in remission and the last two are before she got jaundiced.

I just want to thank everyone for all your great thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much.

02 April, 2010

She's Back, Back, Back

My mom is back! Shes back back back! She said it may take a couple days for her to get back into the swing of things. She said then she will regale you with her tale


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