28 March, 2010

Carnival of the Cats # 315!

Wow! Carnival of the Cats 315....can you smell it?
The funnel cakes, the fried dough, the sausage and pizza.
I'm getting a great tummy ache just thinking about it.

Todays Carnival is featuring some great felines!!!
Let's start this party!

Over at petcarez today we got 8 fascinating cats ready for you to devour their stories....much like my mom devours some stories. All 8 cats have two things in common...one being they are all gorgeous felines, but of course what felines arent gorgeous *purr* but all theses cats also happen to have a serious thing for leather bindings!
Head on over to check it out

Professor Nikita Cat has some really great news! Nikita accepted an awesome new position, one were all quite familiar with and almost couldn't live without! With this new job I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Nikita Cat!
Head on over to find out the great news and congratulate Nikita!

Nikita Cat also wants to make sure that all us cats make sure we're known! Also Nikita wants to remind our silly beans to fill out their 2010 census...I mean we all know how forgetful and sometimes lazy they get.
So head on over and be sure to remind your beans!

Whoa...what is that in the sink? Is it a bird? A gopher? A hamster? Maybe a dog?....maybe it's Myst? Whos to know until you head over and check it out!!

Wow Mouse is really staying true to his namesake, staying in places where it's harder for people to see you. What a stinker. Head on over to mouses place to check out his latest "hidden" locations.

Those darn flashy beats never give any of us cats a break. This time a flashy beast woke Amber from a comfy place! So she's trying out a new mean face to tell the flashy....thing....to go away! Let us know how that face works out Amber so we can all try it ourselves.
Head over to check out ambers face.

Meowza sure has one fantastical blog and Nikita made sure to let him know! Check out the great surprise Meowza got!

Fresh or nasty?! Head on over to Samantha and Clemetines and sound off on what you think it is!

Meowzas mom sure is thankful for one great thing in her life! Can you guess what that is??

Cat dreams? Think its all naps, catnip and food? Think again and check out what Maddie dreams of!

Fun and games and....emery boards?! Boy I bet that would feel icky on my claws! See what fun Auduce, Grace and Ruse.

Neck scritches! Oh man hwo freaking exciting! Who's getting those neck sritches...well your gonna have to click to find out!

Phew! What a carnival! Also Carnival of the cats just celebrated their birthday! YAY COTC!! On the 22nd CotC turned 6!!!

Also don't forget to check out next weeks carnival hosted by: Mind of Mog

hey everybody Tyganas mom here...sorry about the text only carnival. I still wanted to do the carnival, something upbeat and nice to do. But have to do it from my iPhone. I promise my next carnival will look much more festive!


Samantha & Mom said...

Great Carnival of the Cats!! We always enjoy them so much!! We are a bit behind!! Mom was off all weekend and had a million and one things to do!! So here is our post!!
Howdy from your TX furiends,

Anonymous said...

What a PAWesome carnival! We're gonna have to check effuryone out!

Anonymous said...

funnel cakes!!!!!!!!!!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

This is the first C of C that we looked at, what a lot to check out!!

meowmeowmans said...

That was cool, even though no pictures were included! We will have to go and check all of those kitties out! :)

Donna said...

Fried dough? Mmmmmmm! :)


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