23 May, 2010

Carnival Of The Cats #323

Welcome to the 323rd Carnival of the Cats!!!
We're starting this carnival with the walking of the cat giant! WOW! Look at him!! We have tons of great rides and great food too but remember not to eat and ride don't want extra hairballs laying around

Also for your entertainment we have the lovely circus cats!!! They have a wonderful show planned for you tonight!

Swinging into the rings first tonight is....

Adopting a stray is super fantastic! It makes me do cartwheels! But it may not be the cheapest thing you've ever done much like our frugal friends!
*backflips into a pool*

Cleaning is very important to cats along with many other things but if your just getting your kitty companion there a few things that are essential!

You all bought your tickets right? Good, cause I gotta get some food on the table...speaking of.
Some of us cats have a hard time getting the good stuff fed to us daily...but on the other side of the fence these cats have a hard time seeing friskies.

These two sure look like their shaping up to be a couple of fantastic gymnasts stretch, strecth, stretch and get scratches! Stay healthy!

Hide and seek or seek and hide...I guess it depends on which side of the fence your on! Why don't you go and guess who is seeking and who is hiding

*looks deeply into your eyes*

Stunning blue eyes with an artistic touch? Don't get hypnotized

or you may just be surprised by a two headed cat.....say WHAT!?! Get Wally and Ernie now!

*flips into a pool of stinky goodness*

Oh boy now I'm good and dirty much like our good friend Meowza! Let's see what we have in common!

*sneaks out of the pool and pounces on a fellow performer*

To ignore the misgivings of your roommate or to scold for the misuse of your things. Meowza and Ritzi may have a problem a houston

*now to call out two lovely assistants from the crowd*

I'm looking for a glamourous look.....something completely stunning yet timeless....AH yes...I see it right there....Samantha, Clementine if you two could please join me in the ring

*Now behind this curtain I would like you two to open on the count of three is a huge new surprise....the curtain opens*

Apparently theres a new cat in a fellow bloggers life! Little Tabby is going to be not only a new cat trainer extraordinaire but new cat in law to Maddie

and now for our grande finale!!!!!

Also don't forget to check out next weeks Carnival at 6pm on May 30th which will be hosted at CatSynth!!

22 May, 2010

COTC coming to OneCatsNip

Hey everyone tomorrow Carnival Of The Cats is coming to OneCatsNip at 6PM eastern time!

So don't forget to send in your submissions to submissions (at) carnivalofthecats.com or the BlogCarnival submission form and lets make this a great carnival!!!!

17 May, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hey everyone it's mancat monday!!!

Todays mancat monday comes with some exciting news!!!
As I told you all I can work certain magics on my humans and of course I did this to Mom and got my cat blanket!It's thick and soft and 100% cotton...whatever that means...either way it's lovely for naps and cleanings!

Like this...

It makes me feel all springy even when I'm indoors!
In other news Mom has a tomato plant thats doing pretty well. She wants to take pictures of it for our garden post of course. Naturally.

Hey everyone Tyganas Mom here. I would like to apologize for our missing the 'Guess What Thursday' post. It shall not happen again!

12 May, 2010


Hey everybody. Tygana here!

So I thought I would use today since it's so rainy to give you an update on things you know goings on, the Hapsburg around my place.
Mom has been working on cleaning the whole house! She keeps saying grandma hated dirty stuff even thing just a little dirty and that she's probably following mom around everyday complaining about the mess.

Silly humans.

Mom also really wants to get together for another photo shoot because seriously what is this blog without pictures of yours truly?
Moms also still working on that crochet blanket it's about 6in tall now and 15in wide she keeps saying throw or cat blanket.....personally my money is on cat blanket cause a cat can never have enough blankets.....and to make mom feel better about my decision I'll just remind her of how easily washable it will be therefore cleaner.

I on the other paw have been spending my days in the glorious sun either sunbathing, eating stinky goodness, chomping on my cat grass or hunting. So far it's a wonderful spring! Hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am!

08 May, 2010

Photo Hunters

This Weeks Photo Hunters theme is......Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to you all

06 May, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

You are all so good at this!!!

It was.....
Now this weeks Guess What is.......

A house of 4 cats with one angel cat with a super cute little human girl bean! One of the kitties is loved for her super cute calico face! All the kitties are naughty and even had a contestant in the Mile-Long Machine Kleen hosted by yours truly!

Who are they?

*cricket cricket cricket*

05 May, 2010


So been watching a lot of history channel and just wanted to get a little piece of info out to our cat blogging community!

Jamestown was not America's first settlement

47 years before that we had a settlement down south in 1559Pensacola, FL.

Which happens to be where my Momma is from. They have in the past few years also found the ship sunken by Choctawhatchee bay that brought the settlers to Pensacola.
Unfortunately the settlement didnt last. It got blown over by a Hurricane and essentially forgotten by history.


03 May, 2010

Mancat Monday

Mom went with Dad to Dads dads place....got some snappies of my cousin Mr.Jones!

I totally understand Mr.Jones...I totally understand

02 May, 2010


Also, in our absence we didn't realize there was a purring for Herman campaign going on!
Mom and I have been purring for Herman for a while now and would love to join in on this!
The more purrers the better so let's all join in!!!

01 May, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

*now to resume our regular posting*
Mom recieved a book from Dads Grandma. She's started reading it to me at night.
I love hearing the story of this little kitty and so does Mom!
We're just a few chapters in but we are already captivated and thought we would share it with you all!It's called The Silent Miaow and it's the story of a cat who chooses her family and trains them and lives with them. All told from the cats perspective!
Of course it starts with a prologue and the cat explains how she sat down to type out her book and figured out....uh oh....typing doesnt exactly work well with paw pads! So she enlists the help of her human!
The book was published in the mid 80's so as I was reading through it all I could think was wow....if the internet had been around this cat would have been a cat blogger!
I definitely suggest reading it!


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