28 February, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

or maybe not so easy, because today I'm sneaking in to take over Tygana's blog.....hey kitties it's Ashley Tyganas mommy! I had to title this easy like sunday so Tygana won't notice the difference or will he....

Anyways I just needed to get some important news out! I got Tygana in march about a year ago now so I like to celebrate a gotcha day for him, it's gonna be his very first with me! So if you could all be here on thursday that would be great! Oh and don't let him know it's gonna be a surprise....uh oh he's coming I better make this look like a normal post...

27 February, 2010

Photo Hunters

This week's Photo Hunters theme is: Daily

I like to get my chin itched and itch my chin....daily

26 February, 2010

Mile Long Machine Kleen

Well the event is over it ended 2/25/10 at midnight. I have sent all the entries over to our judges and as we speak they are poring over the entries and assigning the points! Once the judges are through I will be receiving their scoring cards and will tally the points together, at that point we will be having our awards ceremony!
Of course there will be 1st,2nd,3rd and an honorable mention
But I thought all the entries were so fantastic I'm going to be making an award for everyone!
Well I'll be seeing all you cool cats and the awards ceremony!

Frustrating Friday

Again and again and again and again and again......
(I've got cabin fevver)

25 February, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

Last last weeks winner was......
Herman and Karen Jo of Herman's Hideaway! Good job you two!!

Now for this weeks Guess what thursday

Hint: What Kind?

22 February, 2010

ManCat Monday

So on this mancat monday I would like to sneak a little something I see on Cory Cat Blog a lot....tabby tattle tuesday.

Shhh...don't tell my mommy!!

I about 9 days I think it is (march 4th) my momma is gonna be celebrating her 23rd birthday, I wana plan a surprise for her! Though she does share this day with me as my gotcha day also because it was around march they moved in to this place and got me ^_^. So I'm inviting you all over on the 4th for moms big day! But until then shhhh don't let her on to this

21 February, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

Just maxin and relaxin in this little house....this is a house right?

20 February, 2010

Photo Hunters

This Week's Photo Hunters theme is:
Cuddly!Now doesn't Tygana just look so warm and cuddly

P.S. I read over at hubble space paws today that theres a kitty in need of some purrs, you can head on to Pitter Pats of Baby Cats to read the whole story and find out how you can help!

19 February, 2010


Yay! Here it is, this is my bid for the gold!!!

First up I would like to start you all with something relaxing.

*streches* Over at Huffle Mawson's place they are hosting competitive napping! This is going to be such a tough category but here I go.

Notice the spread in the back legs and the back left leg extension, the severe head tuck, paw pad exposure and front left paw extension
Here's the same position from an over top angle

These bottom photos are just for the fun of it

Amy and the House of Cats is hosting extreme climbing I'm sure many of you remember this herculean stunt.

"What's that up there?! Is it a bird, a plane.....no it's a cat on top of the house!"

I actually also have experience with extreme indoor climbing, before I lived with my current Mom just to get some food I would have to go into the bathroom just onto the washer half of the stackable washer/dryer then jump across the bathroom onto a cupboard where my food awaited me at the top. My new Mom makes eating so much more convenient it's right at ground level with me

Fin is hosting the balance beam!
Sitting on top of a rounded grill takes a lot of abdomen strength

Sparkle has a boxing competition and since I have no other cats in the house to box with...I box mice.

18 February, 2010

Bring The Whippets Home

Looks like it's time for the amazing PET blogosphere to try to work it's magic. I read over at Amy and the House of Cats about some horrible news.

Still nursing whippet puppies stolen from their home and mother. These puppies need to be returned their very lives could depend on it.

Click here to read the story.

100 posts!

Hi everyone! I know today is Thursday and that usually means 'Guess What Thursday!' but I wanted to take a break from taht today to celebrate the 100th post of OneCatsNip!!!
Mom and I just can't believe 100 posts have gone by so quickly! I want to thank all of my blogging friends for making this so fun!

I would like to give a special thank you to the Cory Cat Blog for introducing us to the cat blogosphere back when we first started blogging.

I started blogging back in mid october and it's been such a rollercoaster ride!
I even remember back when Mom offered to let me blog, my Dads friend had started his own blog...nothing nearly as cool as us cats and was telling Dad about it and Dad threw the idea at Mom and first she ignored it, but then she was like....CATS!
So began my entrance into the cat blogosphere!

So in honor of all this...Fancy Feast and Chick-hens for everyones!!! Partyyyyyy!!!!!Guess What Thursday will return thursday

16 February, 2010


Hello everyone and welcome to one of many events in this years Cat-O-Lympics!

As you all know here at OneCatsNip we are hosting the

Mile Long Machine Kleen.

I would like to welcome everyone to the game contestants and judges alike.

Below you will find the Mr.Linky if you would go ahead and put your entries in to be judged that would be great!

This event will be giving out 3 awards. 3rd, 2nd and 1st and an honorary medal. Good luck contestants.

12 February, 2010

Spot and Fiona Friday

Most of us blogosphere cats are aware of Spot and Fiona...well mostly Fiona's situation.
We really came together as a community to help out this wonderful cat family!
I'm sure it really opened up a lot of peoples eyes to how terrific the cat blogosphere is!
Even my Mom and I, I mean we already knew you all were awesome but to see everyone get together to even help what some would consider a complete stranger with vet bills, everyone here is truly amazing!
Spot and Fiona and their family all realized this too and with the help of GloGirly created an award for everyone who's helped them along the way from Gracie our great auctioneer, to people who donated items to be auctioned, to people who purchased the items on the auction block, to people who just plain chipped in and people who helped to spread the word of their situation.

I'm so glad I got the chance to help out his wonderful family and their awesome cats! I shall have this award on my blog for years and post it up proudly as I'm sure many many many cats in the blogosphere will!

11 February, 2010


Our great friend Fin at Housecat Confidential came up with a great idea to have our very own Cat-O-Lympics in the blogosphere in honor of the winter games.

So here at OneCatsNip we are hosting the

Mile Long Machine Kleening!

  • anyone with a blog can enter the contest
  • you will create a post on your blog for your entry and link it in the comments the day of the contest


How exactly do you compete in the Mile Long Machine Kleening?
Simple. You will need to enlist the help of one of your resident beans of course. Though this shouldn't be tough to get them to help you with. You need the bean to take pictures of you doing what you do best. Keeping Kleen. Also, if you want to compete we're going to be putting a Mr.Linky up for you to link your entries if your not in the Mr.Linky there's no way for the us to know you are competing. The Linky will be put up the day of the openining ceremonies.

Should I submit one photo or many photos?
You can put as many photos on your post as you like, as long as when you look at the pictures you get the feeling of a mile long or very good and thorough kleening job. That's what the judges will be looking for your pictures need to convey that mile long machine kleening.

Can my pictures be accompanied by text?
Of course they can be! But remember if you do add text don't allow the text to do all the story telling for you, the pictures are all the star of the show.

How is the judging done?
All contestants will be judged in 3 categories.
  1. How well each contestants photos convey the "Mile long" machine kleening. (60 pt max)
  2. Technique and order of "parts" cleaning (30 pt max)
  3. Commentary, the text accompanying your photos (10 pt max)
When is the competition starting and when is the last day to enter?
The day after the opening ceremonies the Mile Long Machine Kleening is going to open up. You have from Tuesday the 16th at 12:01AM US eastern time until Thursday the 25th at midnight US eastern time to sumbit your entries.

Who are the judges?
The Judges have yet to be chosen. If your interested in being a judge and not a contestant you can e-mail me at onecatsnip@gmail.com. We're looking for a maximum of 5 judges so first come first serve just to be fair.

Can Doggies Compete?
Yep our doggie friends can compete too! I don't know how many dogs will be planning on entering, if there's only a few they will be competing with the cats if there's a good number of dogs competing we'll have them compete amongst themselves. Then we will have a cat winner and a dog winner

For the Contest Where Do We Send Our Pictures To You Or Post Them Ourselves?
Your going to be posting the pictures on your own blog yourself then putting the URL to your post in the Mr.Linky. The Mr.Linky will be up on the 16th.

Did I miss a question you have? Leave it in the comments and I'll insert an answer.

Example: (w/o text)

Mom and I are very excited to be hosting this competition good luck everyone!

Guess What Thursday

Last Weeks 'Guess What Thursday'

and the winner is......

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr

Is that Katies paw and ear?

February 4, 2010 1:04 AM

Looks like Katie is super popular! So many cats just knew that was her!

The winners of last weeks Guess What are encouraged not to guess this week to give someone else the chance of winning, but if your real excited you can post that you know the answer...just not the actual answer.

Now onto this weeks 'Guess What Thursday!'

10 February, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Tygana here, so the other day Mom let's me out for a bit right? Knowing I love to soak up the sun and our condo is in not such a good location for that ,I have to get onto the back porch to get it while I can. So when the chill gets to me and the sun starts to leave....I ask to come in. So I'm inside chilling and Mom turns to look out the back door, I'm all 'What I'm right here.'

Out our door she sees a tabby cat.

She makes this crazy sounds and goes for the camera...but then it's gone.
So yesterday Mom is all "I'mma keep an eye on the porch and see if I the cat again"
I'm thinking.....you have me.
But sure enough as I'm out soaking up the sun Mom spots some little paws tiptoeing behind our bushes, she runs upstairs and starts snapping pics.
I guess they are here for your enjoyment.

I guess you could say the tabby is cute, Mom keeps telling me she wants us to be friends since I no longer have outdoor friends. Sigh. I guess I could try. But hey let's spice this post up with a bit of handsome!

I guess it would be nice to have another friend to prowl our backyard with. We'll see.

08 February, 2010


Oh boy Oh boy!!
I'm so excited I'm so excited!
Now I'm sure all of you remember that awesome contest hosted by our friends at Rumblebum, you know the Dr.Mew contest. Wellllll, if you saw the post over at Rumblebum you know that the amazing prize I won is an 8x10 portrait from Zaziart!!

Mom and I, well especially Mom were super excited to find out what the prize one Mom was bouncing around like some fool...humans sometimes I wonder why we keep them around. Can't you keep your cool mom?

Ashley:...sorry Tygana I was just too excited, I mean a portrait of you...thats not JUST a picture. Serious...wow!

Ok ok your done go sit on the couch and watch those food shows again.

So Mom got real excited and started running around with that camera with the huge flashy beast on it and so on and so forth, she said she didn't know if she had a picture of me she wanted turned into a portrait..is that a compliment or no???
Well either way she got something she was happy with hereSomething about it having my whole face, ears and all blah, blah, blah.

Ashley: Well I was lookgin through my old ones and usually I'm after your muzzle so much that I cut off your ears! I'm very happy with the photo look at you aren't you sooooo adorableeeee *squee*

Mom..mom....I'm blogging.

Ashley: Sorry.....

So Mom sent this picture on over to the amazing artists at Zaziart

a few days later she found this in my inbox.
Isn't this a handsome cat!

Ashley: *SQUEE* YESSS!!!! SO handsome!!! OMC look they got your muzzle just right and that little nose and the eyes EEEE!!! Don't you just love it! I can't wait till it gets here!!!!


Ashley: Sorry Tygana your just soo handsome!

Ok well anyways let me tell these people about it. Don't you think it's a great portrait. The best part is Mom was looking over the site and not only are the portraits amazing but they are also reasonably priced!
I know I know it's not like making portraits or pictures is easy it's a lot of hard work, our neighbor is a painter and we've heard about it. It takes a long time a lot of work and effort and sometimes it just doesn't come out right.
But not only are these Zaziart portraits awesome and so true to the original picture an 8x10 similiar to the one we got here of yours truly is $29!! Not only that they do you one better no TWO! Free shipping within the U.S. and 15% of their proceeds go to the ASPCA!
Also, they guarantee satisfaction! I noticed this little tidbit on their page and pointed it out to the Mom.
........... Remember: If you don't approve, you don't pay. .......
Man Zaziart is amazing!
They do great portraits which they do to your satisfaction, reasonable prices, free shipping to the US, and they make donations to the ASPCA!

I must say this is beyond awesome! Flufflebum and Rumblepurr and Rumblemum my Mom and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this awesome prize! It's truly one of a kind and something to treasure forever!
We would also like to thank Zaziart for the amazing portrait!

We'll be sure to take a picture of it in our house once it gets here.

But in the mean time everyone should run on over to Zaziart and check it out!! Maybe even order a portrait of your favorite feline!

04 February, 2010

Guess What Thursday!

Last weeks Guess What ThursdayAnd the Winner is.....

Glogirly and Katie said...

It looks like Tygana next to a big book! maybe like the books I was blogging about today!

Hey, I have a whole new look and logo for my blog!
... and a cool brand new Twitter page. If you want to follow me on Twitter, just click here:

(Glogirly's cat)

This one was tricky because I left the book way out of focus, everyone had great guesses though!

Now this weeks photo does not belong to me, but I thought it would be fun. So here we go!

Good luck everyone!


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