30 June, 2010


Hey everyone Tyganas mom here....so I gotta say I am not strong. Not in the least bit. In fact I'm a sucker for a cute face

Wonder why?

Well here's the story....

So Sunday the 27th Alex and I get up and get ready to go help his Mom move.
Well since I told her I couldn't take her cat I figured she found a home since she was planning on moving that day and not staying at all at her old place in the mean time. Which is a good hour away.

So we get there and start bringing things out packing up a few last minute things and then we walk into the bedroom and the floor I see a puddle of black.

My goodness the cat was still there! Super sweet on top of that he jumped up and started in on the loving. I swear it was like a conspiracy against me. He let me pick him up and hold him and we walked around and kept him out of the way of the big stuff.

I started thinking again of what it would be like to bring this big baby home and I decide I wont make a decision just yet.

I ask his Mom whats going to happen to big old Pepper in there and turns out the plan was to bring Pepper to a shelter in NH to be fostered but she wasn't going to meet her Mom to make the Pepper drop off for another 3 days. I noticed Peppers litter box was disassembled and I know Pepper is indoor/outdoor, so I can only assume that Pepper was to live outside for 3 days until she could come back to bring him to NH.

So I decided. Pepper would come home with me.

It took some time to wrangle him up he knew something was up, watching his entire house get packed up, but I got him and brought him home.

So far there has been only two middle of the night fights more like whapping fests between Tygana and Pepper but a good amount of hissing.

I've been keeping Tygana inside because one night he wouldnt come in on his own...I guess he smelled strange cat so I had to go get him and bring him in. Until he is used to the smell of Pepper then I've decided to keep him in the house. So far now Pepper is living upstairs in the bedroom most of the day and Tygana lives downstairs and in the evening they come together.

Last night they shared a window sill that has two windows each cat got their own window and they fell asleep there. I can see the tug-o-war over who's going to be the alpha for a few days Tygana acts real big and strong then for a few days Pepper does it.

Meet Pepper!
Pepper is a two year old male Tuxie. He's really big! He's tall, long and big my goodness but I guess Tygana is just really small....he actually is quite small.

Here's Tygana yesterday.

So with all that admitted..

I think I'm having just as hard a time as the two cats getting used to having two cats. When I go upstairs to spend some time with Pepper...I start feeling like I'm cheating on Tygana. I've become so used to being able to focus everything on one cat and give it all to one cat that sharing it among two cats feels a little weird sometimes. So when ya'll went from one cats home to multi cat homes how did you spread the love and the not feel weird about it....is there some technique or is it just something you get used to? Alex has had multiple cats before and he's not having the same problem he says when hes loving on Pepper he still know he loves Tygana and spends time with him so he has no problem and vice versa. But when I'm with one I feel like I should be with the other too. Looks like I still have a lot to learn of course.

So what I would like from you my fellow bloggers is of you going from single cat to multi cat homes and how you the beans dealt with it. Thanks.

Also in honor of Pepper coming here, Tyganas cuteness and the month of July. Every week this month we will be hosting a giveaway here at OneCatsNip. (does onecatsnip still work? LOL twocatsnip sounds silly) Keep an eye out for details later today!

27 June, 2010

Carnival of the Cats #328

Welcome to Carnival of the Cats!! Edition 328!

We're partying up real good this week!

So let's DIVE IN!

Keeping in shape, cleaning up, napping. Check out all about living with life to learn more about what you can learn from cats!

Why do we all have the cat or dog we do? Maybe some of the reasons are on this list

While shopping today I got lost in the cheese aisle. Silly me. But while I was there I ran into the lovely Bernadette. Check this fox out for yourself!

Ah...who doesn't love a beautiful Savannah...the size, the grace...wait...well we all have grace excuse me. Well here just check out this story about a savannah moving into her new home!

Normally I have such disdain for this word.....BATH...but in this case its much less scary!

You know fans on the belly sure do cool me down. Looks like it cools down this lovely too!

Cat catchers or cat nappers? Whats going on at Gattinas

PLAY BALL!!! mm balls...watch Hadi play ball.

Sucking up to mog...disliking meowza...whats next?

While Meowza may be disliked by a certain someone..he sees it as no reason to let that dirt sit on his shoulder

Why havent we been seeing Meowza blogging lately? Is it cause of Mog? Meowza thinks so

Nikita Cat may not have decided to take back the night yet....but take back a word....HE SHALL!

Should pigeons also have their own boutiques such as dogs and cats do...check with Nikita for the rest of the story.

CATS! seen in the streets....Street scenes..with Nikita Cat

Two white lovelies together in the window..best of friends or just a window on convenience?

Come one come all and meet Vuvuzela!! Named for the loudhorn! Which you ask? Read and find out

Samantha and Clemmie sure had one easy sunday! Or did they? You be the judge!

WOw! What a great carnival! Be sure to check out next weeks carnival #329 at Mind of Mog!

24 June, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

Oh hhehehe this one was a bit easy me thinks!

It was....

Now for this week....

This is a gorgeous tuxie girl! She has zero degrees of separation from the house of cats! She's got a neato little clutch of eggs growing...woops I think I may have gave away too much!

Guess Away!

21 June, 2010

ManCat Monday

Somethings coming....I can smell it.

What is that? It's a familiar smell...

Can you help me smell it?


It's the smell of the Carnival! Carnival of the Cats is coming back to OneCatsNip!
So get your entries in so we can have a fantabulous Carnival!
Just use this submission form OR send your entries to carnivalofthecats(at)gmail.com

20 June, 2010

Insight Sunday.

I know you all remember....*whispers* the menace

well Mom tells me I gotta be nice, we got a little insight into the menaces home life.

There was a group of kids chasing the menace and chased her right onto my porch....while I was there!

Mom didnt notice me cause I was below the door laying down but she saw the menace run up then these kids yelling and chasing her up.
Dad didn't notice the menace but he saw me and heard Mom say what are those kids doing to that cat.

....They both ran to the door.

The kid said the menace belonged to him.

So Dad said ok and took the menace off my porch because I had taken up defensive position.

Later Mom looked out to see if she could see the menace and saw her the kid carrying her around the yard his arms just wrapped underneath her shoulders and her wiggling like mad to get away.

To Moms relief she got away and ran ran ran!!!

So Mom says she feels bad for that menace and wants me to be nice.

So today the menace came over while I wasnt around and Mom and Dad shared some nip with her and one of my toys!


This is Tyganas Mom. The cat loved the nip and playing with the toy she hung out on the porch for a while completely relaxed!

It was fantastic

19 June, 2010

Shameful Saturday

I don't even know what to think.....to show these pictures or not but I feel I must share the travesty!
I mean whats some bugs between a cat and some water....or should that have been phrased another way...

Either way I came across some bugs the bitey kind. I tried to explain to Mom sometimes it happens, I mean I am outside almost everyday.

So mom ordered some new neck stuffs...gah I hate that stuff it feels weird, icky and cold.

She continuously bothered me with this comb....at least till I would put the bitey on her.

Put the icky stuff on me...now days later

she has committed with the help of my Dad....the worst thing ever.

A Shower.

(thats me giving Mom the evil glare after I made my escape!)

18 June, 2010

Homeless Friends Friday

Here's a few pictures of the homeless cat over by my daddys Grandpas house!

After a few comments I decided the better categorization of this lovely kitty is homeless....as in she doesnt live inside with anyone. Here's a bit more insight.

Well see this cat has been living outside for many many many years. My boyfriends grandpa used to feed her everyday but now that he is gone his neighbor has taken over the responsibility. When I first met this cat she would not get close to anyone same for my boyfriends grandpa. But as the feedings continued she got o friendlier and friendlier. Shes been spayed one of the local neighborhood people there took her to the vet and the neighbor that now feeds her set up a barn for her and the other neighborhood cats to live in.

17 June, 2010

It's Here

Mom is excited....over something silly I think...I mean it doesn't taste good...trust me I tried it.
Either way she says I gotsa share it with you kitties for your Moms to look at.

Guess What Thursday!

Great Job everyone! Last weeks Guess was....

Calle, Halle and Sukki and of course Mommy cat and Daddy cat of Jacquelines Cat House!!!!
Yay for our lovely friends!

Now this weeks guess is....

A house of many many cats....Mommy wishes she could go there sometimes and fall asleep on the couch to be surrounded by fur. *rolls eyes*
A couple of boys in this house have lovely girlfriends! We got a lady cat with wicked catitude! Kittens! So many cats! Who are they?!

16 June, 2010

Watering Wednesday

So the other day I posted a couple plants around here to show you guys and some people asked if I had a catnip plant!


Mom has been so kind as to plant my catnip and cat grass so here it is.

*biggify for full effect*

Heres a catnip story for you. A few days ago that grey and white menace came by and was lounging about on my porch while I was out. A breeze came flowing through and the menaces nose began a sniffing. Next thing Mom knew she was walking over to the where the catnip was (mom put it up high so that while it tries to grow us cats wont destroy it) and stretched all the way up to put the sniffers on MY catnip. Thank goodness she couldnt reach it. But of course Mom being a weak bean gave her a leaf of my nips. Hmph....I guess kindness to cats is a good thing to instill in our humans though...just not too much with my stuff.

14 June, 2010

Outdoor Monday

This is why I love going outdoors!

I could lounge in this all day long!
*biggify for best effect*

12 June, 2010

Gulf Coast

Hey everybody as you know my the Moms family is from the Gulf Coast region the oil from the spill has slowly begun to seep into their neck of the woods. But after a conversation with her brother last night the Mom is a bit....disturbed at what she heard.

I know we have all heard about the wonderful efforts of people across the country trying to do anything they can to help. Including one all of us in the blogosphere have heard plenty of the hair booms, many of us kitties have had our hair sent off in the hopes of helping out some Gulf Coasters.


Word in the local news which Mom has never seen in national news is that they are not allowing them to use the hair booms or any other means to help clean up the oil spill!!!

She found this about the booms

Her brother also told her the people of his community have suggested constructing artificial sand bars, using hay to soak up the oil and it has all been denied by either BP or the federal government.

So if they are not going to allow the people to try to help their community what are they going to do?

11 June, 2010


Got one of my many e-mail advertisements this one from a jewelry store.

Tygana: Mom I'm taking this one over....
Mom: fine

So Mom got this e-mail about a necklace and decided she had to have it.....

A heart with two cats inside...$14.95 free shipping.

Check it out

She thought it was super cute but not as cute as this!

10 June, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

Hey everyone. I want to say I'm sorry for not doing my Guess What Thursdays and I know this one is going up late. I've made a few stabs at getting back into the daily blogging routine and it just hasnt stuck yet. So now I've updated the look of the little bloggy here and feel the inspiration to fill it's wonderful brightness with posts, posts, posts and of course Tygana has been on my case like you wouldn't believe.

Well back to the game! Last time the answer was.....

Yay! Thank you for all our players! Now for the newest Guess!!

These bloggers were part of the blogging community long before they actually began to blog when pictures started circulating of these lovelies we just wanted more and more of them! They finally gave in and started a blog! Seriously stunning triplets?! WOW! Not to mention the in-law suite they have attached to their home. Who are they?

Again and Again

So the day starts out dreary....gets real sunny then BAM! Serious showers. How lame.

So for your enjoyment today I'm posting up pics of my cousins on a much better day enjoying the sunshine! Sorry about the quality these were taken with Moms celly.

09 June, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

ugh..what a day. Not only did our grass get a pesticide treatment yesterday so Mom isn't letting me out but then it rains all day today!!!! How sad...How about you all share your much better days with me?

04 June, 2010

Fun on Friday

Hehehe I've been giving the moms such a headache! It's been nice out so of course she wants to come out and get pictures of me.....so...I HIDE!

Muahahaha no pictures of me today Mom!


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