30 July, 2010

Finally Friday!

Hey everybody! Really sorry we haven't been leaving comments lately but be sure we are reading your blogs!

We just can't get Mom to comment lately. Here's what we have been up to.

Pepper and I have been getting dewormed today is day 1 of our 3 weeks off the gross yellowy stuff.

The Mom has her college placement tests coming up on the 2nd and since it's been so dang long since she was in school (about 2 years to be exact) she has decided to try brushing a bit. Especially with the maths...I mean I love my Mom but boy is she stupid when it comes to numbers. Thank goodness as a cat everything I need comes naturally.

The mom has also been working on making a window sill blanket for Pepper and I because we're making a furry mess in the cracks between the window and the window sill so she figures covering it with something will fix it, what she doesnt realize is that cat fur is magical.

Oh and last but certainly not least! COTC is coming to OneCatsNip this Sunday so Mom is working on putting that together! How exciting!!! Don't forget to send in your submissions!!


Now for your viewing pleasure!

28 July, 2010

Worms are ICK

Hey Everyone Tygana and Pepper here!

Well we must say one thing for Mom and Dad leaving it really left us to work out some cat issues!
We're doing a fair bit better now-a-days

Tygana: Though Pepper still isnt allowed in my room at night
Pepper: But I was sure in there this morning!

So today was Peppers appointment with the V-E-T and Mom brought along some of my tootsie rolls! Can you believe that?!

Mom and Pepper came home with the dewormer and Mom started us today, so it's 2 days on 3 weeks off and 2 days on.

The V-E-T told Mom if they find anything other than the roundworms they will give her a call.

Pepper: The V-E-T also said that I'm a bit underweight for my size but she said it's probably because of the worms so after we get them taken care of we're going to keep an eye to see if I gain.

Mom: Tygana has also been losing some weight so I'm also going to keep an eye on him after the dewormer to be sure he gains some back, then again it could be his age making it hard for him to hold the weight either way we're gonna do what we can for it.

Tygana: BTW did I mention this dewormer crap Mom gave me tastes absolutely dreadful! I'm wondering if this V-E-T is related to Fin's crackpot because who in their right mind gives cats something that tastes so awful...I mean...were cats!

27 July, 2010


The beans are back and booyyyyy Dad was not happy about his chair!
HAH! Thats what he gets!

Everyone did such a wonderful job at the house trashing Mom has been so busy cleaning up and I have a feeling she will be doing it for days!

Thanks everyone!

23 July, 2010

House Trashing!!

Alright guys Noll had a great idea!

Since the beans are gone we should house trash! Theres plenty of stuff around the house to trash...seriously just let's not trash my condo. There's a WHITE couch well I should say dingy white cause Mom let us have the run of it anyway so yea.....but the couch is really low so easy to hop on even all nipped out!
Theres windows to get into tables to be on really tall shelves, stacks of pillows!!

I got the fancy feast and a fresh nip plant along with some evo dry.

Come on over but BYO anything you want that I don't have feel free to bring it over!

Pepper: YAYY!!!! Let's party!!

We're both SO ready!

22 July, 2010


Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know I'm sorry for the lack of posts. Mom has been busy cleaning the house because dad and her are going away for the weekend.

i dont know what brought this about...

But she says Dad's dad so our other grandpa will be by daily to be sure were taken care of.

Hes even coming tonight to be walked through our routine.

Wish Us Luck

sunday night cannot come quick enough

19 July, 2010

Toy Giveaway Results!

Hi Kitties just wanted to let you all know we have a winner for our toy giveaway!!!
We had 12 comments and used the random number generator from random.org

and the winner is....

So Abby and gang! Have your bean e-mail our mom at onecatsnip (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll have your prizes out as soon as we can!


18 July, 2010

Uneasy Sunday

Hey Bloggers here for your two cents!Pepper!

Now the other day Pepper had a hairball...this hairball contained a single roundworm.
(so now I know probably one of the main reasons his poops have been so soft and here I was blaming the whole thing on him eating some of tyganas food)
So I made a vets appt but I couldn't get in until the 28th!
So....what do I do in the meantime?

Is a vet necessary for something like roundworm? I mean theres lots of OTC dewormers but I have no experience in this. I read theres only one dewormer that can also kill the eggs but it's only available through Vets.

Is this true?

What do you do when you find worms in your babies?

I'm absolutely positive I brought him home With worms, just none of us knew he had them.

16 July, 2010


These are the days I like to remember....Mom says they may be coming back to me soon because I've been being much more tolerant of Pepper, even when Pepper isn't being tolerant of me. For this...she calls me a good boy. I know I am. In the mean time I'm a sun puddle soaker.

Although...kittens you may want to navigate away for this...but cats your old enough.
Today I was sitting in my backdoor watching the outside world around when my old nemesis spotted tabby came onto MY porch! Not only was this making me quite annoyed but he MARKED my bushes in front of my one good eye! Can you believe the nerve! He's trying to take my property right in front of me! So I made a big stink to Mom about going out but it was later in the day and she knows if she lets me out I'll try to stay out all night so she said maybe tomorrow morning. We'll see

On another note: Mom and Dad decided it's a good time to go back to school, they are going to start with Mom. So she's getting all her paperwork and stuff in to be ready this fall. So she goes on-line to start filling out her FAFSA and now she's been complaining about these people called the peds....keds...feds...whatever you get my drift. See Mom is 23 but she no longer lives with her family and her and Dad are not married, her family could never afford to pay for a college education so even when she went to school before she had to save up for it. When Mom first went right out of high school she filled out this thing FAFSA (what is that anyway? Treats?) and they told her, she didnt qualify for any assistance because her Dad should be able to cover it. (Grandpa is a retired E-7 in the Navy and worked retail at the time now he just gets his retirement) So now that Mom isn't living in his house and he doesn't pay for her education she thought maybe she would qualify for some assistance. Well turns out no matter what as far as financing an education goes until you turn 25 your considered dependent of your parents and if they refuse to pay for your education you do no qualify for any kind of assistance except of course a loan. So Moms is going with the loan but that doesnt mean she isn't complaining. She's going to be checking into seeing if theres anything the state could do to help out. But if not she's just gonna bite the loan. Wish her luck!

14 July, 2010

Partly Wordy Wednesday

21 days in and we are tolerating each other....but theres one thing we can both agree on.

Windows are the best as long as you each have your own!

13 July, 2010

Tuxie Tuesday

Well.....it's time for me Pepper..Tygana really hogs this blog. He says something like now he has to share his house he's got to try and protect his blog.
Though Mom is pretty excited that she gets to do Tuxie things now too...so here we are my first Tuxie Tuesday!

11 July, 2010

July Giveaway #2!

Well Kitties and Cats I know you all have been waiting for this! OUr next giveaway is going to be a wonderful grab bag of CATNIP TOYS! (both crocheted and sewed) Honestly you can never have enough of the wonderful gems in my opinion.
Even the new ragamuffin Pepper has fallen in love with the toys at home.

I mean who wouldn't I love to think I trained Mommy quite well.
We got balls, kickers, little pillows anything your heart desires!
So what are you waiting for boys and girls! Leave a comment to enter the contest!
Like the last contest you need to have a blog in order to win, again the winner will be chosen by random draw using random.org and the contest will be ending on 7/18/2010 Good Luck!

Now to Mommy....

Thank you Tygana. Well bloggers as I mentioned before I recently joined forces with my local neighborhood Feral defenders! Also known as the Branford Compassion Club (go on click the link check it out!) Well today I got to experience my first bit of doing something. I met with two fellow wonderful members at our local pet store ( All Pets Club where you can adopt kittens c/o the BCC Mondays from 6-7pm, Fridays 6:30-8pm and Saturdays 3-5pm) to clean up and refresh the kitten area! All the kittens the BCC adopts are rescued kittens. The BCC cares for many feral communities around the area and if kittens happen the BCC rescues and gives them the chance for a loving forever home! Along with rescuing the kittens the BCC also does TNR on the adult ferals in their communities. I'm hoping to get some pictures up sometime in the next few weeks of some of the wonderful kittens for adoption!
Also the BCC along with the Greater New Haven Cat Project are holding a wine tasting with proceeds going to both organizations. So if your in the north east area and are interested in some good company and good wine just contact them at contact_us (at) branfordcompassionclub (dot) org or you can contact me at onecatsnip (at) gmail.com (dot) com for tickets
(Biggify for better reading)

10 July, 2010


Hey everyone quick update!

Pepper and Tygana are so far just tolerating each other. Pepper decided that Tyganas litter box is where it's at and begun to ignore his box upstairs. So I brought his box downstairs and he still doesnt want to use it and much prefers Tyganas.
In an act of rebellion I'm assuming Tygana peed by Peppers food. Which is unsavory but it was done and he continues to use his box.
Though I have begun to notice even though the two cats are not being buddies they sure are being copycats.
Pepper has taken to three of Tyganas favorite spots; one behind Alex's computer on a pile of old couch cushions topped with a crochet blanket, on top of a cardboard computer box and in the window sill, but he probably just really likes the windows. He picked up at least one Tygana sleeping position as well.
Tygana has in turn copied Pepper, we were sitting around tonight to find Tygana by the front door....sleeping on his back.
This has never been done by Tygana before but is done daily by Pepper! Also Pepper loves to play and we try to play with him often sometimes he just does it on his own and when things are calm Tygana will go lay down with the same toy Pepper had earlier and play with it in his own way. He even lays down and holds it sometimes which is something I've seen Pepper do (seriously one night he held my shoe) but not Tygana before the most he would do is use it as a pillow.

So blogosphere...do you have a lot of copycatting going on at home as well?

Also, tune in tomorrow for our next giveaway!

P.S. Sorry I havent been visiting much lately. I'm planning on getting around to everyone this coming week so please have mercy on me.

07 July, 2010

The Results Are In!

Drum Roll Please......

The Blogosphere's newest Fashion Model!!
FIONA!!! of Spot and Fiona Fame!

Concatulations Fiona on your brand new sweater!

Now I just need you to e-mail me c/o my Mommy at onecatsnip (at) gmail (dot) com

Now remember everyone to stay tuned all this month for more great giveaways!

*MEOW* and Pepper too!


01 July, 2010

July Giveaway #1

2 Day's till the Fourth of July! So as I said to celebrate Pepper coming home with Tygana and I and to celebrate July all month long!

(Independence Day for Americans)
(Canada Day for Canadians)
(Tynwald Day for the UK)


We're celebrating with giveaways! So tell all your friends!

The Mom was inspired by all our lovely and handsome fellow catbloggers who are quite into fashion!

Our first one is this lovely pink, brown and cream sweater with lovely pink button accents and
thick collar for the fashion conscious.

This sweater should be able to fit small cats and dogs. It fits Tygana well and he's 11lbs with a smaller stature.

This would make for a wonderful fashion friday post! So be sure to enter!

To qualify for the giveaway you must have a blog and leave a comment on this post.
On the 7th all names will go into a random generator and a winner will be chosen!

Here's Tygana modeling the sweater. He's not much for clothes so he's a bit unhappy but no worries it was immediately removed.

*the sweater is hand crocheted by Mom and she would like feedback on it from the winners on things like length, leg space etc.


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