21 September, 2010

Wonderful News!

Tyganas follow-up appointment was today and he was cleared!!
The vet said his eye is looking good and healed nicely.
He still has some tissue hanging off his eye but that should fall off with time.
For now we will take 3 more days of antibiotics 3 times a day and we should be free and clear!
Thank you so much for all your purrs and purrayers!
Tygana loves you all!

14 September, 2010

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Horrible News and Good News....

Last night there was a cat tussle downstairs.

It looks like Tygana got upset at Pepper for something and started chasing him around. Well Pepper got the last lick.
Tygana came into the bed with us and got on the headboard walked over to over my head and looked down.

A red tear dripped onto my pillow.

Pepper had gotten Tygana in the eye, a scratch.

I freaked out and got a piece of gauze because Tyganas eye was dripping, Oh boy was I unhappy with Pepper.

We clipped his nails....and boy was he not happy! So unhappy in fact he scratched my face! But all it left was dot of broken skin and blood...how strange.

Pepper wasn't allowed into the room the rest of the night, it acted as a Tygana sanctuary until the next day.

So I go to work this morning because I'm scheduled too and Tyganas vet doesn't open until 9am, I go in at 7:50AM

I try calling at 9.....busy busy busy

I try calling again at 9:30....ring ring baby!

So Tygana got an appt this afternoon! Thank goodness! If our vet made me wait again I would have just asked the vet I work for to look at him.

Pepper got Tygana in his bad eye and the Dr was looking at his eye like "this is wrong" and I had to explain why it was the way it was. Tygana got an eye stain but not much stain held just a dot. So now Tygana is on antibiotic drops 4 times a day for a week, then we go back to the vet when Tygana will get his eye pressure checked. I'm hoping everything will be ok.

I'm just glad for the antibiotics.

Oh babies..when will you learn.

05 September, 2010

10 days and counting!

Well starting to catch up on everything around the house and getting more used to my new schedule. This coming work and school week should be easier than any other because not a single day will I ever have to walk home for 2 miles! YAY!

So I'm hoping that either after this week or sometime during the week the blogging will be back to normal. I really need to catch up on taking pictures of Tygana and Pepper. They are enjoying the cooler weather and the open windows. So I have a question!

Whats everyones favorite baked good?!


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