30 October, 2009


So I'm reading through the blog updates today as I do everyday. I get to the posting today by Jan's Funny Farm, the post was about a book the tattooed cat. When I first saw the title it reminded me about that whole "Gothic Kitten" ordeal. So afterward I go to google "The Tattooed Cat" looking for the book and instead find that actually tattooing cats has become a trend in Russia...how awful!

A tattooed cat

The article can be seen at the above link.

Gah! This is just awful!

Oh Me Oh My Oh What A Find..

So tonight I'm sitting here thinking how awesome a cat charm bracelet would be and looking all over the internet checking out my choices. I get to this animal jewelry site and they have a few categories of jewelry by breed.

I check it out.

I see.."Devon Rex Jewelry" and go to google it. First thought.

DAISY! I love that adorable kitty!

so I end up on a Devon Rex breeders listing page and check one out in Maine.
They had the cutest song posted and I wanted to share it with you all.
Since it's not mine I'm not going to post the lyrics but instead a link to their page. I hope you all enjoy!

The Devon Dash!
clicky linky! clicky linky! clicky linky!

28 October, 2009

Theres Whats On The Webz!?

Attention all cat blog owners!!!

CrystalsAndJewelry.com has unique crystals and gemstones handmade jewelry, mystical goodies, handcrafted gifts, free metaphysical info and more. Plus, Tygana and I went there and saw some really cute cat jewelry! So let's all hop on over and give some support to one of our very talented fellow cat bloggers and keep those mostly black cats rolling in the stinky goodness and treats!!

We even caught Tygana on-line at
crystalsandjewelry.com a few days ago! Me thinks he was christmas shopping because he jumped right off and onto the couch all wide eyed trying to act like he didn't do anything and wouldn't let me back on...what a cat!

27 October, 2009

Cat Beds Part 1

My first cat bed purchase was a kitty corner from that wally store for about $15. I was so excited about it with the soft looking entrance to a private snoozing spot and a low perch on the top also covered in that soft soft fabric.

Upon first look of this cat bed, I thought it would be a really good choice, then I introduced my cat to it....
The inside is not lined with any kind of fabric it has a plasticy type feel to it, the bed is pretty much weightless and the perch on top is not big enough for him to sit or lay on, not to mention because it is made of this plasticy type material with just plastic piping's on the sides as the supports the top perch has some give on it. So I put the bed on the landing at the top of the stairs in the corner, Tygana came over and gave it a few sniffs and rubbed his face on the opening to the snoozing cave. He put his front paws in and came right back out he was not the biggest fan of the fabric. I tried to put him on the perch on the top and he stood there for a second and you could see how it wasn't equally supporting his weight and there wasn't much room so he immediately jumped off and has never gone up there to this day. (don't mind the nip on the top)

I left the corner in the corner on the landing for a while and it didn't get much use from Tygana at all, he is very much into his privacy at times and this bed just didn't give him that private feeling because the back side are made of mesh.

Occasionally I would find Tygana sleeping in the closet when we had the doors somewhat closed so I took the corner and put it into the closet. Now he occasionally uses it when he wants to get away from us. The doors to the closet are usually always mostly closed so it's nice and dark and private in there and he will use the little snoozing cubby then.
So, overall because the size of the top perch which seems to be kitten sized and kitten weight approved most likely, the mesh backing, the weight (which because of the weight this 100% needs to be in a corner) and the overall plasticy feel (which I hear some cats like to pee on plastic, so if your cat is one to wee wee on the plastics and plastic type fabrics I wouldn't recommend this) for the price Tygana and I give the kitty corner 3 paws out of 6.

Tygana: how ams I supposeds to makes the biscuits in this things?!

26 October, 2009

Tygana Found The Tree

So Tygana came around pretty quick, did a few circles around the tree sniffed it out, rubbed his head on the sisal and found the perch. He's been up there pretty much ever since.

I think he likes it..uh oh here he comes...*falls*

Yeshs, I haves comes down from mys trees to let you all knows, I am in loves with this product. It's snugglies and warm and not to mentions I have birds eye views overs boths of my humans and I does agrees 6 paws up! Maybes all yous beans cans makes a $50 investments for your furry friends.

Ashley: Tyganaaaa you pushed me out of the wayyy! *scooches over* The only negative I have is when I was putting it together I was so excited and in a hurry I didn't fully read over the instructions and had to re-insert some sisal poles a few times. But everything in the tree is screwed together and very sturdy once it's together, the tree also comes with all tools needed to put it together!

Cat Tree

Sorry for the lack of product updates lately. I was waiting for a package to come into the mail and today I got it!!!
$50 + free shipping on eBay! So excited, cat trees in the pet stores are always sooo expensive so I have yet to get one. I saw this one and had to have it!
So the package arrived double boxed with all parts and pieces bagged.

So, as you can see in the pictures the tree does come 8 pieces and it's 41 inches tall it's covered in a floofy and soft material instead of the typical carpet material. I thought it looked so cozy for the winter! The tree comes with instructions and if you take the time and look at them and note the numbers you can get the tree together within minutes.
The top perch of the tree is really neat it comes with this hanging ball that when givin a little tap, like say from your favorite cat friend it gives a little chirp like a bird!

My overall thought of the cat tree is 6 paws up! It was a great value for the size and the parts included, it has the enclosed cat house 4 sisal scratching poles and donut shaped platform for the cat to hang out on and a perch with a back rest!
I just got the tree up this afternoon so Tygana hasn't gotten to really check it out, he's usually wary of new things at first and has to come back and check on them for a while for the first few hours. So as soon as he starts to get into checking out and using the tree he can update you all on his thoughts on the tree!

20 October, 2009

Tock-Tober Tuesday!

Well in honor of Tock-tober and Derby's birthday I snuck around and got some cat tock-ography done.

Tygana:........yous dids what?!
Ashley:..oh nothing gan gan.
Tygana: Thats whats I thoughts


Now...I thought for good measure I would add in some floofy Fluffy tocks and Mr.Jones tocks. Enjoy

18 October, 2009

My Fellow Catizens...

Hello agains fellow catizens and their beans. This week my beans took a trip over to man beans family and got some pictures of the catizens in residence. Todays I would likes to share thems photos with you all.

This strappings lad in the photos to my lefts is Mr. Jones.

This fluffy guy over here to my right, is well....Fluffy.

and this guy to our left is Gino, I hears he's a scaredy cat

My beans spent a couple hours with these lovely catizens and these are the fruits of their visit. I hope you all enjoy

Ashley: Looks like Mr. Jones is checking out the contents of the bowl.
Tygana: MMms maybes theres some delicious c-foods in theres.

Ashley: Maybe fluffy here will can help, he sure looks like a superhero
Tygana: Supah catizens to thes rescues! Now, Fluffs I needs help getting down some catfood...
Fluffy:....I thinks me needs to check on the foods sitation meselfs...

Fluffy: Cats foods!!! Yummyyyss!!! Gimmie, gimmiie, gimmiesssssss

Mr. Jones: Muahaha, I am hiding all the cats fooods for meselfs!! Those silly cats will never finds it out heres.

Fluffy: I cants finds the cans...must start search..but oh so hungry...GINOOOOO

To be continued...

15 October, 2009

Litter Locker Plus

We all love our cats and do anything for them, that includes picking up their little cat gifts and making daily treks out to the garbage. What a hassle...but all that for our adorable boss of fluff? No problem. But if you were offered an alternative would you take it? Most of us...yes. Well I was once like the rest of you, cleaning out the cat box of the wee clumps and cat gifts and tossing them into a bag and hauling them out the door across the parking lot and into that giant blue garbage. Well....I am that person no more. I have freed myself of those shackles for a measly $20 + shipping! I introduce you my adoring crowd of cat fanciers to the litter locker plus!

Now lets go over the features of the litter locker, I do admit the litter locker is fairly large, it's small enough to fit on top of my cat box but not small enough to just hide behind it and still have the space I need (I have small spaces) So in my small space things go up. So I have my cat box, my tub of litter and then my litter locker on top, it all sits together very stable!

So you can see the size of the litter locker in comparison to a 28lb tub of litter. Like I said it's fairly large but there is a smaller model out that just is not available in the US yet, it looks to be tall and slim, but that does not make this locker useless in fact it's my favorite cat thing in the bathroom. So to make the litter locker useful it comes with these blue bags inside of a ring, you insert the ring into your litter locker and pull the bags (it's a never ending bag) on down and through the hole in the middle and tie yourself off a knot. That blue handle you see on both sides of the litter locker go through the middle of the locker and here you will find and adorable cat face, what you want to do is put your knot on the side of the cat face so that it stays put, shut your locker and give it one good turn with the handle on the side. Now your blue bag should be securely in place for your litter locker use, now those blue bags are actually really neat, they are layered 7 times and have an odor barrier, so what you put in the locker....well the smell stays in the section of the bag inside the locker. In the picture on the left you can see how the bag wraps around the "arm" on the handles inside of your litter locker unit. So after the initial setup use of the litter locker is pretty simple! You simply open the top take the scooper out of the back of the unit, scoop your cat box, drop the contents into the litter locker, shut the top and turn the handle to lock away the odors. The bags say they should last about a month, I used to use my litter locker for both wee clay clumps and cat gifts and have had it for well over a month, now I only use it for the cat gifts because of my change in litter. One thing you do need to watch out for when using the litter locker for both wee clumps and cat gifts is that your litter locker can become full before all the bag you have inserted into the unit is used up. When your litter locker becomes hard to turn your going to want to go ahead and empty it. So what I do is I just open up my locker and have a pair of scissors ready. I give myself plenty of slack so as not to make a mess and I cut the bag and tie up the top and toss it out. Then pull some more slack of my remaining bag tie up the end and start all over again. So now a days I make my trip to the big garbage outside maybe once a month when I was putting the wee clumps in but now that it's only cat gifts I'm betting it will be less than that! The litter locker also comes with a scooper and a compartment that is removable for easy washing to keep your scooper in so that everything stays nice looking and clean! The following pictures are of the mouth of the litter locker and scooper/compartment. I really hope you go out and get one of these for your precious babies, they are very convenient especially if your very busy or are living in an apartment/condo type community. Again Tygana and I give the litter locker plus 6 claws up!

***insert: A commenter Freya's Staff brought to my attention that I did not address the plastic ring bag refills. Yes, the refills do cost a pretty penny in any physical store I have seen them in. I have seen them as cheap as $6 for a single refill. When you read the descriptions of these bags it says they last about a month and as I mentioned in my review I have had my initial bag well over a month. I didn't realize exactly how long. I have had my litter locker since early July and am still on my initial bag, so over 3 months use I have gotten out of one bag. But the life of your bags does depend on your use, I'm sure now that I use my litter locker for cat gifts only it will last a very good amount of time.

14 October, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I saw a few blogs doing this cute thing called 'Wordless Wednesday' so Tygana and I got together and decided we would join in the fun!

Tygana: Yesh, is fun for me...but you need to get back to work! Give these people more reviews, they need information on cool products for their cats....plus...I like getting to try new things!

13 October, 2009

Tygana, the resident cat

I ish heres, the cat of the hourz I hears you all wanted to meets so I thought to self....self...you can make an appearance for your adorings public. I ams a well seasoned cat 11 years old and as beautiful as a kitteh I'm as my human calls me....mackerel tabby with a white muzzle and 'm' on his forehead with extra toes...lovely. ....what?....what was thats? What is that you ask? How did I come to be....well....that my publix is quite the story, if your ready you can go aheads and take your seats and I shall regales you with my tale.
I'm originally from New Hampshires, I was born to my mommeh and any number of brothers and sisters, this first home was not a good or welcoming home for cats and that's all I shall says about that time of my life. I was taken in by a friendly lady with quite a few other cats so she looked to see if she could find me a more personable home where I could get all the love and attentions I deserved. I ended up with this nice lady with a young son and resided with them in NH for some time, we then made our way and moved to CT I had a few homes in CT but really got comfortable in the condos I'm in now. That young son I spoke of earlier, well when he got older he brought this nice young girl over who wasn't fond of cats because she had no experience with them.......I could smell it on her, she would make a great human, so I went on my way to win her over and of course being the suave cat I am.....I won. She is now my dedicated human slaving away day in and out to make sure I am at my happiest, cleanest and healthiest! As you may have concluded I am living in my condo with that once young boy and my loving human girl and life couldn't be better! I'm indoor/outdoor and I love my time outsides, though I do have a few bit and pieces I run into outside...I'll get into that with you at a later date. But overall that's me, until we meet again..I'm overdue for a cats nap...Good days Until we meet agains.

One Cats Litter...

One cats choice litter is another cats bane. Yet some cats like my beloved Tygana are pretty tolerant of almost any litter, which just leaves us....the humans. The never ending search for the perfect cat litter...odor control, absorbency, cats acceptance and for some even the way you can dispose of the litter is important. Well before getting my cat I searched and searched far and wide all over this great interwebs to find the choicest cat litter for my soon to be. I came across a few choices that seemed good but weren't readily available to me or budget friendly. So I first choose to just go along with the old standby clay-litter, odor control is a big variable in my home because the catbox is on the first floor of a two-floor townhouse (no basement) in the half bath that also houses the laundry, so needless to say it's a highly used room and cat odor just wouldn't be pleasant. So I went to my local Wally and found this fresh step multi cat strength w/ odor eliminating carbon.

Odor eliminating...how exciting for me! The cat whose name is Tygana, so we shall now refer to him as Tygana, is an older cat so he did come with the litter he normally used, which was the silica crystals. So I put those in the box and mixed in some of the clay litter. I just continued this mixture of the silica and clay litter since the clay litter had some of the silica in it anyways. So with a once a day cleaning since the cat is an indoor/outdoor cat the odors would stay at bay for maybe roughly a week before I could begin to smell it and would therefore change out the entire box for some fresh new litter. Now since I do live in a condo trekking out to the big garbage daily is a nuisance so off to the net I went. I found a great deal on a Litter Locker 2 (review to be coming soon) and ordered it. Little did I know that with this order the answer to my prayers would be coming also. So I received my package via UPS and found a trial size bag of a cat litter I have never seen before. It was pellet litter so I didn't really give it a second thought at first and just set it aside and continued with my clay/silica litter mixture. One night I go in to do a complete change of my litter box to find I'm a little short on litter to fill the box to my cats preference, so off I go to search the house and come face to face with the bag.
So, with a bit of reluctance I tossed a little bit into the cat box. Day 3 goes by no smell.....day 4.......day 5.....day 6.....day 7...you get the picture. I was amazed. So the next time I put in some more...same result. I was hooked. The cat liked the litter, I liked the odor control and best of all it is flush able in small amounts of course or you can use it for compost. I was so excited I looked for it at my local Wally and pet store...but of course it was not there. So I found it on the internet 40lbs that is roughly a one year supply of cat litter for $16! Though, yes I did have to pay for shipping which brought it to about $30 but to me thats still not bad it's like $2.50/ month for cat litter. So the feline fresh cat litter comes in both pellet and clumping forms, I have only used the pelleted form and have just one word for it amazing! When your cat tinkles on the pellets they disintegrate into like a sand which you can flush right down your potty and the little cat gifts are easy to just scoop out and put into your favorite cat gift receptacle, minimal litter loss to the cat gifts, but your cat can still bury.

Feline fresh is a pine cat litter and in case you want to know here's the ingredient list...american grown pine, no chemicals no additives, no fillers. So not only is it a great way to keep your home cat odor free but you can help support American industries as well. So Tygana and I give feline fresh pelleted litter 6 claws up. (Tyganas a hemingway) Feline fresh is made by planetwise products and even have a rebate right now for their feline fresh litter http://www.planetwiseproducts.com/breeder_coupon_2009.pdf so you can try it free but remember to read the fine print the rebate only covers purchases up to $5.99 which should cover a 7 lb bag of the pelleted stuff or a 6lb bag of the clumping stuff until December 31, 2009! So give it a try it will definitely be worth your time!


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