26 August, 2010


Hey everyone! So sorry I have not updated this but I wanted to be sure of everything before I updated and to just be able to do it all at once. So here's your MC Tygana!!!

First of all, I want to apologize for Moms bad behavior, not only has she yet to record the video of Pepper but she hasn't been posting. Though I admit Mom has been quite busy this month...what with getting ready for school (she sent in an app, had to deal with the financial aid baddies (3 times), get registered, get books etc)
Then Mom started looking for a job, because well she needs one! So since Mom is going to go to school to be a vet tech that strongly recommend having experience in a vet setting, Mom has been getting wonderful stories and advice from Hansel and Teslas Mom but wanted some first hand non-volunteer animal experience. So she went about and applied at all 4 of our towns vets. 3 of them are right out front of our condos very much walking distance but of course..the one she gets is 2 miles away. MOL MOM.
So yes Mom has a job now! She's a kennel worker so she comes home smelling of weird dog slobber. Since Mom doesnt have her very own car yet Dad drops her off in the morning and she walked back her first day...ouch. So they borrowed a bike from one of my Grandpas but its his size so needless to say its too big for Mom but she tried riding it home today anyway. Not great but quicker than walking.She got a nice present from her new job.Check out that toe...OUCH!
So if you haven't guessed Mom is working the kennels....so me and pepper have just been sitting around, napping with her when she comes home and eating. Once she gets used to the new schedule shes planning on being more regular again....it might take a while though with school starting on the 30th. So sorry but Momma is trying to balance herself and we really don't want her burnt out shes no use that way. MOL We'll be back to normal ASAP

16 August, 2010


Sorry about moms lack of posts here lately! She's had a lot going on and just STILL couldn't bring herself to do it. So now as she sits waiting she said she would do it. Pepper and I have been doing fine were getting along much better. No we don't cuddle but we sniff and don't hiss. Daddy brought home this long box with three sections so pepper and I shared it.

Hey mom here the 3 week break for the worm meds is almost over, I knw tygana and pepper won't be looking forward to it. Be on the lookout though for some pepper video coming your way soon!

11 August, 2010

Let's Spread The Word

Hey everyone there's a new blog out there by the BCC (Branford Compassion Club) and I noticed they are really looking for a good home for this fella named Noah.


Though BCC does not do nationwide adoptions, I thought it could possibly be a big help if all us bloggers got together and spread word about Noah and maybe he will catch the eye of someone in the CT area that could give him just the perfect home!

I know we can do it! Let's help this guy out!

09 August, 2010

What a Time!

What a time it has been BCC, finally wednesday I can go and get the stuff done for a loan....FINALLY they make it so durn hard, I should have the cats laser eyes them!

Pepper is doing really well though one day I opened the back door to call Tygana in and next thing I knew I felt this super softness on my leg. I look down and theres this thing of black walking across the porch like nothing was wrong!
I had to scramble out to get Pepper back in before he went beyond the bushes.

He also did this amazing jump into this tiny window just for the privilege of looking outside LOL. I got to get this on video!

Tygana is getting back into his normal schedule and taking advantage of the warm weather I think he knows winter is around the corner!

06 August, 2010

Pepper Doodle Friday

Finally my first single, me only post!

So I've taken to the windows like Tygana takes to the outdoors, Mom won't let me out she says I'm young enough to change my ways..phooey. But I guess it's not so bad in this house it's always cool and with all this fur I could sure use that cool air!

So I want to tell you guys about this chair, Daddy sits in it all day when he's home so I take it it's a real nice chair. Tygana is always telling me how scary the chair is and to steer clear and be wary! But the chair is leather and I feel the coolness radiating off of it sometimes...so I decided to check it out.

Me likey.

01 August, 2010

Carnival Of The Cats #333

Alright it's Sunday! That means it's time for Carnival of the Cats!
So go ahead bring out the clowns, the popcorn, the strong cats! It's all here at weeks end!

Whoa.....hmmm, Let's try the next act!! The Stunt cat!!
Now remember kittens do not try this at home and whenever trying new things always wear a helmet!
Wow what a performance stunt cat!

Now for the main event!

So sit back, relax get comfortable and prepare for the carnival!
Do you ever look around and wonder where your house went? Maybe it seems like your living in a giant cat or dog house...well check out this article to see if your home fits the criteria!

Do you ever feel like your cats are in a conspiracy against you? Maybe they are or maybe they just love you so much you can't tell the difference. Either way check out this article!

Isn't Audace just a cutie!! In case you've never seen Audace, how do you feel about little cats playing? If you love that you will this video!

Come and celebrate Wynnies life on this 49th night since her passing. We all know she's in a wonderful place on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
Maddie sure has found herself in quite the unpleasant situation. She may possibly need some old fashioned treat baking assistance, you the kind with extra gifts inside. If you need more hints as to what to send her just check out this post.

Nikita and Elvira are needed on the spot! These two kitties wear many hats and tonight that hat just happens to sport a red cross...yep Nurse Nikita and Elvira your needed in the E.R.

Breaking in the new pussycats is always hard work, but it's even harder when the new one is well let's say.....super curious! Watch as Nikita tries to steer Elvira through living at home.
Nikita is quite the storyteller but a storyteller is nothing without a good story! Well Elvira brought that story straight to Nikitas front door and with it they won a contest from Love Meow! How exciting!

Loving a musician is always hard between rehearsals, performances, practice and sometimes creating finding that special time together can be hard. Take Luna for example, right now her Daddy is hard at work rehearsing along with all the things he has for his everyday life! Whats a cat to do? Well check out Luna's answer.

Seems like the Mom of WhenCatsAttack feel unappreciated until it comes time to open the stinky goodness! But is it really true or is she exaggerating? Get on over there and judge for yourself!

Samantha and Clemmy are two super fun cats! In fact they have a game they want to teach your this week! Also, Maverick has some great news! He got some super swag from Peggy and the gang! Pawsome!!

Now that that that that that's all folks! Till next week! We will see you at iMeowza!


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