23 May, 2010

Carnival Of The Cats #323

Welcome to the 323rd Carnival of the Cats!!!
We're starting this carnival with the walking of the cat giant! WOW! Look at him!! We have tons of great rides and great food too but remember not to eat and ride don't want extra hairballs laying around

Also for your entertainment we have the lovely circus cats!!! They have a wonderful show planned for you tonight!

Swinging into the rings first tonight is....

Adopting a stray is super fantastic! It makes me do cartwheels! But it may not be the cheapest thing you've ever done much like our frugal friends!
*backflips into a pool*

Cleaning is very important to cats along with many other things but if your just getting your kitty companion there a few things that are essential!

You all bought your tickets right? Good, cause I gotta get some food on the table...speaking of.
Some of us cats have a hard time getting the good stuff fed to us daily...but on the other side of the fence these cats have a hard time seeing friskies.

These two sure look like their shaping up to be a couple of fantastic gymnasts stretch, strecth, stretch and get scratches! Stay healthy!

Hide and seek or seek and hide...I guess it depends on which side of the fence your on! Why don't you go and guess who is seeking and who is hiding

*looks deeply into your eyes*

Stunning blue eyes with an artistic touch? Don't get hypnotized

or you may just be surprised by a two headed cat.....say WHAT!?! Get Wally and Ernie now!

*flips into a pool of stinky goodness*

Oh boy now I'm good and dirty much like our good friend Meowza! Let's see what we have in common!

*sneaks out of the pool and pounces on a fellow performer*

To ignore the misgivings of your roommate or to scold for the misuse of your things. Meowza and Ritzi may have a problem a houston

*now to call out two lovely assistants from the crowd*

I'm looking for a glamourous look.....something completely stunning yet timeless....AH yes...I see it right there....Samantha, Clementine if you two could please join me in the ring

*Now behind this curtain I would like you two to open on the count of three is a huge new surprise....the curtain opens*

Apparently theres a new cat in a fellow bloggers life! Little Tabby is going to be not only a new cat trainer extraordinaire but new cat in law to Maddie

and now for our grande finale!!!!!

Also don't forget to check out next weeks Carnival at 6pm on May 30th which will be hosted at CatSynth!!


Cory Clark said...

Wow, we're mesmerized! A pool of stinky goodness?! A kitty's dream come true!!

*claps paws* Bravo! Bravo!

Nico & JayJay :)

Teddy Westlife said...

Hi Tygana's mum! My dad says you are not allowed to kidnap me but I can come and visit if you like :)

The Island Cats said...

Great Carnival!!!

Anonymous said...


meowmeowmans said...

That was a great carnival! :)

Pip said...

This sure looked like a great event, we are so sorry we missed it!! We has to applogize to you, see we've been using our bloggy list to visit, and even though we are following you, you are not on the list. We hopes to rectify this cause you has a great blog and we is sorry we are missing everything.
Love TK

Karen Jo said...

Great carnival!


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