31 January, 2010

Sugary Sweet Award

Wow! Check out this lovely and delicious award...makes my mouth water. Yum yum
I was graced with this award by two blogs! Wow! Count em yea..two!
The lovely Calle, Halle and Sukki of Jacqueline's Cat House and Tabby Times rewarded me! Thank you so much!
Now all awards come with rules and here's the rules for this sweet award

The Rules for accepting the Sweet Friends Award:
  1. Copy the image to your blog.
  2. List 10 things that make you happy and try to do one today.
  3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

10 things that make me happy:

  1. The heater
  2. Sleeping in the bed with Mom and Dad
  3. Stinky goodness
  4. Sunshine
  5. Clean windows
  6. Now for stuff that makes Mom happy...Books
  7. Cooking
  8. Cuddling with me of course
  9. Her family
  10. High thread count cotton sheets
Now for the 10 nommy bloggers!

  1. Beau Beau and Angie of Beau Beau and Angie's Fur Days
  2. The 6 lovely kitties of Cat Lady Diary
  3. Princess Katie of Glogirly and Katie
  4. Barney, Kirzon, Virgil, Lola and Guardian angel cat Floyd of Amy and the House of Cats
  5. Loki from Loki the Cat
  6. Maggie May of Maggie May and her luxating patella
  7. Miles, Billy and Nicky of Meezer Tails
  8. Puff, Powder, Rudy and Parker of Perfectly Parker
  9. Inigo and D'artagnan of Rumblebum
  10. Cricket,Pandora, King, Skeeter and Guardian angel Scooter of The Kool Kittie Krew

28 January, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

Last Weeks 'Guess What Thursday!'

And the winner is......
Cat of Nine Tales said...

It looks the the Packers logo on a football, yes?
~Lisa Co9T

It is indeed a packers logo on a football you can see the seam on the right side of the picture.
Concatulations CO9T

Now for this weeks 'Guess What Thursday'

Good luck and really focus everyone!!

26 January, 2010

Toesie Tuesday

This tuesday is all about cleaning your precious toesies

Also, my Mom and I would like to thank everyone who read our ending to Dr.Mew, big thanks to all of you who left us all those wonderful comments you really made my days! ^_^
The contest was so much fun! Big thanks to Rumblebum for hosting such a contest.

25 January, 2010

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter

*since this and part 6 are posting on the same day don't forget to read part 6 before the finale!

Misha sat alone in his cell for 7 days and 6 nights, on the 7th night he heard the sounds of leaves crunching, closer and closer to his cell it got. Misha thought he could smell the intoxicating scent of Baby, he could feel his cheeks flush, his blood begin to boil, his eyes widen in anticipation of filling with her beauty, he braced himself.

Domino walked up to Mishas cell, Mishas dreams flooded away from him..he backed away from Domino and she walked up to him and gave him a whap.....the world went black for Misha.

"Did you find her?", "Yeah we did....do you think it will help any?"..."I'm not sure...but it couldn't hurt to try." Misha could just hear conversation going on nearby as the world begun to come into focus, the room he was in was round, small, empty besides one white plastic chair. He continued to survey his surrounding noticing he was not alone....but behind the glass of the room he was in he spotted them....Mew,Ginger Jasper, Fin, Domino, Daisy, King....so many of them in there and he could just barely hear them talking...he kept scanning the room and found Baby standing alone behind the glass looking at him, her eyes filling with tears....was she sad...he wouldn't know.

"Now...sure...you...right...one..?" he could just barely hear Mew speaking to all the cats in the room, Daisy approached him, "Yes...sure...did...investigation.." Misha could barely make it out so he closed his eyes to concentrate on their conversation. "Tama-chan" Daisy said.

Misha's heart felt like it stopped beating, he felt clammy all over and was slammed into his memories.
He could imagine Tama-chan and himself sharing a delcious platter of fancy feast, the two of them soaking in the rays of the glorious sun, the fun dates they went on, then he could imagine the day he lost her...feeling the heart break and emptiness all over again. Misha was dressed to the nines getting ready to meet his lady love Tama-chan at the fanciest restaurant he could think of, he was about to walk in the door when he noticed Tama-chan down the street in a embrace, with one of the floofiest cats he had ever seen....Mishas heart dropped and he just ran off, never to see Tama again. He could feel his eyes flooding with tears, the weakness in evey muscle of his body, his anger at the floofy stranger. Misha felt defeated, he sit slumped over in his chair.

"Misha, Baby is going to come in to see you now...behave" announced Mew. Misha didn't lift his head or answer, Baby walked through the door and sat in the white chair across from Misha. "Are you ok?" she asked...Misha didn't respond. "I guess it's ok if you don't want to talk...I just wanted to prepare you myself. For what Misha thought....are they going to burn me, exile me, maybe shave me for the rest of my life. "We want to help you get better...we've all been working together too research your past, I found something myself that struck me and I think it could have been a turning point for you" Misha could barely hear someone else walking in, he didn't bother to look up, he already felt dead. "That same sparkle, we have it....I think thats why you came to me...my name is Baby...by the way." He saw her paws move away and heard the door close, but he could still hear someone, something breathing. He saw a couple lovely and dainty ruddy colored paws on the ground now...meaning someone else was sitting in front of him.

"Misha" the stranger said, something about the voice was hauntingly familiar, Misha could feel his heart feeling as if it were ripping apart inside his chest, something about this voice made his insides quiver.
"Misha, where have you been...I've been looking for you for forever." the stranger said tears stinging her eyes.
Now he knew that voice. Misha lifted his head to meet the gaze of the stranger.
"Misha" she said "Tama" he said. He looked into her eyes, Baby was right...the attraction he felt for her, was him remembering Tama..they had the same depth, the same sparkle and love for their life in their eyes.

"Why did you leave me?" Tama asked. So Misha explained the night he saw her with the floofy stranger. Tama laughed "I wish you would have stayed, maybe then I could have explained this earlier." Misha looked questioningly at Tama, admiring her perfect Ruddy face, she explained that the floofy stranger was actually a co-worker of hers, she was just getting off a modeling gig. Of course Misha remembered Tama occassionally did some modeling she was stunning of course. "Well I was gathering my belongings and it was getting dark already, he wanted to make sure I got to my date with you safe so he walked me to the restaurant then I gave him a hug thank you and said good bye...I went into the restaurant and waited for you for hours....you never showed up. You remember Jonesie....well he does ads for home improvement and gardening things now...that was Jonesie you saw me with. He just wanted to be sure I would be safe."

This made Misha feel horrible, how after everything Tama and him have been through could he have questioned her fidelity. He looked into her lovely eyes. "I'm sorry" he said. Tama grabbed Misha up into a loving embrace, Misha turned to all the cats watching through the glass and gave them his deepest apologizes. "We set up a nice place for you and Tama to stay in for a while, I know this isn't flattering but we would like to keep an eye on you for a while and we could really use the help with cleanup." Mew told Misha., "Of course, I would love to help" Misha said, they all walked out together to show Misha and Tama their new home together. Nophur met them at the house, Misha expalined to Nophur how sorry he was for getting him involved. "It's ok I met some really great people because of it, and learned how strong I am" Nophur and Misha exchanged smiles and went on their ways.

Thank you for this contest those of your at Rumblebum it was sooper fun!
For everyone who read it I hope you enjoyed! ^_^

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 6

Fin was smiling at Doctor Mew, " I heard you saying there's only two things here for Misha....this and PAWDIS. Now theres only PAWDIS." Doctor Mew started vacantly at Fin, then slowly a smile began to curl at the corners of his lips, " Fin good job. We should probably get going! Who knows where Misha is" Mew exclaimed and they took off running.
The PAWDIS was waiting for them in Babys backyard, they hopped over the fence, looked at the PAWDIS and all began to check the perimeter, except Baby.....she stood staring vacantly at the PAWDIS....what happens after this, she thought to herself she found her mind going to Mew she had spent so long with him so many adventures, would they continue like that or would he leave her? She shook her head at herself your not in love with him Baby...she told herself.....or was she?
"Baby, Baby, Baby!" Mew exclaimed, Baby shook herself back to reality. "Do you have a screwdriver? I want to disable the PAWDIS in case we miss Misha" Mew said. "Yeah...let me go get it." Baby made her way into the house to retrieve the screwdriver. Mew began to brief the rest of the cats on their plan to capture Misha. They all set to work creating the cell right in Baby's backyard to hold Misha and disguised it as a large tree.
"Here" Baby tossed the screwdriver to Mew and he began working to disable the PAWDIS. Baby found herself walking back into the house, pouring her favorite temptations into her best glass bowl and plopping onto the couch, thinking of Mew. Gasp...she was startled by a shadow in her front windows and got up to look...."hmmm" nothing she could see. Baby went back to take a seat.
"Alright, everythings ready" Mew sat beside Baby...."are you ok?" Mew pulled Baby into a loving embrace "I'll be right back" Mew disappeared towards the bathroom.

Misha began to pull into town, his heart began to ache with thoughts of the lovely calico, he tried to look around for cats to catnap but could not bring himself to it. He stuck his face out the car window sniffing the air...for what he wasnt sure, until he smelled it. Her...he began to follow the scent.

Baby dropped her head "I must know your name" a voice whispered. Baby jumped up, eyes wide, shocked looking for the source of the sound, she turned bout to spy a shadow in the archway leading into the living room "Tygana this isnt funny" Baby stammered. Out of the shadows stepped Misha, Babys eyes widened and tears began to fill her golden eyes. "I must know your name..." Misha whispered "your the most amaz." Misha was interuppted, he looked over and locked gazes with Ginger Jasper. "RAWWWRRR" Ginger Jasper roared and all the cats went in for the tackle. "MEWWWW" Baby screamed. Mew ran into the living room and his eyes caught the tussle on the floor, he reached into his pockets for da bird and tossed it at Mishas hands the da bird handcuffed Misha and they began to pull him outside. Once outside they tossed Misha into the cell, Baby ran out and pulled Mew aside "what are you going to do with him Mew?!" Baby asked "I don't know yet Baby, but Misha is mad he needs help. For now we will keep him here and keep an eye on him." Mew told Baby, she ran inside brought to tears...what was it that Misha was saying to her...what was really wrong with him...did she really love Mew, why does Nophur look at her the way he does?

24 January, 2010


Those wonderful cat and of course their awesome bean over at Zoolatry are sooo super sweet!Check out that lovely award!!!


Zoolatry is hosting a contest starting tomorrow! I hope many of you participate i know me and my mom can't wait!
So Blogosphere "Whats In Your Litter Box?" Zoolatry apparently wants to know! Hope to see you all there tomorrow!

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 5

The two teams met back at the specified locations within two minutes of each other both reporting a safe perimeter, they continued inside. Ginger Jasper and Nophur were both filled with dread when they entered the decaying building remembering what took place here, Nophur though was also filled with regret. "Follow me" he said leading the team up the platform where the controls for the awful de-floofing machine lie. Nophur began to clack on the keyboard and on the monitor flashed by many pictures of the cats who had previously been de-floofed they all cringed at the sight of it "nothing nothing nothing nothing" Nophur fiercely whispered to himself." Nothing in this program about the chairs"...he began to look around the room when he noticed a small red light glowing beneath the chair that had been previously his, he began to walk towards the chair slowly, the rest of the group noticed and followed. He ducked beneath the chair looking up..."Oh My Cat!" Nophur exclaimed. "What what is it" Mew asked making his way next to Nophur to see what he was looking at, they both stared up wide eyed at what they saw. "WHAT WHAT IS IT!!!" shouted Baby "a map...." Mew drawled out "showing the locations at which both chairs currently are!!!" he screamed excitedly. He began to pace back and forth excitedly, tail whipping every which way, "does this mean?" Ginger Jasper asked "Yes, it means we know where Misha is."
"But Mew...it has been a few days do you think Misha would have stayed put?" Baby asked "No, he would not have stayed put it's too risky" Nophur answered instead "I think we need to put all the cats on alert keep an eye out for Misha, this is the only de-floofing machine and he doesn't have to time to build another, this place is his only choice he has nowhere else to go." Nophur insisted. Mew stood listening in his head he kept hearing Nophur say 'nowhere else to go', 'nowhere else to go', 'nowhere else to go' "PAWDIS!" Mew exclaimed "what does pawdis have to do with anything?" Baby asked.
"As I see it Nophur is correct, Misha has no choice but to come back here either for the de-floofing machine or because I am here....if I am here PAWDIS is here, Misha isn't dumb he was on Nip Lords too, he would know how to use it, he may try and run!" Mew yelled out in agony he was one person how would he keep watch over both things Misha may return for.
He began to sniff he could smell an awful, ashy and acrid smell he looked behind him to see the building was on fire and Ginger Jasper was pulling him out to safety.

Misha was getting closer to town, the closer he got the more he began to sweat. The thoughts of that gorgeous feline that spent her time with Mew "Mew" he scoffed..."what does Mew have" Misha began to down the temptations he picked up a few towns back like he would never taste their sweet flavor again. As he chewed on the tender bits of his favorite temptations all Misha could see was the flashes of the beautiful calico he had once laid his eyes on. Misha needed to pull over. "Pull yourself together Misha!" he yelled to himself.

23 January, 2010

Photo Hunters

This weeks Photo Hunters them is: Balanced

I think Mr.Jones here is doing a good job of balancing himself on this railing

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 4

Mew, Ginger Jasper and Baby retreated from the cell leaving the one piece suit behind to give Nophur something to think about. "Your quite the mancat killer Baby" Doctor Mew said with a seductive tone to his voice "looks like almost none of us stand a chance" he kicked his legs up onto his desk. "Don't be silly Mew" Baby said teasingly, Ginger Jasper just let out a long sigh. They waited....for hours it seemed like they waited the time on the clock clicking by, Baby cleaning off her paws, Mew watching out the window and Ginger Jasper just napping on the vintage couch, the sun began to set...they still waited. Soon they were all waking to the sunrise, "We must have fallen asleep!" Ginger Jasper exclaimed "Nophur! We must check on him!" Mew yelled and began to sprint to the cells.

When they arrived at the cells they couldn't see much it was dim in the tiny room but in a tunnel of light they saw what seemed to be a tortie...no...not a tortie...or is it. "I've decided" the stranger in the cell proclaimed, the stranger slowly began to turn around....Mew was looking into the face of Nophur. "I will help as much as I can to capture Misha"

Misha shook himself out of his dreamily state, thinking of the gorgeous stranger could come later. For now, he decided to kidnap a few cats of the floofiest variety and go to another planet to wreck his havoc there. But when he landed on earth he busted his own capsule, "I must find the pawdis that belongs to Mew...then I can get to another planet and he cannot follow!" Misha broke out into maniacal laughter.

"Tell us...what about the second controller chair? Is it used as an escape? Does it go to the same place!?" Mew asked excitedly. "Yes, both controller chairs can be used for an escape as the locations of either I do not know, but if we go back I may be able to break into the programming and find locations for both chairs" Nophur said. "What are we waiting for! Let's get going!" Baby exclaimed. The four began to exit the building together but before they left Ginger Jasper pulled Nophur aside " I'm glad you decided to help us and that you like your outfit it suits you well" Nophur gave Ginger Jasper a tender smile, gave him a little hug and they walked out following Baby and Mew. Upon reaching the previous lair of the dastardly evil mastermind Misha Mew stopped the group..."we need to check the perimeter...be sure nothing and noone is around to stop or harm us. I'll take Baby, Ginger Jasper you take Nophur and we will meet back here, if you come back and we're not here within 5 minutes...RUN!" The whole group nodded their heads in understanding at that they separated to check the perimeter.

Misha collected the belongings he would need for the journey back to the city of which he fled. He left the confines of the alleyway in search of some faster transportation than the feet he currently used, looking up and down the street he came upon a huge pile of floof, he batted the floof around uncovering a car, Misha smiled slowly to himself as he began to climb in. Much to his luck the keys where tossed haphazardly into the passengers seat, he put them in the ignition and gave it a little twist, the engine stuttered and never came to life. Frustrated Misha popped the hood and ran to give the engine a once over......just as he thought it was clogged with floof! He began to remove all the floof muttering to himself about the inconvenience but how well his plan had actually worked. Once the engine was cleared out Misha tried to start the car up again and with a loud sputter the engine roared to life, Misha took off for the highway heading back to the city keeping his eyes out for those who are very fluffy and pretty.

22 January, 2010

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 3

Days went by and Nophur sat alone in the cell until one day....

Master Misha landed his controller chair a few cities away, down a dark and covered alleyway. Floof was all over everything and Misha reveled in his evil doings. "That stupid Mew, I hate him he should have been dead! But that ladycat that was with him...wow...she was just so...Oh Misha SHUSH stop your lollygagging. I need to get it together" Misha said to himself as he constructed a safe sleeping spots in the depths of the alleyway so as not to be found.

Doctor Mew, Baby and Ginger Jasper walked into the cell where Nophur was being kept, Nophur was huddled in the corner sleeping away. "Ahem...cough cough" from Ginger Jasper. Nophur slowly began to open his eyes and as soon as they laid upon the trio backed tightly up into the corner. "We're not here to hurt you, we just want some information" said Ginger Jasper, Nophur stared at the orange mancat with huge trembling eyes. "Ginger Jasper is right" said Doctor Mew "We want to know...if you have any idea as to where Misha has gone, does the second controller chair fly as the first one did?" Nophur stayed silent and met each of their gazes with a steely one.
"Nophur we really need your help, we've been thinking about it and we don't blame you for what you did....all of us can see why you would be green in the gills over all the floof surrounding you but that doesn't mean you should just take it, in the summer I wish I was just like you...it gets so hot sometimes and this floof doesn't just come off." Baby pleaded with Nophur..."please help us capture Misha."
Nophur caught Babys gaze with his own and looked deep into her stunning golden eyes, he became lost is those gorgeous pools and just stammered out a "your beautiful...."

Mew and Ginger Jasper just rolled their eyes and Ginger Jasper stepped forward "Nophur, if you agree to help us I do have a gift here that I collected from some of the floofiest of the floofs, Sweet Praline, Dante, Fin, Jonesie, Ginger, myself and many others donated bits of our floof and knitted them all together to make you this lovely....floof onesie." Ginger Jasper held something up his face beaming with kindness, it was a lovely one piece suit knitted by no other than Inigo Flufflebum and Dartagnan Rumblepurr complete with long sleeves, long legs, hoodie and a piece for his tail, never would Nophur have to go cold again....his eyes began to water. He thought of the damage he had done by joining forces with Misha for a simple fur vest....but know these cats are offering him a full suit of their floof on their own accord simply for his help to catch Misha and out of the kindness of their hearts....Nophur began to cry.

Misha awoke the next morning to the sun breaking through the narrow gap in the roofs above him, he streched out and began to clean up his nightly refuge so as not to give away his location. "Now, I've lost my lair...my number 2...what am I to do...." Misha sat and thought to himself what his best plan of action may be, go back and take back his lair? But who knows what condition it is in now...who knows if Mew....annoying Mew burned the place down, another planet maybe? surely if Mew is on earth he won't suspect of leaving especially with....suddenly Mishas thoughts turned to exquisite ladycat he saw by Mews side...the dazzling gold of her eyes, the deep black of some of her spots...so black thought he would lose himself to them much like a black hole, he delicate spots of orange that reminded him of a beautiful sunrise and the purest white he had ever laid his eyes on, when he stared at that white he would swear he was in heaven, oh who was that magnificent ladycat Misha thought to himself over and over lost in dream of the one he once saw.

21 January, 2010

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 2

"Sampson, Harley, Domino and Miles, I want you four to sneak over and hide underneath Nophur when you see the signal jump up and block his descent from that seat. Fin, Delilah,Tygana and Dylan you four will be under Misha and same thing for you, when you see the signal jump up and block Misha. Billy...you have the most dangerous assignment. After the first two teams take their places I need you to jump onto the platform and dance...to distract both Misha and Nophur, while your doing that Baby and I will work on releasing Dante and Praline to get them away from the machine." Doctor Mew explained. "Can do!" All cats whispered in unison. Doctor Mew tipped his head towards team one and two to send them on their way.
"RAWWWRRR" Dante cried "I hope my floof breaks your wretched machine Misha!" Master Misha just laughed to himself as the de-floofing blade began to lower towards Dantes grand belly floof. "NOOOO!" cried all the blogosphere. Ginger Jasper and Katie we're laying in their prisons complaining to each other at how helpless the felt, when Ginger Jasper spotted a little bit of movement. "Katie" she whispered "do you see what I see?!" "What...the floof getting stripped right off Dante, I would rather not" whispered Katie right back. "NO!" said Ginger Jasper "look down there...I see...Fin...Dylan...Tygana they are headed for Mishas seat" Katie jumped up..."say what!?" She looked down to spy the four cats padding over to their space under Mishas seat, Fin looked up and gave them a wink. "I don't know what they are up to Katie but we have to help them!" Katie and Ginger Jasper began to spread the word.

The de-floofing blade lowered itself onto Dantes belly and a horrific laugh ripped from Misha and Nophurs throats it began to slowly make its way up Dantes belly, allowing the floof to fly.
Doctor Mew and Baby flinched.
Doctor Mew gave the nod to Billy as well and Billy went flying up the side of the platform and began to dance, when the caged cats noticed him they began to sing for him!
"WHAT IS THIS!? NOPHUR!!!! HOW IS THIS CAT LOOSE!!!!" Screamed Misha. "I...I...I don't...." stammered our Nophur. Billy continued to dance with a huge smile on his face knowing his friends were behind him. When team one and two saw Billy begin to dance the took their places blocking off the exits of Misha and Nophur....Nophur tried to make an escape but just met many claws and teeth and he scrambled back up to his seat.
Doctor Mew and Baby ran up to Dante and Praline, Baby taking Praline and Dr. Mew taking Dante they flipped the main breaker leaving them in the dark with the exception of a few emergency lights, but stopping the de-floofing machine halfway up Dante's belly.

"Dante how close is the blade to you if i unstrap you can you get out?" asked Doctor Mew. "Yes, I think I can it will be close but I can do it!" Doctor Mew unstrapped Dante and Baby released Praline.
At the same time they heard a loud crash and a tumbling across the floor, Doctor Mew ran to the breaker to return light to the room.
They found themselves looking at Ginger Jasper and Katie sprawled across the floor...."we came to help..." they said. They got up and stood with Dr. Mew, Baby, Dante and Praline.
"Well, Master Misha I see you have yet to stop your mad ways." said Dr. Mew "Mew....I should have known, I thought you were gone...dead...missing...." Misha hissed. Misha began to slowly descend from the controller chair just to meet with the claws of many, Misha looked down "I see....your trying to have the upperhand here Mew." "Oh no I know I have the upper hand Misha, how do I open all these cages?" asked Doctor Mew. "Like I'll ever tell you Mew!" Misha screamed, at that the four cats assigned to Misha plus Ginger Jasper and Katie started after Misha in the chair. "Ok ok....the green button on the right panel." Misha screamed, the cats calmed down and went back to their places. Doctor Mew hit the green button and heard a loud explosion "HUH!??" Mew and all the cats looked up to see Master Misha flying away in the controller chair "MUAHAHAHAH Thank you MEW! How could I ever repay you!" Misha cackled." MISHHHAAA!!!" Dr. Mew screamed as his gaze fell upon Nophur. Nophur caught his gaze and tried to make himself as small as possible....all the freed cats surrounded him. Doctor Mew ascended the ladder and grabbed Nophur by the scruff...."you will show me the CORRECT button to free these helpless cats!" growled Dr. Mew. All he got in response was a whimper and a finger pointed to the left lower panel. They walked over and Nophur hit the button and with a loud noise every cage in the vertical tunnel opened...."Good" said Doctor Mew. They stuffed Nophur into the portable and called upon all the cats. "You are all free! Run home quickly, Misha got away so until I find him....run and stay safe!" said Doctor Mew. All the cats began to scramble out of their holding cells, finding those they love and running off together, one cat had trouble getting out and called out for help. "Help I need help getting out I just can't do this right..." Ginger Jasper went over to see who it was and lend a helping paw, it was Barney trying to not only get out of his cell...but trying to pull a present out with him as well. Ginger Jasper helped Barney get out of the cell and safely retrieve his gift, "Thanks.....it was just a little something for Gracie...I got caught on their way to her house" Barney blushed, "Well you better hurry up and go find her and remember to stay safe" GJ told Barney and Barney ran off to find Gracie.

Baby came over and put her arm around Dr. Mew they walked arm in arm with Nophur in the portable, dropping him off in an inescapable safe room for later interrogation. "Mew you were great" baby said " No Baby, you were great" They embraced and ended in a kiss, Baby walked away to clean up "I'll see you in a few hours Mew" she said. Dr. Mew stood with his back to Nophur...."what do you know about Misha?" Nophurs eyes went wide "I...I was only recruited when he got earth...for obvious reasons I would think." Doctor Mew scoffed at the answer "why Nophur because your heartless?" Nophurs eyes watered..."he....he....he promised me a fur coat. You see I have no.." " I KNOW WHAT YOU DONT HAVE NOPHUR! But that is no reason to take what is not yours! Would you feel good wearing some helpless cats fur that had no choice in giving it to you or not!? WOULD YOU!" screamed Doctor Mew. "You don't know what its like! Your well furred! The cold nights, the sensitive skin" said Nophur "none of you would understand."

Doctor Mew walked out.

Guess What Thursday

So last weeks inspirations were Glogirly and Katie and Amy and the house of cats!

We got a lot of good guesses!!

First of all I would like to clear up the first picture isn't needlework, I had actually taken a picture of my computer monitor because I don't have any sheet music here...I left it all back in FL. LOLS when I first saw that I was like...really and went and looked and it sure enough looked like that!

Well back to business this weeks winner is!!!

Derby said...

Key of A flat if a major key, key of F if minor key AND cotton balls.

Now.....it wasn't actually either of these keys...i left off a few in the picture it's really D flat major.
But Derby was the only one to guess it was a key signature and the second picture is cotton balls(Virgil)!
So now this weeks 'Guess What Thursday!'

Inspiration: Derby, the Sassy Cat

20 January, 2010

Doctor Mew: The Final Chapter? Part 1

Those crazy cats Rumblepurr and Flufflebum are holding a contest! First prize goes to the person who creates the most creative ending for their amazing story!
This is my entry! It's a bit long so I'm going to post it over many days, the last entry is going to be on the night of the 25th. Have fun and I hope you enjoy.

That last we left our heroes...

Master Misha had cat-napped all the cats of the world, and was using their floof for his evil plot!!...........

Doctor Mew grabbed ahold of Baby and they both ran underneath a grand wooden table slightly below the anti-floofing machine. "Baby we need to...." said Doctor Mew....from afar they could hear a click....click....click "what is that?" whispered Baby. "Shh" doctor mew whispered.

They listened....

click, click, click, click, click "Is Sweet Praline ready Lieutenant Nophur?" Master Misha asked as they circled the staircase up to the de-floof machine. "Almost sir, she keeps trying to get away and continues to scratch at me but I know how to deal with these ladycats" Lieutenant Nophur continued to strap Sweet Praline down to the de-floof machine as she struggled to get away. In the meantime Ginger Jasper was pacing back and forth in his cage, stricken with worry for not only his safety but for Pralines and all the blogosphere cats here as well in this dank tunnel. Ginger Jasper looked to the small hole at the top of the round room they were being held in watching bits of floof rise out of the top. pop.......Ginger Jaspers ears perked up and started looking around for the source of the small sound he just heard and found nothing, GJ continued his pacing of his prison.

"Master Misha Sweet Praline is all strapped in I just need to configure the machine for her floof depth and then we will be ready to begin again." "Good, we still have plenty more of these dastardly blogosphere cats to get too...blogosphere...who heard of such a thing!" Master Misha started to climb the ladder to his control chair, he continued to take a seat and start configuring his half of the de-floofing machine. whir, clack, clack, pluph, pluph, RAWWWR "AHHH!!! What the..." Master Misha clasped a paw to his tender ear quickly and looked behind him to find none other than Dante behind him. " You let us go Misha!" Dante exclaimed. "Ok...let me let you go!......Nophur retrieve this insolent furball and ready him for de-floofing." "But sir...I just got sweet pralin...." Lieutenant Nophur stuttured " I SAID! Ready him for de-floofing!" "Yes, sir" Lieutenant Nophur climbed up to Dantes cell and corraled him into a tiny box he could hear the muffled insults of Dante from inside the box. "Ok baby you need to stay very quiet and walk as lightly as you can, we're going to try and free as many blogosphere cats as we can." Whispered Doctor Mew "Ok and then what?" asked Baby. "We stand against Misha and Nophur but we need the advantage especially since they are about to begin de-floofing....follow me." Doctor Mew and Baby began to pad silently around the circular shaped room staying as close to the stage the de-floofing machine was on as possible until they reached the first ground level cage, inside they spotted Fin, sleeping. "Fin...fin" whispered Baby "Fin...get up." Fin lifted her head and her eyes opened wide "BA.." "shhhhh..we gotta be really careful and quiet" Baby whispered. Understanding Fin shook her head, Doctor Mew padded over to Fins cell and brought da bird, he stuck it in the key hole of Fins prison and the door slowly opened. Fin rushed out to join Baby and Doctor Mew against the wall.
"Master Misha, Praline is securely locked up in the portable and Dante is strapped in and ready for de-floofing" exclaimed Nophur. "Good, how are you feeling now Dante...we will see how brave you are without all that floof." Dante gave both Misha and Nophur a loud and intimidating "HISSSS." " Get to your station Nophur we need to get this done or we will fall behind schedule" "Yes, sir" said Nophur and began his climb up to his station.

In the meantime Dr. Mew and Baby had saved a fair amount of the cats, in tow they had Fin, Sampson, Delilah, Harley,Tygana, Domino, Dylan, Miles and Billy Sweet Feets. They headed back for the table to discuss strategy.
"Ok we need to be quick, Dante doesn't need to lose any floof. Now what I was thinking was we need to hit them on all sides. Be sure they know we have the upper hand."

WWHHIIIRRRRRR....the de-floofing machine was starting up.

19 January, 2010

Rumblebum Dr. Mew Contest

I was reading the Dr.Mew story at Rumbles and decided to enter the contest! Sounds like so much fun, I checked in with Mom to make sure this could be done and she said....of course. So we read over the rules of the contest.

"And now for the contest!!!

There are two prizes.

The grand prize will go to the person that chooses the best/most creative way to save the blogosphere cats from the evil de-floofing machine! You can either publish your answer here, or on your own blog (and post a link to it in the comments to this thread) You don't need to have a blog to enter, and you don't need to be a kitty to enter (woofies and ducks are welcome!), you just need to be creative :) Second prize will be drawn randomly from everyone that comments on this blog post. So you only need to leave a comment to win. (Grand prize will be much better than second prize, so please get creative!)

Competition will close on 26th January 2010."

So, I sat next to Mom and began to ponder, imagine the many different scenarios in which Misha could be defeated and saving the cats from the de-floofer!
AH-HA! I had it.....so I began to dictate my idea to Mom....get creative they said....oh I did.

So may I introduce you to my ending for Dr.Mew......
in the words of RumbleBum

The Adventure Begins Tomorrow!

16 January, 2010

Photo Hunters

This week's Photo Hunters theme is: Jiggly

Check out that belly on Gino, when he even just walks it jiggles all over the place. Pudgy cat belly!

14 January, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

Last Weeks 'Guess What Thursday':and the winner is............
Glogirly and Katie said...

Looks like a toilet bowl to me!!!
... or should I say "drinking fountain" for Katie.



Amy and The House of Cats said...

We are leaning toward toilet bowl too - flushed but unused of course! It is a pretty cool looking picture no matter what.

Now I know I'm supposed to pick one winner but after looking through the comments I decided I didn't specify what amount of guessing should be going on for the picture. Because yes, it is a toilet bowl and that is a correct guess...but do you have to guess it's being flushed? Yes.....No....Maybe So...so to be fair I decided to just pick both first guesses that were correct.

So this week we will have two pictures. The first to guess what is in both pictures correctly will win! The winners of last weeks Guess What are encouraged not to guess this week to give someone else the chance of winning, but if your real excited you can post that you know the answer...just not the actual answer.

Now onto this weeks 'Guess What Thursday!'

Inspiration: Katie and GloGirly

Inspiration: Amy and the House of Cats
p.s. I didnt take the above picture I wanted to but didnt have any of the stuff around the house. But when I was going through AatHoC's blog I just knew I needed a picture of this, so I cheated haha. Sorry

Good luck guessing!!!

12 January, 2010

Super Scribbler Award

I've been awarded with the super scribbler award by:
long time super scribbler
kitty fight night creator
Cat Of Nine Tails!!!

The Superior Scribbler Award was started by The Scholastic Scribe to celebrate their 200th post (2 years ago). To read more about the Superior Scribbler Award click HERE.

As with every award, there’re some rules that need to be followed:

1. Each Superior Scribbler (SS) must pass the Award on to 5 deserving blogger friends
No problem

2. Each SS must link the author and name of the blog from whom he/she received the award.

3. Each SS must display the award on his/her blog and link to the post which explains the award.

4. Each SS is asked to visit the post which explains the award and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List (I just made a comment - there were over 500 of them).
Mom went looking on how to do this....couldnt find it..she was at the post, but theres nowhere to add yourself to the linky.

5. Each SS must post these rules on his/her blog.

OneCatsNip is happy to pass this award on to the following blogging friends:

The Dr.Mew geniuses over at Rumblebum!
The lovely, ultra modern and well spoken Katie of Glogirly!
The creative, squirrel loving Joplin and Hendrix of DIY Catcare!
Big Bopper Faz of Faz the Cat!
The book and cat loving bean of Sharon Loves Books and Cats!

You guys are doing an awesome job! Scribble on!

Thank you again for rewarding me with this awesome award Cat Of Nine Tails!
To those whom I rewarded with the award again! You all have been doing such a great job with your blogs! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates lately! Mommy has been working hard on her entry for over at Rumblebum which is why you haven't seen any posts from us....but I stand over her complaining the whole time!

09 January, 2010

Photo Hunters

Today's photohunters theme is: BulkyI know christmas is over but when I saw bulky this came to mind. This tree was huge!

07 January, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

First of all I know I am late! In honor of Fin's birthday Mom and I raelly wanted to post a picture of baby me, unfortunately Mom hasn't had me since then no one knows who had me when I was that young. So I decided I would settle for Mom....the picture below includes my Uncle as well.Now, back to thursday business. Mom and I were thinking of neat ways to fill in our week here at the blogosphere! What we decided on was a 'Guess What Thursday' what Mom will do since shes my peon...is take a picture of something in or around the house, something most people would have or at least know, generally this picture will be a close up. Mom will post said picture and then it's open for comments guessing as to what the picture is of! It's just a fun little game to throw the week off a bit! Who knows....you may even see yourself on here one day! Now what game is without prizes?! The first person to guess the correct answer will be Moms inspiration for next weeks picture. Whether it be them or something that reminds us all of them.

So let's get this started!!!

Here's the first picture of 'Guess What Thursday'

05 January, 2010


I know today is generally Toesie tuesday and I know my toes are really awesome and all....but I thought today I would share my cousin with you...so today is


04 January, 2010

This White Stuff Is Everywhere

Seriously...it's everywhere! A mancat can't get a break!Look how much there is in this picture of me.....theres MORE now. So I won't touch the stuff...no way. So I usually go find a nice warm place to be. I assume my lovely birds do as well....but I came back later to this....Now is it just me or are these tracks?! From a lovely bird maybe.....then I look up to find this!I mean really....this morning I waited for a bit by my back window for them...it was too cold and they were not there so I assumed our date for today was cancelled...but then this...tomorrow it will not be missed!!
Maybe I need Mom to indulge me in some more bird tv...at least for winter.

02 January, 2010

Photo Hunters

Todays photo hunter theme is: Lick!
I'm so excited because today is my first photo hunter! It's another activity I would like to do this year! So, I really like to lick my beans but also when I play I get excited and start licking things maybe it's cause all my toys taste real good....nip nip nip

Updating My BlogRoll....

Hey Everyone! ! I would like to let everyone know I don't think this year will only be great for tabbies...all us kitties are truly tigers inside! I mean all the pictures I've seen of cats of all colors hunting....you are all truly tigers! So it will be a great year for all of us!

Mom has been bugging me to ask you all about my blogroll...since the year is starting anew. She said she tried really hard to make sure every blog she follows she also puts in my roll. But somedays she just forgot or felt lazy HAHA...always. So if your not in my blogroll and you want to be! Just leave me a comment and let me know! I'll have Mom working on it in no time!

I'm so excited for this new year in the CB! I mean I've only been here so many months and have already met so many great new people! I can't wait to see whats in store for 2010!

For now though....I have to wait for this snow to melt....cold...wet....I'm not into it...

01 January, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

2010 I welcome you.
Did I mention....it's the year of the Tiger.....
watch out....Tygana wants to bitey
Here's to lots of playing this year!!


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