13 October, 2010

One Year Blogoversary!


Today is my one year blogoversary!

Pepper: Yay 1 year!

Tygana: NO! not you me, your just months old here.

Pepper: :(

Tygana: Anyways.
Mom and I were really hoping to throw a bash complete with lots of pictures! We thank you all for the blogoversary wishes we have already recieved! Alas, as you can tell this a text dominated post....you see Mom is in this thing called....midterms, I dont know what that means but she keeps taking all these "tests".
The only test I think she should take is my test of how many treats I can eat in one sitting.

So I would like to make up for tonights faux paz....I am inviting you all to my house trashing this sunday, you see my the mom is working this weekend so its perfect! Dad will never notice!

Also, a few of my wonderful friends have been asking about my eye. The vet said it looked good and my eye pressure was ok to keep it. YAY! But for good measure he ordered an extra 2 to 3 days of antee-bee-okits.

Mom has let me out to enjoy the sun a couple times but not much and not for long. The piece of eye that was hanging is starting to come out too, the doctor said this would happen so we are just waiting for it to finish its journey. Thank you all so much for your concern.

In other news Pepper has been a bad boy, he is green at the gills at me so makes every dash he can to get outside and has succeeded three times! Sending Mom out after him and once Mom, Dad and the neighbor! That time he nearly got into the woods but the neighbor leaped right over and snatched his tail....anything to get him from going in there...the silly boy doesnt realize we have coyotes. So we got him back in...thank goodness....or not.

Well we always want to try and make your visits here worth your while so here's a bit of what I have been up to.


Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Tygana! Happy One Year Blogoversary! We are so excited to have met you and become your friends! And well, we know Pepper hasn't been around as long, but we still think that he should get to have some fun too!

We hope your mom does good on the midterms - we know those are hard! We send her lots of good luck purrs!

And oh, we are excited to come by the house trashing party this weekend - we will be there for sure!

Tygana, we are so glad your eye is getting better - we had wondered, but when we tried to get mom to check she would freak out a little (eye things totally freak her out - even in cartoons and stuff) and say that we could find out later (and then of course she always got busy - bad mom!) But we are happy you are ok!

And tell Pepper to stop running out - your mom has midterms and doesn't need the stress!!

Cat said...

Hi guys, Happy Blogoversary! One year is pretty exciting stuff, congratulations :-)

Tygana I'm so glad to hear that your eye is better, hopefully you boys won't play so rough in the future!

Good luck on those mid-terms mum!

Ikaika said...

Happy blogoversary, Miss Tygana! Good luck to your mom on her mid-terms, and we are happy your eye is getting better.

Daisy said...

Happy blogoversary to you!

Kea said...

Belated happy blogoversary!!! One year already, that's cool. We wish you many more! And good luck to your mom her mid-terms. Our own mom's work stress level is off the chart right now...we think she's coming unglued! :-P

Jacqueline said...

Happy Blogoversary, handsome Tygana!...We are looking forward to the fun party this weekend and hanging out with you, Pepper and all your friends...Glad to hear your eye is healing, sweet boy...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Anonymous said...

Happy 1 Year Blogoversary~!!! We are so happy to have met you and became your furriends...NOW...here's to MANY MANY more!!!

Danielle said...

Happy 1st Blogoversiary Tygana! And Pepper can celebrate how many days it has been that he has been blogging. Is that a good compromise?

We hope your mom does well at the midterm tests. We think doing a treat test sounds much better.


Happy 1 year blogoversary Tygana!

I've got a scratch on my cornea so I've had to have ointment too. It's a lot better and that makes Momma happy, so we'll all have to come by on Sunday to your house trashing party.


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Happy Blogoversary Tygana. We will be there for your house trashing. We are glad your eye is better now.

Quill and Greyson said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!! Concats!!

meowmeowmans said...

Concatulations on your one year blogoversary! We are so glad you are here! :)


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