19 October, 2010

Paw It Forward: The Participants

Hi guys, we're looking for 3 participants for paw it forward!

So far we have Hansel and of course his family Benny and Tesla!

We would like two more volunteers to fully fulfill Paw It Forward.

Any other takers? My the mom is off this weekend and she was planning on picking up things for the goodie boxes. Just let us know!

17 October, 2010

House Trashing!

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my one year blogoversary house trashing!
Pepper seriously got the party started early....I mean yesterday, while Mom was at work and Dad was out with Grandpa he made a SERIOUS mess, ripped open bags of treats ate them knocked things down off shelfs everything!

Of course when Mom came home she cleaned it up so it's time for us to get down and I'm sure Pepper will help too.

So everyone! House Trash!!!!

As soon as I destroy this here blanket I'm going for the fridge!

13 October, 2010

One Year Blogoversary!


Today is my one year blogoversary!

Pepper: Yay 1 year!

Tygana: NO! not you me, your just months old here.

Pepper: :(

Tygana: Anyways.
Mom and I were really hoping to throw a bash complete with lots of pictures! We thank you all for the blogoversary wishes we have already recieved! Alas, as you can tell this a text dominated post....you see Mom is in this thing called....midterms, I dont know what that means but she keeps taking all these "tests".
The only test I think she should take is my test of how many treats I can eat in one sitting.

So I would like to make up for tonights faux paz....I am inviting you all to my house trashing this sunday, you see my the mom is working this weekend so its perfect! Dad will never notice!

Also, a few of my wonderful friends have been asking about my eye. The vet said it looked good and my eye pressure was ok to keep it. YAY! But for good measure he ordered an extra 2 to 3 days of antee-bee-okits.

Mom has let me out to enjoy the sun a couple times but not much and not for long. The piece of eye that was hanging is starting to come out too, the doctor said this would happen so we are just waiting for it to finish its journey. Thank you all so much for your concern.

In other news Pepper has been a bad boy, he is green at the gills at me so makes every dash he can to get outside and has succeeded three times! Sending Mom out after him and once Mom, Dad and the neighbor! That time he nearly got into the woods but the neighbor leaped right over and snatched his tail....anything to get him from going in there...the silly boy doesnt realize we have coyotes. So we got him back in...thank goodness....or not.

Well we always want to try and make your visits here worth your while so here's a bit of what I have been up to.

06 October, 2010

Paw It Forward! *Image heavy*

For those of you familiar with our wonderful friends Amy and The House of Cats you know they participated in Paw It Forward! They Pawed it on over to our house!

Pepper has never been more annoying! Silly young'ens.

Now for those of you who don't know what Paw It Forward is, think Pay It Forward, but with us furries!

Happiness in a box. From one woofie and kitty to 3 more and so on and so forth!

Now before we get into the wonderful contents of our box

Pepper: YES WONDERFUL!!! Where is that thing...ya know the thing it bouncies and ooooooo balll....*runs off*

Anyway as I was saying! Before we get to the contents of our box we would like everyone to know...
1. We are looking for kitties and woofies to Paw It Forward to now! First 3 volunteers get a paw it forward box from us!
2. Thank you so much Barney, Kirzon, Lola, Virgil, Gus and Stella oh and their Mom your all amazing and the box was wonderful!

Pepper: yesss it surely isss *falls over*

Silly boy.

Now for the story!

Mom got a knock at the door! The man in the bloo shorts had a package and she had no idea WHAT it might be! When she looked and saw Amy and The House of Cats she said OHHH!!

She opened that box.

and in went my little brother...Pepper. Its as if he doesn't know any better!
If you look closely you can see the box is beginning to hang off the table he kept knocking it around until...yes...he fell.

and of course...he just got right back in it.

Inside the box was this really cute or at least Mom tells me that its really cute brown bag, of course Pepper cares not for the bag but what is in it!

Mom took it before he dropped it on the floor.

Pepper: MY TURN!!!

First there was this thing in the bag Mom gave me!

What is this.....

Oh! It's a card from our friends! Thank you!!

There was this really cool in the bag! Good thing Tygana doesn't like balls or I would have to share this little jewel!
I don't if this thing is like a forever bug of some sort or what! But it's driving me crazy!

There was some wonderful catnip in there too!But Mom won't let me at it, because I would destroy it all!!!!!! MAUHA
I mean there was a serious amount of swag here!
but wait.....what is this!

This thing makes NOISE! I don't know if what I'm doing to it is enjoyable to it or not...but its fun for me!

There was also these smelly bubbles things, I havent quite figured them out yet but I enjoy watching them and have tried to chase a couple but they fall and dissapear.....is the floor eating them?

But theres this thing that just showed up yesterday, so I'm pretty positive it came out of this box!! It's so amazing I have no words that describe it but it makes me bonkers!

Who knows what this amazing things is!!!!! *runs in circles*

Tygana: I bet you all are wondering where I am....well seeing as this was Peppers first CB event...he went bonkers and TOOK OVER

BTW! It's almost our 1 year anniversary! 7 more days! We're hoping to put up a special post! So watch out!

Oh yeah and here I am enjoying some of the wonderful treats! YUM YUM!

Watch out Pepper some of those toys are mine too!

Thanks House of Cats!!!

Now remember just let me know in the comments if you would like the chance to Paw It Forward! Oh and woofies are welcomes tooo!

Mom: peppers favoritest is teh cat dancer! Its LOL-worthy! Look forward to a video!

05 October, 2010

Heads up!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to give you all a heads up that tomorrow is going to be a wonderful pictureful post! How exciting!

Also, I got a new computer, so needless to say I no longer have my file of everyones address we send christmas cards to and such! SHAME!

So if you want to be on our holiday list this year send your address information to our Mom at: onecatsnip@gmail.com.

We love sending out cards and other things to you all! CB ROCKS!

03 October, 2010

Carnival Of The Cats #342

Hey Everyone!! Welcome to Carnival of the Cats #342!

I know I've been a real bad blogger lately...shame on me! No wait.....SHAME ON MOM! But I feel I still really want to do the COTCs I've committed to it keeps me connected! I try to get Mom to blog every night but she falls asleep on me! Anywho....here we go!

The Carnival of the Cats is a weekly roundup of cat-related posts on weblogs, in America, and around the world, who choose to submit a post for inclusion.

For us Cat Bloggers the Carnival is a chance to discover blogs we might never have heard of, on subjects of all kinds, and you can learn more about the carnival, and how to participate, here.

Oh Cat-synth you make not only my but my brother Pepper and my Moms heart sing with your support of LiveStrong Day! Why don't we all go and support CatSynth for supporting LiveStrong Day!

Over at Gattinas we got some investigative work going on, by TWO cats...one is looking for something and the other for a handout! Find the whole story here!

Little Pinchita hasn't been talked about for a while but now her Mom has a new blog up and running! turns out Pinchita got some devastating news but good things cats can live well through almost anything! We know Pinchita is just living the high life at home! Check it out for yourself!

Cheese? Ohhh yum yum!! *nom nom nom* Oh no someones coming *hides the cheese* What would you do if I hid the cheese from you? Maybe you would be something like this cat here!

Sometimes letting one of us go is the hardest thing for a human being to bear. How do you make the decision and how do you go about it with those close to you. Well this vet is wise and caring, her story for me goes beyond the words.

Charlie, I think really wants to stay at his home, he's so cute so tiny and just plain lovable! Let's convince his parents to keep him!

We all always knew Nikita was the cat with the silver tongue, but his Daddy betrayed him! Find out how!

Nikita has sent his Daddy on a mission! What kinda mission you may ask? Well one of great importance to the CB! To sniff out the origins of KC.

Elvira Mistress of Pussydom sends out her thanks in the best ways she knows how! Check it out!

Matilda, the cat has some magical powers! What kind you may ask? Well check it out I think she should work at NASA.

Livestrong together with Samantha and Clementine! What wonderful kitties supporting such wonderful causes!


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