10 April, 2011


Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know Tygana is doing well!
His creatinine level went down which is absolutely wonderful and he is eating well!
Now the only thing to tackle is smaller needles! These 18g I got from the vet...HUGE, poor guy.

Pepper takes advantage of the situation occasionally and has developed his indoor cat pouch....coming in at a whopping 13lbs! But really he is just a large cat long legs, body everything.

So I have been doing a lot of reading lately and wanted to let you all in on something you may or may not know!!

Polydactyl cats!!!!

As you know my precious Tygana is a thumbcat

(I got that from this adorable english commercial!!! Why we dont have commercials like that in the states...I will never know)


In the US polydactyl cats are more common north of boston, ma to halifax canada...in fact one in ten cats in this region are polydactyl! Their ancestors are from southern england!
Cat from around the NY come from the ancestry of cats from amsterdam and the netherlands!

Isn't that crazy....so close yet so far away!!!

I got this from Cats: visual reference guide!


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